The importance of having a vision in your business

The importance of having a vision in your business

If you are looking to develop your business or have growth in some new task you have recently taken on, it is important to have a vision of not only what the outcome will look like, but also the methods and means you are going to emplore to get there.

It might not be good enough to just say you have a vision of having a house that is paid off.  Instead you need to be specific to mention exactly what that house is going to look like.

Does if have a wooden door, or a prefabricated plastic one?

Do the windows have internal blinds, or are you going to have them totally clear.

The more specific you can be in your vision, the clearer your path will be in order to achieve it.

If you are looking to build a business that remains your own compared to having multiple employees, or virtual ones for that matter, you need to be able to manage your time in addition the expenses required to do this.

Items that should be considered to get you on the right path to your ideal business might include you coming up with an overview of what your ideal day might look like.

If you can visualize what you would be doing from the time you get up until the time you wen to bed again, you are going to become more focused on having that daily experience happen in reality.

Now keep in mind even in the ideal situation there will always be bumps in the road so the more flexible you are and willing to get back up with failure, the more likely you are to reach that vision of the successful life you want to lead.

People and businesses who lack a vision may continue to make sales and seem successful, though they migth not ever grow beyond the scope of what is a possibility.  Instead of being a million dollar a month company, perhaps they only are making 50 thousand dollars.

I know many people would love to make 50 grand a month, though with the proper vision and taking action, or implementing specific tasks, this can be scaled over time.

Everyone has a different vision and if you are working with a team, it is important to come up with a vision that best suites the needs and desires of all parties involved.

Be confident in what you want and visualize yourself while keeping an abundance mindset.  You can always revise as you act and new challenges come your way, though the more you focus on what you had planned from the beginning, the more likely you are to acheive it.

Be determined and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish for you and your business.

Dave Gardner

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I can lead you to water, but I can not make you drink!

Today marks the end of a semester in the school where I teach…

…yeah, in case you forgot, I am a full time science teacher building my business part time.

I am shocked today, though in the back of my mind not too surprised in the fact that I had a couple kids who decided not to even show up.

As they say, you can lead a horse to water, but can not make him drink.

Sometimes if feels like I am dragging them there!

You have to have an inner desire to want more, or to better yourself with whatever it takes to do it.

Staying up late and working harder to the topic at hand.

There really is no difference here in the business world as you also need to bust your tail, stay up late, learn new material and keep practicing it over and over again until you master it.

Those who do not give up on themselves are the ones that show success in the long run.

It might not happen today, tomorrow, next week or next month but know that you will have your breakthrough and see the results you deserve when you persevere and keep working at it and NEVER GIVE UP.

Every day I have people sign up to my lists or to check out an opportunity, but rarely do they take action.

Again, this makes me wonder why so many people are not willing to work for their goals.

Perhaps too many people feel as though they are entitled to handouts.

Freebies can be good, but are not always going to make you value what you are getting…Paying for it should as you now have a financial investment into your growth.

Yesterday I spoke of the importance of keeping records of this so if you missed that blog post: go read it here now:

As I continue to stress, one of my favorite quotes in the classroom and on the field where I coach as well as to my followers online…

…”You get out of it what you put into it”

Read that line again…yeah, look up and read it again.

If you did not just do that, you apparently are not very coachable, or do not have the desire to shift your mind towards an abundance mindset.

There is so much out there for you to succeed on…unlike my students today, all you need to do is show up and you put yourself leagues ahead of millions of people out there who are unwilling to take action!

If you are ready to learn….the next semester is just about the start!

Come join my class here:

Take action now! You can always revise it later.

Dave Gardner

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Spending money in your home business should always be a tax write off!

Spending money in your home business should always be a tax write off! Keeping records of your expenses and earning is crucial in business

Spending money in your home business should always be a tax write off!

As I contemplate putting my taxes together again I am stuck with weeding through hundreds of emails I have saved this year in an attempt to find receipts for stuff I bought and payments received or commissions I might have earned.

What you need to realize right away is that “Spending money in your home business should always be a tax write off.”

It really does not matter what you buy, as long as you are investing money into your business, you should be able to appy that towards your taxes.

I would highly suggest that if you did not keep records from last year, that you come up with a system of doing that this year and in the future.

I simply have a folder in my email accounts that I save any email relating to a purchase or profit so that I can be able to go through the mass much easier than having to go through every single email still in my account.

I will most likely go through them anyways, but wanted to share with you things that you should be presenting to the tax accountant working with you to make sure you get the most out of your business and are not paying taxes to the government when you should instead pay yourself first.

This is a suggested list from what I use in my business and should apply, though it is not an absolute list.  Be sure to check with a CPA, or cetified public accountant o verify based on your situation. (NOTE: An LLC might get taxed differently than a self proprietor for example so make sure you know you have the best arrangement for your business)

What you should keep records of as expenses for your business:

  • web hosting (monthly)
  • domain name purchases (yearly)
  • Autoresponder/webinar conference rooms (monthly)
  • Courses you have purchased for education
  • Conferences you have attended
  • Meals purchased at conferences
  • Hotel/car rental/Airplane tickets for conference
  • Miles Driven to a conference to to buy supplies
  • Stamps/Shipping/Postage
  • Stationary/Envelopes/packaging material/boxes to ship materials
  • Cell phone bills (most likely a percentage will be used here)
  • Home heating bills such as gas/electric
  • Internet service bill
  • Magazines/Books purchases in your niche for education
  • Membership fees and or assocition dues
  • Advertising online and offline
  • Sample products purchased to use as demonstations
  • Products sent out as samples to build business (may be considered as samples)

What you should keep records of as profits for your business:

  • Payments received from personal products sold
  • eBay sales
  • shipping fees received (if registered as separat through paypal etc.)
  • Commissions recieved through affiliate sales

As you can see, you need to make sure that you are keeping good records, especially if you want the government to see you as building a legitimate business and not someone trying to just funnel money into their bank account.

If you have any other suggested items to be aware of, or a tax horror story, please leave a comment below on your experience with business taxes.

The smarter you are with business taxes, the more money you are going to be able to keep for yourself.

Dave Gardner

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You are a mindshift away from success

You can do it

You are successful

You help others

You rock it online and off

You have an abundance of content to share

You are needed by others

You have what other people want

You have the ability to change peoples lives

You make a difference

You can sell high ticket items easily

You have a story to share

You take action

You fail and get back up

You know you are going to keep succeeding

You have support from mentors and coaches

You see your new car

You feel the softness of your new bed

You smell the fresh cut green grass that someone else did for you

You dress yourself with clothes from your favorite store

You provide support to many

You feel for others

You are passionate about what you do

You have the keys to success at your fingertips

You are just one mindshift away from success!

If you want to make this happen, you have to take action now!

Sitting in front of your computer and staring into the screen is

not just going to make your bank account grow.


Shift your mind and envision doing it.

Shift your schedule around a little and actually do it!


Come join us and you will see yourself shifting in all the

right directions towards growing a successful YOU and

business at the same time.


I will see YOU there….and want to talk to you once you

get inside, so give me a call/text today after you sign up.

If I do not answer right away, be sure to leave me a

message letting me know you started and I will get in

touch with you to make sure you are heading in the

right direction for YOU and your family.


Let the mindshifting begin!

Dave Gardner

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was listed on the top of this message

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No time to mess around in your business to see success and growth

Well it is almost the end of another week and beginning of a new one.

12 days over already in 2014 and there is No time to mess around

I spent much of today getting my own act in gear as I had been holding off from hanging up some curtains and picture frames in my office since doing our home addition and moving it to the next room over.

Gardner water color art

Office Wall Hangings

Relatively simple things, that could have been done before, but got put aside.  I also went through the various piles of bills/receiptsand other stuff that had compiled on the floor so I could start getting things ready for another tax return!

Again, there is No time to mess around.

While I was doing this as well as when I was vacuuming the house…

…Happy wife, Happy life, right!…

…I was listening to mindset and marketing audios the whole time.

I think I listened for at least 5 hours today and absorbed some many gems that I am going to be incorporating into my phone calls and sponsoring, it was not even funny.

Unless you consider yourself laughing to the bank to be funny…then of course you are my type of person and I want to lock arms with you and walk by your side as you do the same thing with your marketing.

There really is No time to mess around…instead it is time to take action and make things happen in your life and in your business.

I welcome you to come join me…You will be amazed by what you learn inside and what you can do with it to make 2014 amazing.

If you are done wasting time and are ready to make it happen, come on over and join me in the Inner Circle!

There are other products there as well, like one they just launched this week that is at a massive discount called “High Ticket Academy” which is going to be a live course with recordings available forever…and you can earn 100% commissions when you promote it as well.

It is time to make some moves if you want to see results!

Be bold

Be proactive

Step outside your comfort zone!

There really is no time to mess around!

Send me a message once you get started and I will point in in the right direction to start seeing some results as soon as this week!

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Dave Gardner
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