Mack Zidan’s EZ Money Formula helps recruit for Pure Leverage and Empower Network

Mack Zidan is a marketing terror…Just watch the video below and you will see why and how he has taken over Pure Leverage and Empower Network Leaderboards.

Mack Zidan’s EZ Money Formula helps recruit for Pure Leverage and Empower Network and he has gone above and beyond what anyone might have expected in such a short time.

You can get the same software recruiting tools that Mack Zidan uses here: EZ Money Formula

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The End Of The Line With Pure Leverage and Daegan Smith

It is GO TIME==>

Where you can either act or miss out on some of the best coaching and team building ever!

I have another major announcement with MY Bonuses that are on TOP of Daegan’s bonuses which he goes over again below.

Join us now:


Get Mack’s Fre.e System that sets it all up easy for you and builds on multiple streams

Here is what I have to offer and again are on TOP of Daegan’s offer’s when you join our team at the VIP Level.

If you can only swing the Basic $25/month level you will gain some of my bonuses still as well as be able to use a killer set of tools with the Pure Leverage suite like Autoresponders, webinar conference rooms, live/recorded trainings and much more.

Bonus #1: I will send you traffic by means of adding your affiliate link to my rotator… Potentially Free leads coming to you from my traffic (Value: $97)

Bonus #2: Bonus Membership to the Traffic Generation Club, where folks like Mark Joyner, Ewen Chia and more are going to provide tips to help you generate your own traffic as well for your link. (Value: $27)

Bonus #3: I will post your content (marketing related) on my blog with YOUR link as well as post this to my social networks. (Value: $97)

Bonus #4: Access to me for assisted coaching. (Value: $297)

Bonus #5: Access to Riding With Guru’s (my up and coming course based on the book I co-Authored with Mike Filsaime) and send you a signed copy of the physical book. (Value: $117)

Bonus #6: I will also send you two of my favorite Marketing Books “The Execution Factor” by Benjamin Jacques and “Butterfly Marketing” also by Mike Filsaime.  (Value: $67)

Bonus #7: NEWLY ADDED TO SHOW YOU HOW MUCH I WANT YOU HERE: I will send you the full INternet MLM Success course that Daegan put out a couple years back…still with the best content out there in a physical DVD form (Value: $197)

Bonus #8: NEWLY ADDED TO SHOW YOU HOW MUCH I WANT YOU HERE: A full Physical copy of Russell Brunson’s Protege Challenge that comes with about 14 DVD’s, 200+ page book, MP3 player and more to teach you the in’s and outs of Internet marketing (Value $797)

These last two alone have the potential to exponentially grow your business and will only be mailed out once the guarantee period has passed and I have received my commissions from brining you into Pure Leverage on our team.  There is cost involved in making and getting these shipped to you and I need to make sure that you do not just sign up, get a bonus and then cancel.

Join us here:

The final chapter is upon us and how you want the story to end is really up to you!


Here is Daegan’s last chapter and urgent message:

This marks the end of our journey, and I  hope you’ve gained a lot along the way.

I don’t believe in hard selling or  pushing people to do things.

If you at this point don’t see how  serious I am by …

Giving you my Solo Ad Secrets course  that sells everyday at $197 for free …

Giving you my Zero Resistance Recruiting  course that sells everyday for $39.97  for free …

Reaching out to build a high converting  landing page with you, a service I don’t  offer anymore and when I did it cost  $497, for free …

Investing $10,000 of my own money in  your success & …

Inviting you to a live event on my dime  to meet you, look into your eyes, and  give you the best that I’ve got in  person for no cost …

Doesn’t convince you of how dedicate I  am, then so be.

Just know that opportunities like this  don’t come along often and always hold a  deadline.

Yours is tonight at midnight:

I know you’ll do the right thing for  you, your business, and your family.

To all of you that are on board …

History – we will make together.

To the top,


P.S. Watch this for instructions on how  to upgrade to VIP & access your free  copy of Solo Ad Secrets:

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How To Use “Other People’s Money” To Build Your Business

Hello Marketing Slap in the Face…If you did not come away with some super ah ha moments from Part 4 yesterday you need to to go the doctors to get your pulse checked.

I’ll give you controversy….haha!

Anyways, what Daegan has in store in part 5 is another group of gems that will easily take you from nothing to something this week if you act on it…it could even get you there costing NADA, Nothing, Zip, Zilch if you follow along with the ONE word he said changed it all for him…read Part 5 below

Action is the key!

Join us now:


Get Mack’s Fre.e System that sets it all up easy for you and builds on multiple streams

Either way, be sure to read what Part 5 is all about here and get back to me on your Ah ha moments!


Here is Part 5:

It’s funny how sometimes some of the MOST important ideas of your life hit you in the most unlikely of circumstances, and today’s lesson and idea exactly one of those cases, but …

Before I dig into it, let me just catch you up on where we are so far in this series.

In part one I shared a little idea that is silently screaming “I’m the ONE” and I shared with you how trusting my gut on it led me to the easiest $32k I’ve ever earned:

Then in part two I shared with you how list building using one simple technique changes lives, and I walked you through the entire process to building a massive list at a pace of 1,000 leads per day or more using it.

In the last lesson I shared with you how much your personality IS really worth when you us it the right way in your email marketing efforts.

Put simply, it can double or even triple whatever level of income you’re currently earning online, and the REASON why I’m walking you through all these techniques is because I know for an absolute fact that if you use what I’m sharing with you on this:

To build a list and generate a recurring money passive income stream it can quite bluntly be a time and a decision that you’ll back on 10 years from as THE moment everything changed.

Following suite, today’s lesson will literally supercharge your results in a way that few have ever experienced online.

This little idea, is an idea I’ve leveraged for the past 8 years, and it alone has been responsible for a LARGE share the revenue I’ve generated in my career to date.

And the best part about it is it require no risk of anything on your part, in fact, utilizing it will remove all risk from your business forever.

Here’s how it came to me …

It was back when I was a pharmaceutical sales rep working for a company called Merck here in Washington DC.

It was one of those dreaded ride along days where I had my boss with me as I made my calls to all MD clients.

To put it gently, I wasn’t at the top of my game.

I was out of sync.

I was awkward.

Every conversation I had reflected exactly the opposite of the true value I brought to my company.

Every time I looked over at my boss, I could see it in his eyes I was on borrowed time.

I won’t lie to you and say I loved my job.

I didn’t.

But I always put in a good honest hard days work.

That ride back to drop my manager back off at the office was the longest ride of my life.

I could feel the tension in the air.

Then it finally broke.

He said …

“Daegan, pull over. I want to talk you for a second.”

My heart immediately sunk as I parked the car.

“Daegan, tell me the truth, you don’t really like what you’re doing do you?”

I could tell from his tone that the way I answered that question would determine my future.

I did what any good employee would do.

I told him why I loved my job and why wouldn’t want to do anything else.

The words I spoke just weren’t in my heart and he knew it.

After we parted ways I knew the end was near.

That job was all I had.

“What would happen if I lost it?”

I mean sure …

I was moonlighting as an online marketer and I had even built a little team in my first opportunity, but the few hundred dollars I was making additional would in no way replace my paycheck.

To get my mind off the inevitable I had learned through my personal development training that it’s always better to replay bad emotions than try to suppress them, so …

I put in one of my favorite success trainings at the time.

Every time I listened to it it always lifted my heart.

But this time it was different.

I heard one word.

One word.

A word that was there all along, but somehow I had missed it the last 30 times I had listen.

Within two months o hearing that word I was making more than I ever had at my job.

I had a team in my business that was thriving into momentum.

Growing at a pace of 50 – 100 new people joining my organization per day.

That’s all the difference was between a couple hundred dollar per month and a job replacing income.

Not only that.

When I shared what I done with that one word, the others in my organization that followed suit, there business grew faster than mine.

In fact, my buddy Jaz in Singapore, who I’m visiting right now, took my little idea tripled my success & create a problem for me the process.

See I was in a binary company, and he created the largest run away leg you’d ever seen.

I never caught up with it.

And that’s why I know the same will happen for you.

One word.

That’s all it took.

Before I tell you what that word was let me tell you a little more of the back story so you can really get a feel for WHY it was such a game changer.

Let’s call a spade a spade.

We’re all in this business to grow wealthy and abundant, but I don’t think many people stop to ask themselves how to actually do it.

And then others mistake cash flow for real wealth and end up dead broke like Scotty Pipen.

He made over $100M and because he thought it would never stop he lost it all. Never let that happen to you.

Wealth is simple when you think about it.

It’s just this …

Eliminate your debts and invest in your highest ROI assets, and I got that.

I could see that my little team was the highest ROI asset I had, and I had (and still do have) a 4 unit apartment building.

My problem was, my own budget.

See …

I only had about $300 to $500 per month to invest in growing my team, but I knew that wouldn’t be enough to support me when the inevitable was to happen in the near future.

I needed a way to invest more.

And more, I need to invest in the exact right place in my business.

But where? Well …

Here’s one more little thing I’ll share with you.

I noticed as my team was growing I noticed a trend.

I call it the magic of 10%.

10% of my recruits actually recruited someone else, and …

10% of them actually recruited meaningful numbers, and so I could see that if I was to have my invest grow fast that I needed to invest in finding that 10% of 10% as quickly as possible.

The more of those guys I could find, the fast my business would grow, so here’s what I figured out …

If I wanted my asset to grow faster then I needed more recruits to find the 10%, and to find more recruits it came down to leads.

And as you know …

Leads come from marketing, and my marketing was limited by own budget.

I couldn’t figure it out for the life me.

It was like being in the desert thirty with a glass of water in sight, but ever time you reached for it it moved just out of reach.

Until I heard …

That one word.

As soon as I did.

I knew, my economic issues would be over forever.

Never again would I have to worry about having enough to invest, or …

At least I thought.

See …

The ONE thing about this training was it was OLDER than dirt.

I mean like before the internet old.

And so the principles this guy was talking about hadn’t been applied to the internet, and so there was no easy way to verify if my hunch was right.

I remember it like was yesterday …

I mean you have to understand.

As soon as heard this word I immediately pulled over the car at an Amoco station and started pacing back and forth like a lunatic screaming my head off – shouting this word.

Cars where literally slowing down and almost getting into accidents watching my insanity.

When I got home.

I didn’t have a game plan, and I even remember that little voice in my head nudging me saying things like …

“What if this doesn’t work? What if it’s like all that other stuff you thought was THE KEY that wasn’t”

I’m so glad I didn’t listen to that guy.

Before I went to bed and I had made up my mind.

“Just give it a try Daegan.”

And I did.

When I woke the next morning to see $800 I didn’t have the day before to advertise with I knew …

OHHH I knew …

This was it.

Before all was said and done I had over $3,200 to advertise with that month and the next month $6,000, and the next month $8,000, and the next month $12,000.

And that’s literally all she wrote.

That was it. I was at that point “f1nanc1ally free”

And so too will be your story.

The word …


That night I had sent out message to my team and said let’s invest in advertising together and to them …

It was that help they were silently screaming for.

They responded immediately.

Our team grow.

We had several leaders doing as I did, as I showed them how.

We all thrived.

When you join us here:

I’ll teach you how to run your own co-op so that money for advertising is a thing of the past, and …

Today I’m going to let the cat of the bag.

See …

These day’s I’m doing not so bad, so I can do things that I couldn’t a few years back, AND …

I know for a fact that when you get into business together with people leadership grows from what you do, not what you say.

Let this be the example.

If you decide to join our calling and you commit to showing you’re serious by being one of the first 100 people to upgrade to VIP I’m going to take $10,000 out of my own pocket and invest in your future in our co-op.

I don’t think I need to say anymore.

It’s as simple as that.

To put you in a position to win.

I’m going to pay it forward to you.

Are you in or are you out?

If you think today’s news was a pleasant surprise wait until tomorrow, because it’s about to get even better.

I’ll see you then.

To the top,


P.S. Watch this for instructions on how to upgrade to VIP & access your free copy of Solo Ad Secrets:

Missed the other Chapters: Just read them all here:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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Is Howard Stern Really Worth 500 Million Dollars

All I can say is wow….Even if you did not take us
up on the $1 trial of Pure Leverage yet (not sure
why not if you haven’t) you are at least getting
a marketing slap in the face to wake you up with
the content team leader Daegan Smith is allowing
me to share with you.

Part 4 is another gem to take action on in your

You gotta make sure you have the right tools to run
the business as well which is what we have been talking
about for the last couple weeks.

I swear by these tools!

If you want another awesome tool to not only help you
build your GVO/Pure Leverage Team, but also your
Empower Network team…I have a F.REE Software Bonus
for you from my buddy Mack:

You can also sign up with me through GVO/Pure Leverage
and Empower this way or just get the software to use
for yourself, but keep in mind, your commissions will
skip up to me instead!

Follow this funnel and you will see how the leaders
of the industry take charge and do it all for you.

Dave Gardner

Enjoy Day #4 of the series here:

Now we’re cooking with peanut oil!

We’ve exposed the greatest opportunity
in the history of capitalism:

I’ve shared with you THE most life
changing traffic getting method on the
planet, and … I even offered you my
full “Solo Ad Secrets” course to show
you point by point how to build a list
and a bank others will envy for free

Yesterday I shared with you the MOST
powerful way to convert your traffic
into leads and shared with you how I can
build you your own lead getting website
just for joining us in PureLeverage:

I didn’t mention it yesterday, but the
only other people I’ve EVER provided
that service to each paid $500, and well
if we want to discuss result from that
investment, I think 70% conversion rates
speaks pretty strongly to it’s value.

And remember …

You get all this just for joining us in
PureLeverage and upgrading to VIP here:

*If you missed any of the previous
lessons you will find them at the bottom
of today’s lesson in order.

And I’m more excited to get into today’s
topic than ever, and the reason is
simple, this discuss right here is flat
out what I’m best at AND once you get
the hang of it it will make you more
money than anything.

Today we cover …

How to convert your cold leads into cold
hard cash money.

Once you’ve got traffic and you’re
converting it into leads on your list,
next my friend, is how to monetize that
list – no one is better at this than
your boy big D.

With email, there’s two questions you
gotta ask.

How should I write my email message for
maximum conversion & how often.

Let’s deal with these two questions
right now …

Before we go any further, I only require
that you commit to using what follows
for good.

If you can commit to that, I invite you
to read on . . .

A new and vastly different world of
online money making is about to revealed
to you.

Nothing makes more money or causes more
controversy than a powerful personality
unleashed through the power of marketing
through the simple and widely available
medium of email.

And when you pair this with an
opportunity like PureLeverage:

It’s like an atomic bomb.

“5 Secrets To Getting Rich With

1. Be A Super Hero – When I consult with
beginner, and even veteran marketers,
one constant objection I hear is that
their personality isn’t interesting
enough, or more commonly phrased as the

“Why would anyone listen to me?”

The answer is because you’re the most
interesting person in the world, or at
least your persona is.

Have you ever seen those Dos Equis
commercials with the “Most Interesting
Man In The World?”

He’s always surrounded by the most
beautiful women on earth who can’t wait
to hear what he says next.


Because he’s the most interesting man in
the world of course.

My question to you is …

Is he real or is he fictional?

I’ll answer for you, he’s a fictional

And a damn good one at that.

Just one look at him and you’re
instantly intrigued.

“What’s this guy all about?”

In his character, lies the first and
most dangerous tool in your arsenal for
making mega bucks.

Don’t be you.

Be the “Super Hero” you.

Create the most interesting character in
the world to speak to your audience
through and they will listen.

What’s that I hear?


Sit down and think about who you’d like
to be, jack it up 17 notches or so, and
then, and this is key . . .

Write that character’s back story.

Where did the character come from?

What beliefs does that character hold?
Is he or she bold?

What brought that character online to
entertain through email?

Speak and write from this voice and an
instant magnetism you shall create with
your audience.

2. Controversy That Can Make You
$500,000,000 – There is nothing more
boring or worthless than a person
without an opinion on anything.

One of the biggest mistakes all new
marketers make is to try to be exactly
that – Boring.

Never offensive, never taking a stand on
anything, and never taking any risks.

No one likes that guy (or gal) …

Why would you want to know, let alone
read emails from, someone who’s so weak
that can’t take a stand on anything?

I, for one, delete every boring “white
bread” email that shows up in my inbox
and I suggest you do the same.

There’s something funny about people.

Most are scared.

They never voice what they really think
for fear of not being liked, but . . .

If someone with the balls to say what
they’re thinking comes out and says it –
that same, weak, scared individual, will
rally behind the fearless and highly
opinionated person as instinctively as a
moth being drawn to a flame.

Your prospects are silently screaming to
be lead by you.

They want you to tell them what to

They want you to say what they can’t.

You do that and they will fall in love
with you.

Think hard about how you can be more
controversial and maybe one day you too
can get $500,000,000 deal too.

Let me put it to you this way . . .

Howard Stern, THE most opinionated radio
personality in history didn’t make a
$500,000,000 deal for his radio show by
NOT having strong and controversial
opinions on everything.

The average individual fears offending
others, the great one doesn’t because
the “Super Heroes” of personality
marketing know the secret power of

It polarizes your audience.

Let’s them know where you stand, and
whether they like it or not they WILL

The average Howard Stern “fan” listens
to his show 2 hours a day, the average
“objector” listens 2.5 hours a day.

Controversy gets attention, entertains,
gives people a reason to “tune in”, and
makes you rich.

3. Which side of the bed did you get out

I don’t know about you, but every
morning when I wake up I roll over to
the right, wipe the sleep out of my eyes
and step out of bed.

Never do I think about it.

Never do I check to see if the ground is
going to be there.

I just get up, roll over, and put foot
to ground.

Why such blind faith in the ground being


The ground has always met me in the
morning as I stepped out of bed.

I’ve never had any reason to think it
ever wouldn’t.

In other words, I blindly trust it’s
always going to be there because it’s

Our days are full of these knee jerk
habits fueled unconsciously by blind
leaps of faith built on experience.

Use this to your advantage in your

Here’s what I mean . . .

If you consistently share cool stuff
with your family from afar via your
email newsletter make sure you do it
daily AND at the exact same time.

This consistent repetition, whether you
know or believe it, is your secret key
to anything you want in life.

Here’s why . . .

Just like the ground meeting me every
morning, if you show up in the inbox of
your subscribers every day at the same
time you’re creating that same daily
consistency as all the other constants
in your life, my life, and your
prospect’s life.

Over time it leads to trust.

They know . . . you’re going to show up
at a certain time and because you always
do you’ve won their trust by shear
consistency alone.

Consistency creates trust, trust creates
value, value creates wealth.

4. “Tell Me A Bedtime Story Mommy!”

Did your mom ever to tell you bedtime

Mine did.

I remember as a small child I couldn’t
wait ’til bedtime. I would pull out my
favorite book “Green Eggs And Ham” and
I’d say “Mommy read it to me again.”

The one trick pony of influencing the
human mind is the power of story.

It never gets old.

Get good at telling stories, use them
often, use them over and over again and
they will love you for it.

It’s a mistake to think that your
stories have to be grandiose in nature
to be effective.

Anything, as long as it’s a story,

I’ve personally shared stories about
evicting crack heads.

The funny thing is, people just can’t
get enough.

A subtle but powerful thing about
stories is it’s not how epic the story
is that determines it’s entertainment
value, it’s the level of personality and

Be real.

“How do you get good at sharing
powerfully entertaining stories?”

It’s simple. Read stories, newspaper
columns, books, watch movies.

Take note of what’s powerfully
compelling to you, and then simply adopt
the styles you like and practice over
and over again.

There’s no other option but to get good,
and when you do . . . Shazaam!

The touch of midas will be yours too.

5. “Do What Oprah Does”

What does Oprah do?

Whatever the heck she wants.

And so should you.

Don’t imprison yourself to only
discussing topics you believe relevant
to your “niche.”

Talk about what’s relevant to you.

Oprah’s show topics are purely her
desires and so should your “email
episodes be.”

It’s a mistake to think that your
reading audience wants to be educated
day in and day out.

The truth is, they’d much rather be
entertained for 5 minutes reading
something riveting (and what’s riveting
is what you decide is riveting).

Remember your audience isn’t made of

They’re people, flawed, quirky, and

They gossip and have opinions on more
than just the topic of your business so
yeah . . . go there.

The novice marketer is flat, they have
no opinion and their emails read like
the instructions on the back of a box of
“Shake ‘N Bake.”


Because they falsely believe that their
audience is as one dimensional as they
are in their incessant need to earn a
quick buck.

On the flip side, the wildly successful
personality marketer does the opposite.

They know and exploit the fact that
we’re all human and we all yearn to be
surprised and entertained.

They know that they can bridge any
topic, any story, into a good reason to
take another look at their product or

They know that even before anything else
that entertainment, controversy, and
being larger than life supersedes all.

They go there first and then simply
bridge the gap.

If I can make money talking about
evicting crack heads to a bunch of
network marketers don’t you think you
can to?

You can, and your level of belief in
that truth will, at the end of the day,
put you amongst the ranks of the rest or
the best.

I’ve used the 5 rules above to make
millions and recruit crazy numbers and
you can to.

And if you want to dig even deeper into
all this I’ve got a course called “Zero
Resistance Recruiting” that gets down
and dirty on all this that you can find

You can and should purchase it from the
above link, but …

I’ll do you one better.

If you’re down for the cause and join
ranks with me and other good guys out
there here:

And you show you’re serious by upgrading
to VIP – I’ll through the complete Zero
Resistance Recruiting course in for free
as well with all the other goodies I’ve

So let’s add all that up:

You’re going to get the golden standard
in how to use traffic 1,000s of leads
per day in my Solo Ad Secrets course  a $197
course for free so you don’t have worry
about where you’ll get leads to build
your list.

You’re going get work with me to build
your own madly high converting lead
capture page so all your traffic
subscribes to build you a big ol’ money
making list, and that one’s on the house
to, and …

Now you’re getting THE best course on
the net for using that list to profit
and recruit thrown in as well.

All for just joining us, and let me
emphasize …

In joining us you’re setting a business
that you will make 100% profits on the
MOST profitable long term passive income
creating service you could fathom –

No one ever stops paying for their
autoresponder which means LONG money in
this deal for you.

You’d be nuts not to do this now:

I mean, you even get to take this entire
email series and use it to convert sales

It does not get any better than that.

Or does it?

Tune in tomorrow because I’m going to
show how to get all the paid advertising
you ever want for free.

Imagine having a $10,000 monthly
marketing budget that never comes out of
your pocket. Yeah …

Get excited.

See you tomorrow …

To the top,


P.S. Watch this for instructions on how
to upgrade to VIP & access your free
copy of Solo Ad Secrets:

Whoa…yes, as I said above, this is a marketing
Slap in the face to wake you up!

You gotta grab this now to start making it in
this business.

If you want the F.ree system to get you going and build
your team on 3 levels: use this link:

If you just want to get in right now to Pure Leverage
use this one instead:

Both links will give you the ability to get into PL
with me and Daegan so you can get your goodies…

Did you miss the first couple chapters in the story:

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

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Dave Gardner
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How To Create The Highest Converting Lead Booby Trap On Planet Earth With Pure Leverage Leader Daegan Smith

Wow, if you thought part 2 was good…wait till you check out what Daegan Smith hares in part 3 below!

Loving it…let me know what you think and Join us on the team!

Dave Gardner

Here is part 3!

In your business there are some things  that matter a little, some things that  matter a LOT.

What I discuss with you today trumps  them all.

For the simple reason that if you don’t  get this one skill right nothing else  matters.

Lets do a quick recap here before we  dive in …

In lesson one I described what I  consider to be the greatest opportunity  in the history of capitalism, which is:

In lesson two I shared with you the most  life changing traffic getting strategy  of them.

And both lessons are below if you missed  them, so don’t fret, there will be ample  opportunity for you to catch up.

For now, I need your full attention  because THIS here today is where the  rubber truly meets the pavement.

When I first got started online I was so  excited and “money hungry” I did  anything that seemed to be an easy fast  path to riches, and as a result I wasted  a lot of time and money getting no where  fast.

If you’re just getting going, there are  two things you need to do before I lay  out your game plan for fast profits . .  .

1. Forget about what seems to be the  freest and easiest path. Things like  sending messages to safelists or hanging  out tweeting all day without rhyme,  reason, or structure. It’s just not  going to get you anywhere.

The funny thing about us is we tend to  always flow to the path of least  resistance first, it’s good advice to  not fall into this trap.

2. Give into the obsession. You’re  online. You’re reading this right now  for one simple reason, you’ve either got  a full on addiction to cracking the  internet code or you soon will.

This is a good thing. Give into it.  Trust it. And use that energy wisely  making the right moves, not the easiest  ones.

Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s  dig in and get moving on lead getting  the right way . . . Here’s what’s next.


The internet is ONLY a medium of  leverage it’s not magic.

Good old business principles still  apply.

In order for your business to run,  you’ve got to figure out two things:

1. What You’re Selling: McDonald’s sells  hamburgers. They know that, you know  that. there is no confusion. It’s got to  be the same way in all that you do.

What are you selling? Well, if you’re  like me, in a word it’s “opportunity”  and this series focuses is focused on  helping you leverage the hottest one of  them all in the marketplace:

Don’t try to be all things to all  people.

It’s a time waster.

2. Who Are You Selling To: Once you know  what you’re selling it becomes far  easier to “find” ideal prospects for it.

For instance, if you’re in the  opportunity market you’re NOT selling  health and wellness or whatever your  companies product is, you’re selling the  opportunity for a better lifestyle  through your companies products or  services.

You’re looking for people who want more  money.

Once you’ve got a firm grip on what  you’re selling and who you’re selling  to, next you ask . . . Where do I find  them?

The mistake most people make (including  myself) is they just go. They never ask  themselves who they’re looking for and  as a result they find everyone and no  one. And you’re looking for neither.

You’re really looking for a “prospect” for what you have to sell them. We  already discussed that you’re searching  for people looking for opportunity so  where do you find “opportunity” prospects?

If you followed along yesterday then you  already know where and how to find them.

They’re on other people’s lists and  yesterday I walked you through the steps  for how to get their eyeballs on your  opportunity.

But even with this understanding …

We’re still left with a problem “How do  we get your prospects attention and then  turn them into leads?”

Have you ever been to the mall in the  food court section and walked past one  of the vendors who’s giving away free  samples? Do the exact same thing . . .

You first get peek the interest of your  prospects and have them take the first  proactive action towards you by offering  them a “sample” of what you’ve got.

“But Daegan, I don’t have a sample to  give away”

Don’t worry, you don’t need one. You  just need to understand the concept and  this analogy.

The way to attract the MOST prospects to  your door is to think of them like  thirsty deers in a forest.

If a deer is thirsty and let’s say a  pond is within site what does the deer  do?

It doesn’t bolt over to the pond to take  a drink.

Instead it very methodically and very  carefully survey’s the scene.

If there’s nothing to alarm the deer it  will make it’s way slowly to the  drinking whole.

So in other words, when you’ve trying to  attract prospects flash doesn’t count.

It hurts.

When you see busy landing pages with  flashing arrows and all sorts of  graphics and videos this is like  ruffling the bushes in the forest.

Do this and the deer does not drink. It  evacuates the premisses.

Your landing page should be very simple.

Very calm.

In fact, in all my testing I’ve found  that a greyish background tends to work  the best to create this “calm” effect.

Once you get this right, then …

The only thing that matters is how  thirsty the deer is, and the good news  is for you …

With your prospects you control this.

Remember when I said to get the  attention of your prospects you give  them a free sample?

Well, the sample I’m speaking to is  curiosity.

The higher the curiosity of your  headline on your landing page the MORE  prospects you’ll catch.

Here’s one of my top converting landing  pages I’ve created for a client that  resulted in an over 70% opt in rate:

What is that page other than curiosity?

Do you also see how that page, other  than the headline, is completely  calming?

Now do you see why you don’t need a  physical sample yourself?

As long as the curiosity you use to  attract and convert your prospect is  congruent with your opportunity (as in  that example it was congruent with David  Wood and David Sharpe’s Empower Network)  then that’s all you need.

If you understand these two simple ideas  – the free sample & the thirsty deer –  then I’ve essentially just given you a  lesson that’s taken me 5 years and cost  me more than three million dollars to  learn myself.

And that’s a lesson you can take to the  bank.

Use these ideas to create a high  converting landing page yourself and you  will create the highest converting lead  booby trap on the planet or my name  ain’t “The King Of Never Calling A  Single Lead” …

But, for those of you in brave enough to  join ranks with me in PureLeverage I’m  going to take this lesson to the next  level.

Here’s what I’m prepared to do for those  of you who enroll and upgrade to VIP (so  I know you’re serious about all this –  well quasi because $97 aint breaking no  bodies bank.) – so make it happen if you  haven’t here:

(If you have then, good for you because  this is now just another goodie coming  your way.)

What I’m going to do is, I’m going to  create one of these pages with you.

I’ll hold a private, VIP members only  training, where I’ll bring all the tools  you’ll need to create your own high  converting lead booby trap & all you’ve  got to do is show up with your  PureLeverage autoresponder and we’ll  create magic together.

You’ll leave that session with your very  own lead getting machine that will build  you a list to likes few have seen.

Fair deal?

Join ranks here:

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To access your bonus and we’ll create  your list building website together.

And don’t worry …

I know we haven’t covered how to follow  with your list yet.

That’s what tomorrow is for. See you  then …

To the top,


P.S. Watch this for instructions on how  to upgrade to VIP & access your free  copy of Solo Ad Secrets:

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