Using Youtube to climb the Google rankings

Using Youtube to climb the Google rankings

Are you using Youtube to climb the Google rankings?

As Youtube was bought by Google a few years back, they are more inclined to keep you on their property during a search.

If you think about it, why would they want you to leave their site, when they can get you inside of something that they own that is a huge income generator for them (Think advertising on the videos!).

Some searches have very high competition, especially in the home business world and getting your link to show up might cost you an arm and a leg to be near the top, of the paid listings, of course.  We want to be able to do it for free though and this is where Youtube comes in handy.

Youtube Ranking On Google
Youtube Ranking On Google

As you can see in the image above, the search for “lead generation for mlm companies” came up with about 175,000 results and a Youtube video in the 6th one down…though the 3rd organic one AND it sticks out a lot more.

People will often click on a video to be entertained and just listen to what has to be said, instead of having to read and scroll through a longer blog post (Thanks for reading this by the way!)

As long as you put appropriate keywords and tags in the description and appropriate places you can easily start to see your video take on a higher ranking without having to pay for the spots as seen on top and the right site of this image.

So go make a video now and get it ranked today!

Dave Gardner

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Video For Idiots

Video for Idiots shows the evolution of video marketing. Record, edit, upload, test and improve your website with new software.

Did you see this yet>>


Marketing lesson for the day.  Sometimes it

is good to take action and move forward to

get it going…though sometimes it might kick

you in the rear.


The good thing though is that I did include an

alternate link and explanation in case the first

attempt did not work.


Sometimes when you purchase a domain and

try to forward it (Which is where you fill in a

website that you want your domain to go to

instead when someone clicks on it) there is

a lag of potentially up to 48 hours for it to



Usually it happens within minutes or a couple

hours.  I am not sure if I had not filled it in

correctly on GoDaddy or what, but it finally



The question is why would I want to do this?


The answer for me really lies in appearance.


I showed you the other link as well which goes

to the same page and uses the WordPress

Pretty Link Lite plugin to make my affiliate

link look more appealing.


Who wants to look at a long series of letters

and numbers to click on.


Who wants to easily have their code changed

so that someone else get credt…or no one at



Not only does this look more appealing, but in

my case I was able to grab a domain name that

is related to a hugely popular series of books and

videos for “idiots” (not that we really think you

are idiots, but I hope you get the deal)


The other reason is it is a hell of a lot easier for

me to verbally tell someone or mention it in a

video and people WILL remember something

like “Video For Idiots dot com”


Another reason for having an easy to remember

domain and one related to the product you are

promoting is that you can leave it forwarded

to the product or even make your own review

website of the product with YOUR OWN OPT-IN

BOX on the page, which builds your list and then

re-directs to the product.


One note on this last reason though is that

people might be curious why they are opting

in to one page, being redirected to another

and then being asked to opt in again…Somewhat

redundant they might think.


Providing a short video in regards to the tips they

will be receiving from you in your in box instantly

as well as your partnership with the product author

will help them understand where they are going.


If you are using the product yourself and can show

a demo in the video of how it has benefitted you

and your clients, this is like gold and they won’t

be able to get to the next screen fast enough.


Well, enough  about forwarding domains for now.


As I just picked this one up, I am not sure what

I will do about it…Maybe I could even flip it for

a pretty penny because it has such a great ring

to it.


In the mean time…be sure you go check out the

video yourself now, to see how this can help.


To building and making things easier!

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Why You Want to Host Your Own Website

Taking control over your online business by using your own web hosting provider and not one associated with the a domain reseller has many benefits and features

In life you often want to have control over how things work out. Sometimes you want others to lead you along the way and tell you how things are going to be and you go with the flow. Being a follower, rather than a leader in the case of online marketing can sometimes work for you, while other times it can destroy your chances of success.

If you are just starting out, listening to a marketing “guru” can help you make some crucial decisions on what steps to take in order to get going. One of the most recurring themes that come out is the basics that you must start with in order to progress. This basic, is in reference to web hosting. The other main component that goes hand in hand with this is having your own domain as well. You can pick these up rather inexpensively from many places on the web.

When you get a domain, you are often offered a small hosting package, though this usually comes with limited capabilities as well. You lose a sense of control here and are not able to take the complete lead over what could possibly be available for your website compared to having your own host where you could incorporate more code (HTML etc.) that would allow you to have a higher functioning site.

The major thing you want to look for is what is known as the cPanel. This is short for control panel and is what allows you to manipulate you site to meet your needs. Adding code, blogs, forums, shopping carts and having access to easily load up files, pictures, audio and more are just some of the key features included in a cPanel that give you a tremendous advantage when designing your layout.

If you want to just go with the blog format, having the fantastico software will make you life easier in quickly being able to install your blog in a matter of minutes. Now, do not get me wrong, the blog itself will take quite a while in making it appear how you like it (which is a story for another article). This includes things like widgets, advertising/AdSense, banners, opt-in forms and much more. As the search engines are more friendly towards blogs as they are updated more, you have a better chance of receiving generic traffic than if you would if you went with a static website that never changed.

With the changes in technology occurring, it is not enough to just have a Facebook page or a Twitter account, having a running website that people can view is important and again, stressing your ability to control it is the most important thing. There is no time like the present to start your own website. Everyone has the capabilities to have a great product in their mind, or even to promote a great product for someone else. The best way to become successful is to solve peoples problems and I am sure you have it in you one way or another to help solve something.

Now you just need to go out and start solving it while controlling it yourself!

David Gardner hosts over 50 websites on his own. He controls them by putting whatever he wants on his sites and mostly with knowledge he picked up by learning it himself. He thinks you can learn it easily as well. If you want to find out more about getting your own hosting so you can control things how you want them to and get some tips from him, go to and take control of your business, or your pleasure.

David M Gardner, Basic PLUS Author

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Why Analytics Matter in Your Web Hosting Plan

Having the correct analytics set up with your hosting provider is crucial in running your business to maximize your ROI, or return on investment

When you consider getting set up with a new hosting provider for your website (blog, e-store etc.) one of the key features you need to make sure is included is that of analytics.

Analytics are basically the statistics of your website. Why would this be important you might ask. You want to be able to know where people are coming from to visit your site. If you have an affiliate link of some sort, you want to make sure you can determine where your traffic is coming from in the outside world.

If you think about marketing of old times, a company might put an add out in the newspaper, on radio or in the local pennysaver. Unless there was a specific item or code the customer used, you would have no way to determine where the traffic was coming from. Perhaps they made different ads for each place (which takes extra time, effort and sometimes money if you hire a designer) that allowed them to determine where it came from.

In magazines sometimes there will be a code related to the issue and date etc., though online this seems to be a little more difficult. if you go to some website which allow you to post a link to your site that gets blasted out to multiple other sites and social networks, you have no idea where the traffic is coming back from to visit your site.

Analytics help this out in letting you know such things as where you visitors where from, in regards to country as well as what sites they came from. This can then allow you to tweak how you run your advertising campaigns and save you money. There is no need to continue spending money on ads in one location if it does not bring people into your sites.

Google Analytics is one program that allows you to do this for free (if you have a Google account of course) though if you do not know the first thing about HTML and code for developing a website, you will be totally at a loss for setting this up. Some hosting providers provide varying degrees of analysis that can help you determine if your efforts have been set up appropriate or not.

Having a combination of these two is sometimes necessary to cover all the bases and also get you ranked better on Google itself as they are getting your data firsthand instead of generically. When you go to get your first web hosting provider or if you are looking to change, make sure you have some sort of analytic framework with which to validate your investments.

Dave Gardner likes to know where his visitors come from. You can get the same traffic analyzer he uses to keep track of your websites at

David M Gardner, Basic PLUS Author

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