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The Oscars and Pure Leverage

Pure Leverage http://TheDavidGardner.com/PureLeverage is a new software suite of online business tools that provide 100% commissions, autoresponders, video email and more.

Pure Leverage by Joel Therien and GVO

I will have to admit that this is a pretty freaking sweet set up. Pure Leverage This is the¬†new platform brought out by GVO and…

Pure Leverage has me Locked in and Loaded

Whoa oh oh! Boy this is cool!   I usually am not about hype, but this really is going to change email marketing forever.  …

Diane Hochman removes rejection from her mindset

Diane Hochman removes rejection from her mindset Find out more about Magnetic Attraction Marketing with Magnetic Sponsoring

Russell Brunson Put me in his sales video

So last July I went to Kenya because I won a marketing contest through¬† Russell Brunson’s Dot Com Secrets X course. http://thedavidgardner.com/RussellBrunsonsVideo…