I won 40 Million Dollars in the Foreign Powerball Drawing

Yeah right!

You should be thinking the same thing as I was last

night when I opened up postcard last night that was

in a clear plastic wrapper, with a postage paid return

address on it.


It came from Fiji and is supposed to be returned to

Australia…also postage paid and if I do it in the next 7

days I can collect on the 40 Million that was randomly

drawn from a computer.


All I need to do is include $10 to cover the “Data release

fee” and I will be good to go.


Wow…this screams SCA.M to no end!


Have you ever gotten something like this and wondered

what if?


What if it were actually true?


You are like many out there who fall for the crap that is

sent to you online and through the mail if you go forward

and return the card with $10…that you will most likely

never see again.


I am going to send it in anyways with a nice note about

the services I offer online that can help them build their

business…on their own dime no less.

I mean it has to be going to some address…in this case

a PO box…which will most likely close down after a few

weeks and be on the run with whomever fell sucker for

this trick.


Now more than ever you have to be safe in what you are

dealing with in many aspects of life…I would love to hear

about some of the stories similar to this that you have

experienced that can help other people be aware and

protect themselves now and in the future.


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Dave Gardner
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The 50th Law by 50 Cent-Removing fear and moving forward

I recently finished “The 50th Law” by none other

than former Drug Hustler 50 Cent with Robert Greene.


Normally I would never even consider reading a book

about some random musician who was almost Killed by

nine bullets, but as this was recommened to me by

a couple of my online mentors (Russell Brunson and

Deagen Smith) I knew I should check it out.


The issue I got even has bling to it…Golf Leaf printing

on faux leather cover and gold trim on each page as well

with an attached ribbon/place holder.


Definitely hustler style.


The book though focuses on a major thing to remove

from your attempts to grow your business..>FEAR


If you remove your fears you will see that you start

to grow.


Instead of just focusing on the lifes and times of

50 Cent, the book also delves as much into the lives

of other notable historians like JFK, Frederick Douglas

Abraham Lincoln, Malcom X and many others.




It shows what they did to overcome their adversity

or fears in order to become a leader in their particular



Right now you can pick it up for less than $10 on the

amazon Kindle network (or read it on your computer)

which I would highly suggest as you can always learn

something new or relearn something as well when you



It is a pretty straight forward read and will make you think

how you can put your fears aside and start taking action

and staying a couple steps ahead of everyone else.


To overcoming all your fears,

Dave Gardner


PS If you took part in the http://ChristmasMarketers.com

12 days of Marketing course, you know that reading is one

of the major areas I suggest to spend some time doing

each day…You can still get that report if you missed it

last time!

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Another God Damn Penny onto Stamps

I know it does not seem like a lot, but did you

know that the cost of postage is going up again

by another Penny this coming Sunday January,

27, 2013!


Regular letters will be $0.46 while postcards will

be $0.33.


I know that another penny per mailing might not

break the bank if you only mail a couple bills a

month, or the random snail mail letter to a friend,

but what about those guys who send thousands of

letters and postcards per month.


Who is to say the price of the stamps will not go up

again every year as the Post office continues to do

battle with the electronic world, gas prices and more.


The quick fix to save money of course is to stay digital

regardless of how much you like holding something

in your hands.


I know they might be more likely to see what you have

to say in a postcard, but for those who do not have

thousands of dollars to put towards a mailing, a low

budget alternative would be email marketing.


It just about costs you nothing if you think about it

with the exception of time, especially if you have

other services bundled with it, like hosting, training

and more.


That is why on this freezing cold day in the North East

I wanted to remind you about GVO, which is the service

I use (you might have noticed me talk about this before

and seen the logo at the bottom of the email assuming

you allow images).


GVO is my autoresponder service and I am glad as all

can be due to the fact that I am going to spend the same

regardless of whether I email you 1, 2 or 3 times a day

or one time a month.


If I wanted to send someone 3 postcards, it is going to

cost me $0.99 or I can send about 30 cards total for $9.99

after this Sunday.


This can stat to add up really quick and having an alternate

method in place to contact your readers and subscribers is

going to be essential in 2013 and beyond.


For that same $9.99 you can have a subscriber base of up

to 500 addresses (with a small fee for an upgrade that I

highly suggest taking, though they will most likely offer

it to you again if you do not grab it right away.)


http://TheDavidGardner.com/HostWithGVO to get the full

access today…




Try just the email for Free today:



Though after your trial you need to upgrade to the $9.97

plan as in above to keep the email serices…yes, they

are a business and do need to make money to run their

software AND deliver YOUR emails.


Either way, you get to see some top software out there

that is being used by the likes of Mike Filsaime, Daegan Smith

Russell Brunson and many more.


Every time you have to put that extra penny on that mailing

just think about what you could be saving by emailing your



I am here to help you out so let me know if you have

any questions about GVO


To keeping as many pennies as you can!

Dave Gardner

PS: Be sure to grab, print out and read your GVO Quickstart

guide: http://TheDavidGardner.com/GVOQuickstart


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I just had over $2000 sucked away from me today

I am pretty much at a loss of words here over this one

in regards to literally having over $2000 sucked away

from me today.


Wanna know how?  We will get to that in a minute

and it totally puts the price I paid for my own

commercial copy of Easy Video Suite into perspective.


As an existing customer of Josh Barletts, I was able

to get an early bird discount to EVS and grabbed it

as I new what I saw was going to help me in my plans

this year.


For less than $1 a day, I knew it was good for me.


The question though is whether it is good enough for



I sure think so and to top it off, I have put together

some great physical and digital products into a bonus

that you can see here:




We are talking over $4K in bonuses…which has

nothing to do with the $2K that was sucked away

from me earlier, but we are getting close to that.


After watching all the training videos and getting the

software uploaded onto my computer, I am excited

to start making videos, tracking more, split testing

and generally making video pages look nices while

saving a ton of time in the process.


As they say, time is money and here spending a little

money will help you save a ton of time.


So check out the bonuses and the pain associated with

the EVS license will be eased as I am going to

provide you with some actuall physical products that

you can learn and expand from…Most of the other

bonuses out there are just simple PLR stuff that you

might not ever use, while this you can take with you

and learn from wherever it is convenient for you.




Ok, so how the hell did $2000 get sucked away from

me today, you want to know?


Well we just broke ground this past week as my Father

in law is moving in with us and we are adding a couple

rooms on for him and so that my three daughters can

each have their own rooms.

We are also adding an additional garage bay so that

all three adults will be able to park and what we realized

was that our undergound oil tank was too close to the

area where we are going to build.


So, it had to come out!


Now I am thinking it would be great for the oil company

to come and just pump it out and give us a credit or

but it back…well, not a chance of that…Might be “dirty”

now and they do not want to then give it or have to

refine it again…


…so we had to find someone who would “TAKE” it.


And so, about $2000 or about 500 gallons of oil was

sucked away from me today.


On top of it, we now have to pay for removal of the

old oil burner AND installation of a new propane furnace.


So the $2000 had minimally doubled in price to $4000

already.  So it goes!


Just another incentive to make me work that much

harder for you here teaching you what I know and

providing you with the best recommendations I can.


So when you take action, not only will you get a great

software in the Easy Video Suite, but you also get a

kick butt bonus….and to top it off, you get to help me

install a new furnace to replace the one that was sucked

away from me this morning.




To making things not suck!


Dave Gardner





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