Animoto Video from pictures

Isabel Gardner brings joys and laughs from the NICU to the weight bench. Go check it out now!!!

I recently found out about  Animoto while reading through the May 2010 issue ot DotComSecrets, which is Russell Brunsons print newsletter.  This software easily allows you to upload video clips, pictures, sound, text and more to make movies.  The site provides a free version where you can complete videos up to 30 seconds, or there is the $30 per year version which I opted for that allows you to complete full length videos.  The also offer a much higher year long rate, which really has the bells and whistles screaming.  After a few minutes of  searching around for the right clips and pictures I wanted, Animoto does the work of editing the video for you.  As I had to redo one due to a spelling error, I quickly found out that eash time you edit, the video may get remade and be slightly different in its transitions in regards to how the pictures will appear.
No Two Video's Ever The Same With Animoto

I would highly suggest trying out the service for its ease and ability to quickly make a movie from your pictures.  The ability to instantly add to other social networks like FaceBook, Twitter, WordPress and others make this a great tool for those involved in social media.
Animoto - The End of Slideshows

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mlm traffic formula 2 rebate

Well the time has come where MLM Traffc Formula 2 has finished, almost a year after it began.  Mike Dillard has been adding content into this course consistently since June 2009.  As a paticipant of this version, I am excited to find out that Mike Dillard has deciced to re-open MLM Traffic Formula 2 for a limited time at a great price so that others can benefit from it as well.

Always one to provide high quality training material from the Magnetic Sponsoring Series to Building on a Budget and many others, Mike Dillard has come to be a leader in the online Marketing industry.

His MLM Traffic Formula was released in June 2009. Every month there was a new series of training videos which culminated recently with the final set this month. Mike has decided to share the wealth by bringing in some of his superstars from the first verison of MLM Traffic Formula to help teach the course. You might recognize the names Brian Fanale, Fernando Ceballos and Ray Fong to name a few successful marketers who have come back to help out the next generation of online marketers.

Brian Fanale himself made me a great offer in giving back part of his commision so I could benefit and get an education myself for a great price and I want to extend that offer to everyone out there who is interested in diving into MLM TRaffic Formula 2. For the next 2 days, MLM TRaffic Formula 2 is being offered for $397. When you join through my link and maintain your membership I will give you back $100 to your paypal account after the 1 month trial period. Now who does not like cash coming back into their pocket?

After the clock runs down on May 21, 2010, the price will jump to $997, so you are basically getting 60% off with Mike Dillard’s price, while I am helping to increase that discount to 70% with the extra $100 rebate offer. Your account will have to be verified of course through the Mike’s office!

Come check out MLM Traffic Formula 2 now before the price more than doubles and let me know how I can help you work towards the successes you now want.

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Lacrosse Packguy for free

After getting a great set of materials from Russel Brunson, I was guided to a program called TrialPay. This program allows you to team up with various companies in an effort to be able to give your own products away for free. A customer enrolls in TrialPay and takes part in one offer such  as buying a domain name at GoDaddy or ordering flowers to send to a loved one. Often the person will pay much less than the cost of the product of interest. Once the transaction completes, the customer is then eligible to recieve the product for free. The company will cover the cost involved for the item and pay the original merchant (as they are happy to do when they gain a new customer as well).

The company will then deposit funds into the merchants account and will contact them with information regarding the sale as well as contact information for the customer so that preparation for shipping the product can be completed. After establishing and verifying this information, the merchant will ship the product to the customer. Here they may send additional offers for similar products of interest.

Get your own Trial Pay Account by clicking the banner below
TrialPay Referral Program

For my first attempt at TrialPay I  decided to give away the new Lacrosse Packguy for Free. I had previously written about the Lacrosse Packguy a few weeks ago and have been actively promoting this product to my players, friends and Lacrosse players online through word of mouth, demonstrations, twitter, facebook, eBay, craigslist, safelists and more. The product is selling for $25 plus tax and shipping. Through TrialPay, I can now offer the Lacrosse Packguy for free.

Click the Diagram below to start the process of getting a Lacrosse Packguy for Free

This is a great Lacrosse product to either use yourself of to give as a gift and the offers should all be considered. If you want more than one, supposing you have a few children who play or kids in the neighborhood, you can do the trial pay offer a couple different times as long as you use a different offer from a different company each time, to the best of my knowledge.

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Automated Ads: clickbank banner rotator

If you do anything online today you probably have heard about Clickbank. This is a distributor of thousands of products online from arts and entertainment, to health,  to games, software and much more. You can add your own product to their database for a small fee and then members can promote your product on their own sites and earn a commission. Some people strictly promote these products as their full time income.

Today, I found out about a new Clickbank Banner ad rotator that was released by Jeff Dedrick called “Automated ads”, thanks to Omar Martin and many other marketers promoting this. Look right below this line to see it in action! (If you do not know how a banner rotator works,  whenever you refresh your browser, you will see a different ad appear, try it out to see)


What a great concept. You can either throw up a random search (which I have done above) that will list many different products of numerous genre’s to catch someone’s eyes or you can decide to be a little more specifc and choose a certain product to choose a banner from.

It is suggested you become a member of Clickbank so that you can also benefit from the process of promoting other people products, especially when you do not have one of your own in the beginning.

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