Pure Leverage Webinar Replays and Recordings

Pure Leverage Webinar Replays and Recordings

Many people are curious about the Pure Leverage Webinar Replays and Recordings and this short video explains more in regards to how you can access these training and strategy sessions as a member of Pure Leverage.  Start your $1 trial here: http://MagneticSponsors.com/Leverage

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Pure Leverage Bonuses and Incentives for Trying Pure Leverage

I have some major incentives for you today!


All it is going to cost you is $1 or maybe $2 if you are set on

making your business succeed!


And I am going to hook you up, or incentivize you as well with

some awesome bonuses!


Here is what you have to do:

1) Try out Pure Leverage for 7 days for just $1 by clicking here

2) Try out GVO Hosting for 7 days for just $1 by clicking here


So all that is going to cost you this week is a measly $2 and here

is why you need to test these out (before I share you the bonuses

I am going to give


S.O.B. (Statement of Benefit) if you are serious about getting online

you need your own website hosting as well as a means to get in touch

with and train your subscribers

Combined, GVO and Pure Leverage have what it takes…If you do the GVO

one first, you can always upgrade to Pure Leverage inside the member

area as they belong to the same company but are separate marketing platforms.


I am talking hosting your sites, video hosting, autoresponder and opt in forms,

video email, live webinar conference rooms, live training and much more just

for a $2 trial.


When you stay on after a week it is only going to cost you less than $35 a month

for BOTH of these TOTAL…yes, TOTAL!


GVO will run about $9.95 while Pure Leverage will run about $24.95, thus less

than $35 a month for all the tools you need to run your business online.


Yes, they will try to sell you on upgraded packages, reseller rights, additional

training and more and you can do them, but they are not required for you

to take part in this crazy offer I have.


Bonuses for the TWO $1 trials.

#1: I will add your link into my link rotator to help you get leads to your own

downline in both GVO and Pure Leverage.  These will be YOUR direct leads

and not mine.

#2: I will hook you up with a complimentary $27 membership to the Triaffic

Generation Club as well as a $27 membership to the affiliate profits club, both

of which will help you drive traffic to your websites.

#3: I will give you access to me for any coaching questions you have and to

help you get set up

#4: I will share with you my Quickstart Guide to GVO to get up and running

in the next 24 hours

#5: I will Promote your content on my blog with a link to YOUR GVO or Pure

Leverage page..yes, more traffic for you this week!


These are killer incentives.


Now it gets even better: Imagine if you stay and upgrade your accounts to continue

with both programs and pay just the $35 a month….I am going to continue to

share more bonuses

Continued Bonuses when you stay as a member

1) Continued rotation in my affiliate link rotator (Each month)

2) Lifetime coaching and support from me through

phone, skype, text message, email etc. (Each month)

3) A $10 itunes or amazon gift card sent to you (after month 1 is complete!)

4) Bonus memberships into other $27 clubs I have access to like eMarketers Club

and the Wealth Upgrade Club (each month you get a bonus for staying with

the team!)

5) Much, much more…..so be sure to save this blog post for sure and reply to me below when you take the $1 trials today to test out GVO and Pure Leverage

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Video email helps develop relationships for businesses

Imagine for a second your favorite store actually communicates with you….Yes you might have to imagine this as many stores do NOT communicate with their customers in a way that allows them to develop a long lasting relationship with them.

Instead they use billboards, newspaper ads, flyer inserts, door hangers and more, but never really develop a relationship, where you would say hi to them on the street, because you really do not even know what they look like for the most part.

Imagine now again that you open up your email and you see a message from your favorite store owner and inside there is an image and link to a video that opens up and shows an open and welcoming store owner filling you in on the latest and greatest about what is going in with the business.

Perhaps it is a short messahe talking about a new product they just got in and showing a quick demonstration how it works, or it could be them reaching out to let you know what is fresh for lunch that day, where the next 15 people to come in get an upgrade to a free topic or appetizer with their meal.

You gain instant access to what is happening, or soon to come and the owner starts to become more of a familiar face.

Now don’t you think you would be more apt to continue frequenting an establishment when you feel as though you know them more on a personal level.

I know I would!

It is all about building rapport with your client base and this a perfect method of accomplishing this.  You would need to technology to not only stay in touch with your email database, or subscriber list and a way to host and send the videos quickly and easily.

The solution for both is found in the Pure Leverage Marketing Platform suite of tools.


Not only do you get the tools to set up a 10,000 susbcriber campaign, where you can email them each and every day to stay in touch with them, but you also get the ability to send video emails to help you establish a relationship with them.

Also included is another great tool that will allow you to reach out to your customers in live online events where you can have trainings, FAQ sessions, live demo’s and 1 on 1 sessions to share tools and files if required.

On top of this which only costs an industry low of less than $25 a month, you also gain access to weekly marketing training and webinars where you will be able to learn the from the top marketers in the industry and be able to apply it quickly into your own business.

You can try it all right now for just $1 for a 7 day test run to see how powerful the suite of tools Pure Leverage provides as well as how it can be added to your business.


Bonus Perks to Pure Leverage: Let’s say you own a business and those in your network or business circles also could benefit from the services provided by Pure Leverage, you can earn 100% commissions when you become a proft sharing referral partner with the monthly reseller license as well as 50% commissions on the residual monthly fees that are generated as well as mathching bonuses if they referr people as well.

It is a win-win-win software tool suite at Pure Leverage

Have questions?  Leave a message in the comment section below

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Pure Leverage Michelle Pescosolido Live webinar kicked Facebooks Butt

Pure Leverage Michelle Pescosolido Live webinar kicked Facebooks Butt

Last Night the Facebook Queen herself (as Mark Call labels her) got on the Pure Leverage live webinar platform (which is included in the tools suite) and kicked Facebooks Butt.  Yes, Michelle Pescosolido is like a goddess when it comes to facebook marketing and she blessed all those in attendance last night (about 1900 people strong ont the live webinar)

I totally sat there and had a mindshift and slap in the face somewhat as I reconfirmed myself as having gone about it all wrong.  It is an easy trap to fall into when you want to be sharing all this great advice, along with tools and courses you have taken, with the rest of your community.

So starting last night I already jumped on the ship to making things correct…And following some cool tips she gave as well, one of which is getting your fanpage to be the “face” where you are liking other pages.  Thus people start interacting with “you” in the sense of your fanpage and may likely come “like” your page as well.

I am looking for the Lucky 7!

Now here is my bribe for you, especially if you did not get on the webinar.  I am going to send you a copy of my notes from last nights webinar, but you have to at least TRY out Pure Leverage for 7 Days.


The first 7 who sign up and invest just $1 for the 7 day trial are going to not only get the notes from this webinar that I took, but also some secret bonus material that will show you how to implement the Pure Leverage marketing tool suite into any business you might be in.

When you go to the page, just enter your name and best email to start the Step 1 Process…You need to make sure it says at the bottom that you were referred by “Dave Gardner” otherwise I will not get credit (yes I stand to earn 100% commissions if you upgrade to the whole month and you can benefit the same was as well should you choose to do the same and become a reseller like I am).

Each week the folks at Pure Leverage are going to be bringing superstars together to present the latest and greatest, where you will easily be able to apply their knowledge and testing into your own businesses and successes.

You have to be in it to win it!

Head on over to sign up for your $1 trial here, then leave a comment on the blog to let me know you are testing it out (with the same email so I can verify and send you the notes you missed!)


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Pure Leverage Leaderboard Contest

I just checked the leaderboard contest for the week of March 19-25, 2013 and noticed I have had a major jump and threaten those on top!  Where I had not been anywhere close in this long list during the first week of the Pure Leverage Leaderboard contest, the second week I creeped onto the board and now I am in 20th place (for the week) against some huge names as seen in the image here:

Pure Leverage Leaderboard

If you click on the image to see the other names better, you will see the likes of Daegan Smith, Russell Brunson, Stone Evans, Mark Call, Frank Salinas and Joel Therien above me, while I have outpaced the legends Gary Chappelle and Diane Hochman up to this point in the week!

Now this could all change in minutes when they send out a blast to their emails list, but I thought it was pretty cool to see my name up there highlighting the successes I have had thus far.

Want your shot at getting on the leaderboard?  Join me at Pure Leverage here:


To be transparent and give some details, I have had about 170 leads come into the platform over the last week, primarily using 2 solo ads, though I have had some good traffic as well from building a relationship with some people on social networks like Facebook as well as placing my videos on Youtube.

The 170 leads came from about 700 clicks so far which is about a 24% conversion rate and of those 170, I have about 6-10 who have upgraded and/or who are pending to upgrade in addition to my previous team (though the GVO platform) who also have upgraded.

Do you want to have the same successes?  Join the team and I will be sure to share it all with you AND share some direct leads with you as well when I place some overflow into your downline as well as send some hits to YOUR affiliate lead capture page.

When you win, I win, so I want to be able to help you out as much as possible.  If you check out the picture here of a section of my recent downline, you will see how I have been sharing the love and placing people under those who have been with me by overflow.

Pure Leverage Downline overflow

The way this works is, if I have interpreted it correctly is that I actually gain the major portion of the original commission as I have added these people directly as noticed bu the red underline for most of these folks.  On the future end, if these people are to upgrade to other products, then those that they are under will begin to benefit from the residual commissions.  I do have to contat their support to verify this fact though.

They too can do this for those people they recommend to Pure Leverage and the GVO family of tools to build their teams out horizontally as well as vertically.

Not only am I excited about climbing up the leaderboard, but more importantly I am excited about the tools included in the Pure Leverage Marketing Platform which include but are not limited to:

*Autoresponder system to capture leads and send your follow up messages up to 10,000 subscribers.

*Video email, where I can send a video email and let my list get to know me a lot quicker than through just email or text.

*Live weekly trainings to help implement all facets of marketing

*Live webinar conference room (up to 100 seats) to host as many trainings or conversations you want in a month

*Video hosting

*Much more

You can get it all for a $1 trial (7 Days) and take it out on a test run to see how it can help your business generate leads so it can follow up with customers and provide great content and strategies that continue to bring them back in month after month.

Grab your $1 trial and find out more here: http://MagneticSponsors.com/Leverage

Know someone who could benefit from this content and marketing platform Share on Facebook!

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