The Oscars and Pure Leverage

Pure Leverage is a new software suite of online business tools that provide 100% commissions, autoresponders, video email and more.

And the winner is……..Each of us!


We are all winning by learning and taking that next step each

day to become better at what we do.


Tonight though there are going to be some winners from your

favorite movies of the year as the Oscars are taking places.


You might not personally win one of those gold little statues, but

you can obtain a minefield of information and tools out there

to make you a star in your own sense.


You might not have the movie star lifestyle, though as you are

reading this, you should understand that you can obtain many

of the joys, trips, materials and more that they have.


Not to say it will come easy at all…you will need to work your

ass off for this, so do not for one second think I am saying it

is just going to be handed to you on a silver platter.


Aligning yourself with the right folks who can guide you in the

right direction is integral, especially if you are just getting

started online.


Even though I have been online a few years now and have

continued to grow, I still look for the guidance of others as

well and know these people have our best interests in

mind as they succeed.


Folks like Joel Therien, Daegan Smith, Mark Call and others

are going to be providing the training that makes up just

ONE PORTION of the new Pure Leverage platform that

is launching in less than 2 weeks, but I have a sneak

peak backdoor entry for you to lock your place in with me.


In addition to the star treatment live trainings, you will

also gain access to the tools you need to build your list

and start providing your followers with the guidance they

are looking for in your niche.


For example, you will be able to build a list of up to 20,000

subscribers using the provided autoresponder services,

which will allow you to re-send to no-opens as well!


The video email software inside of this is a great way to

bring your viewers closer to knowing you faster…and thus

wanting to get more from you and buy more from you as



There is a lot more I can tell you about, but would rather

have you see for yourself.


I have been with the GVO family for almost 4 years, and

can say with 100% conviction that I trust these guys.


This suite of new tools that you can earn 100% commissions

on is like the icing on the cake as they are taking their model

to the next level and providing a chance for you to have

that movie star status with their help.


So make yourself a winner today and gain Pure Leverage!


Dave Gardner


PS I will be helping to provide training as well to anyone

joining with my team separate from and in addition to

what is provided by the Pure Leverage folks.

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Pure Leverage by Joel Therien and GVO

I will have to admit that this is a pretty freaking sweet set up.

Joel Therien and GVO" href="" target="_blank">Pure Leverage

This is the new platform brought out by GVO and Joel Therien.

You can see a quick demo video I made the other day here (but make sure you check out all the details below the video as well)

I spent the last two days travelling and playing around on a snowmobile up in the Adirondacks…

…still doing it, but found a spare moment here as we will be enjoying the area for a couple more days and even taking part in another “Fire and Ice” ceremony Saturday night where the wind, snow and fireworks will all be flying all over the place.

Anyways, by the time you get done reading some of my notes, you will understand more and be able to make the best informed decision for you and you marketing.

Here goes (excuse the lack of grammar in some cases as I am litterally pulling off of the sheet I took my own notes on.

-This is the home of a true 100% Commission

-Your existing downline stays to keep the integrety of the company, thus you can not recruit people from someone else’s downline into yours for this platform

-Estimated to have 80,000 members in the next 4 months with about 12,000 already upgrading their existing accounts

-Not necessarily MLM…you do not ever have to recruit another person in and can just use the software provided like the video email, live conference solutions, coaching and much more (Perfect for you to promote to local business)

-You can benefit immensly by recruiting others into your downline, especially if you have reseller status and can earn your 100% commissions and more on their upgrades.

-Resell rights: IN order to qualify this will be an additional $19.95 per month and covers ALL the products that are in the Pure Leverage Suite, even new ones they bring in down the road.

-Resell Rights Disclaimer: In order to earn the commission on the various products and upgrades, you HAVE TO OWN IT! Meaning you need to buy the product or monthly training and be in the system, not just working around it.  This way you only need one other to recoup your cost.

-Some up coming options that you can earn 100% commissions on are $100/month live training sessions, as well as $250 and $500 one time products/training.

-Daegan Smith is going to be coaching the first session(s) in this as well as other marketers who have been having success recently.

-Monthly fee for the main software platform will be $24.95 which you will earn 100% commissions on the first month and 50% on all continuous months (if you do not have the reseller license) in addition to a 50% matching bonus on everything your direct recruits in your downline make.

-There will be lead gen co-ops available to help drive higher quality traffic to you

-GVO has always been built around marketers and they will NOT kick you out of GVO or Pure Leverage for promoting other products using their services.  They are meant to compliment ALL of your other ops and not go against them.

-This is not meant to be the next Empower Network.  I am not in Empower myself, but this was a major questions being posed.  This is meant to again, compliment what you do with any op in any niche or for any brick and mortar store looking to improve their online presence.

That about wraps up what I wrote down the other night and should give you a good idea about where they are coming from.

Here are the perks provided again with the basic Pure Leverage membership that can help your business or others:

*Lead capture system with pre-written autoresponder series to choose from to build your list to up to 20,000 members (with options to upgrade to a higher list) = Leverage at its best

*Elite Coaching to help you get up and running online the correct way

*Authority Blog and website to help brand yourself

*Turbo Traffic Generation: They share their list of hot traffic location and how to get it to your site as well

*Video Email (can set up in a sequence as well) to get your leads to learn and know you at their convenience

*Live conference software (No more hotel meetings) where you can host live webinar, trainings, file sharing and much more for up to 100 seats (upgrade options here as well if you need larger rooms, but great for beginners and smaller rooms)

*Reseller options (you need to do this! so your downline goes to you and not to your upline…If you grab this after the fact you will get 100% on all new people, but any existing downline members who upgraded before you will have that commissions bypass you to your upline FOREVER

*50% matching check bonus of your downline efforts on unlimited depth with those you Directly Recruit

*Joel’s A-Z wealth Home study course series

*Commissions on any other services your recruits upgrade to such as the Host Then Profits Platform, Meet Cheap, dedicated servers and much more.

*Just $1 to lock in your position, with a 7 day trial (note the site is not live yet and will not be until March 4th but you will be able to promote and bring in your own leaders who I might not know…though you can test out the demo room to see all the great services that will be inside)

*Full Refund if you do not feel the program is right for you after 30 days!

*Access to me to help you build your downline as well…I win when you win so it is to my best advantage to help you build.

As you can see there is plenty of reasons why to join and grab your own Pure Leverage for the basic level.

If you are hesitant, again, remember you can try it out for 30 days and see if it is for you or not and can ask for a full refund if you realize these products really are not for you.

Head on over now to check it out.

This is your time to become the leader that you have always wanted to be

To bringing Pure Leverage to your business,

Dave Gardner

PS Better to say I’m glad I did than to say I wish I had!

Here it is one more time for you:

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Pure Leverage has me Locked in and Loaded

Whoa oh oh!

Boy this is cool!


I usually am not about hype, but this really is going to

change email marketing forever.


When they involved 100% commissions as well you know

it is going to get people talking.


I have stressed how important it is to have your own

autoresponder and email delivery services before and

this takes it to the top.


I have also told you about GVO before and it is these

guys who are brining video email marketing to the

top of the marketplace and offering a phenomenal

incentives along the way.


In just two short weeks it goes live, but I am sending this

to all my hard core reader…Yes, YOU!  You are the ones

who have stuck with me and deserve the best.


I am already Locked (in) and Loaded, meaning I have

secured my position with Pure Leverage and invite you

to do the same.


Just take a couple minutes now and see what Joel has

to say about it and sign up to check it out.


I am testing out the demo room now and will

have some videos up soon showing you about it,

but in the mean time, see how it is all going down!


Dave Gardner


PS: here is what a few are saying already that are in:

Eric Sands: Finally a 100% commission pay plan that’s affordable for the masses. Kenny Martinez:  Pure Leverage is just what the doctor ordered, 100% commissions and plus all the added bonuses is nothing but pure value!   Thanks for this awesome Tool Suite Joel, GVO always delivers on point!

Terri Rau: Excited  about the launch Joel, still can’t believe 100% commissions are earned  on sharing this amazing suite of tools with leaders and anyone looking  to build their business!

Richard Hawley: Talk about Over Deliver! WOW!

See for yourself:



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Russell Brunson Put me in his sales video

So last July I went to Kenya because I won a marketing contest through  Russell Brunson’s Dot Com Secrets X course.

Yeah baby, that is me towards the end of the video!

You too can have that same exact chance starting today just for a $1 donation to the Make A Wish Foundation…

…And I’ll Match it….I will give another $1 to match this donation so that we can help to double our good deeds.  Heck, I will even give another $1 to the World Teach Aid Fund, who we went with so they can help build more schools, buy more books and feed more children in the school.

You get 30 days of the newest and best training from Russell and his staff to get moving online and building your list today!

It is a win-win-win-win situation.

You win because you learn from the best.

I win becuase I could earn a commission if you stay in the program.

Russell wins because he grows his business.

Most importantly, the kids win with your $1 and my matching $2

It is a no brainer!

Dave Gardner

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