Now Lifestyle

The Now Lifestyle is a health and wellness membership program with high intensity short duration workouts and a compensation plan that pays direct and residual commissions.

The Now Lifestyle

Want to Join a team of kick butt people looking to make the health of others better, while at the same time getting fit themselves both physically and financially?

If so, you ended up in the right spot!  As you might have heard them say, “Right here, right now”

We all have our reasons ‘why’ we want to be successful, though without having good health, it just won’t last long or be very joyful.

Maybe its being able to spend more time with your kids/family/friends or the ability to buy nice things for others or yourself.  If you are not feeling well however, you won’t be able to enjoy those things.

That is where the Now Lifestyle comes into play.  It’s all about the ability to Live, Love, Laugh!

What exactly is the Now Lifestyle?

The NowLifestyle is a combination of health/fitness training and business tools/training combined in one killer membership program with these awesome pieces (just to name a few)

  • Workout videos with a high intensity, short duration focus.
  • A complete customize-able member area for you and 5 family members to create your daily workout progress and meal planning all for less than $100 a year
    • You will also be able to purchase the home workout resistance training system as well as nutrient supplements in order to help your fitness program.
  • A complete business suite of marketing tools to collect leads and automatically communicate with those interested in the membership site (should you choose to be a team member and promote the Now Lifestyle)
    • comes with email autoresponder, webinar conference room, training videos, opt in templates and much more all for less than $25 a month.

You will also have the option to go “ALL IN” as a maverick and gain certification in the training system as well as become a master at marketing with the optional email marketing courses offered inside the members area (or upon joining the Now Lifestyle Team).

If you are looking to help others live healthy lifestyles, and improves yours in the process then just reach out to me here and leave a comment that you want to know more and I’ll personally get back to you on how you can get started.

Just leave a comment below now!

The Now Lifestyle is where you want to be in 2017 and beyond!

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Dave Gardner
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Work With Me – Pure Leverage

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Is the Now Lifestyle a scam?

The NowLifestyle is a new health and wellness program launching early 2017 with Joel Therien. Its a real proven system and pays great commissions. Join me!

Is the Now Lifestyle a scam?

I’m not going to beat around the bush and give you some long drawn out post about the ins and outs of the Now Lifestyle and then give you the old bait and switch here and tell you to check out something else.

From the get go I want to let you know that the Now Lifestyle is legit, real, true or however you want to phrase it.  The Now Lifestyle is not a scam.

Launching in early 2017, by Joel Therien, who is the CEO of GVO/Pure Leverage and also created such products as Got Backup, My Own Meeting and other online training with his staff, Now Lifestyle is the advanced and updated version of his previously successful website which focused on the 7 minute Workout but takes it much further.

I have been athletic my whole life, playing sports all through school and even Lacrosse as a College athlete.  All along, I would work out to stay in shape but just never really liked to do it, though I would love playing the actual sport for hours if I could.  Make me run for more that 20 minutes and I’m bored out of my mind.

I just don’t want to work out for a long time every day to keep myself fit.

That’s where the Now Lifestyle comes in: You should be able to get a full workout in less than 10 minutes if you follow what Joel Therien and his staff have put together.  Now that is what I am talking about.

My type of quick workout!

Bust my ass, raise my heart rate and be done with more time to do things I want to do like goofing around with my kids, meeting people, growing my business, coaching Lacrosse and more (which when you think about it are all the reasons I often do not work out as I’m pre-occupied with many other things).

We are all busy and many of us have passed over our health in order to maintain keeping others happy, when we should be taking care of ourselves first and foremost.

I personally would not consider myself overweight, though I definitely have a few pounds I would like to take off, which I have put on from decreasing the amount of physical activity I have gotten over the years.

As a coach I try to run around with the players once in a while though I am often trying to actually coach so it does not always happen, though I can totally see myself bringing in some of the quick workouts that Joel Therien has planned with us for my players by sneaking them into some of our dynamic work and cardiac training.

At the same time, I will be able to share my account with up to 5 other family members and friends who can workout and train on their own with their designated workout and nutrition plans all for under $100 for an entire year.

What about the Gym?

You can still go workout at the gym if you want to spend more time tearing your muscles or if you really want to get bigger and need more support from other heavy lifters.  Now in my opinion, Joel Therien has absolutely enormous biceps and arms and that is not my goal…ever!

I want to look good and be fit.  You might want to just cut off a couple pounds from your midsection or fit back into those favorite jeans that have been put aside for the last couple years.  I personally have worn the same belt for many years, though the notches have gotten a workout themselves and have gone back and forth in which one I need to use and its time to get myself back into a healthier state.

I do eat well for the most part, though I do enjoy the guilty pleasures of M&M’s, cookies and cream ice cream, nacho’s and cheese as well as really good beers and honey whiskey to just name a few things, so moderating what I take in will be a big part in my journey towards health and is often the case with many people.

I am totally guilty of just eating because I am bored.

The NowLifestyle is about changing that the right way, though proper nutritional intake as well as short duration high intensity workouts and resistance training.  They will give you all the workout you really need a few times a week, so you might just not really need the gym as much.

Getting health leading to wealth!

One of the biggest things that Joel Therien has to his advantage with launching the Now Lifestyle is that he has over 18 years of business knowledge (READ AS failures and successes) which have allowed him to continue to grow his business and create many successful products (see the introduction above again in case you missed it).

So the question is how does Now Lifestyle lead to wealth?  Well that’s where the reseller option exists where you will be able to become an independent distributor of the product and services and earn nice commissions promoting as a team.  Both upfront commissions as well as recurring commissions are eligible depending on which membership level you come in on.  There is also the placement of a binary matrix which can help you build a team of representatives with you, that provide matching bonus payouts.

When they do officially go live, I’m going to be going ALL IN with Now Lifestyle.  That means I will have the highest membership level possible allowing me the most commissions possible.  I am pretty much all in as well with Joel Therien’s other products that I use to run my other websites and business from, so it only makes sense for me to maintain consistency here.

Perhaps you just want to workout and lose a couple pounds or on the other hand don’t want to work out at all and instead build a team of healthy people wanting to share information on better nutrition and promoting a program that could just be a billion dollar system within a few years to rival the likes of systems like Beach Body…though you don’t have to kill yourself for 90 minutes to get what you want.

If you like anything you have read so far, be sure to leave a comment below and I’ll reach out to you with details of the launch, or click on the image of Joel Therien, his wife Ilona and daugher Liv below to get started with me and my team

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Dave Gardner
Skype: barefootpainting

Work With Me – Pure Leverage

PS: If Your Upline Does Not Have a Step-By-Step Blueprint For Success, Check This Out (Unless You Already Have Too Many Leads) – Click Here For Instant Access

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*Live Love Laugh images used from developers website and actually show Joel Therien, his wife and daughter doing just that!

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What does Labor day mean to you and your marketing efforts

Businesses and entreprenuers need to build their own brand and need the proper tools in order to do this. GVO provides the complete package

Happy Labor Day weekend!  If you are in the US at least!

For me it means I have to go back to work…

In addition to marketing online, I am also a full time HS Science teacher and coach both Varsity Bowling and JV Lacrosse!

What do you think about Labor?

Perhaps if it is manual labor, you are looking for something esle to help you out from the back breaking work you do everyday?

I worked demo and construction when I was in college and boy did it ever make me study hard so I would not have to do that type of work for my entire life.

Perhaps if it relates to a mother going into labor and the joy of bringing new life into the world, you want to be able to have the type of life and secutiry that leads you to be able to stay home full time and raise your children.

In addition to teaching and coaching, I of course have continued to evolve in my quest to also be able to keep my wife home to raise our children as this is her dream.

I am not quite there yet, but we are getting close as I continue to take action and work “on” my business and not just “in” the business and see results, like winning a trip to Kenya and building a subsriber list along the way.

For example, you need to make sure you have the proper tools to get your business headed in the right directions just like I needed the right tools to dig out the hole for the elevator shaft I helped to prepare back during the summer before my senior year in college.

Having the right tools helps you to brand yourself as well, especially with getting your own website or blog up and running today!

I have been using the right tools for over three years now to host my sites and blogs, which is something that everyone in the marekting industry needs.



Video conferencing

Video hosting

Live training

Live support

All for less than 10 bucks USD a month….where you could be spending a hundred or more with other places combined, GVO puts them all together!

I also put together a report to help you get started. It has step by step written instructions and associated videos that help you get started quickly.

This is a NO-opt in guide to quickly open

GVO Host Then Profit
GVO Host Then Profit


You could have your website/blog up and running by the end of the Labor day weekend and on your way to changing how you view labor!

Let me know how I can help you get set up or to answer any questions you might have!

To Laboring how you like it!

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Dave Gardner
Skype: barefootpainting

Work With Me – Global Virtual Opportunities, or GVO

PS: If Your Upline Does Not Have a Step-By-Step Blueprint For Success, Check This Out (Unless You Already Have Too Many Leads) – Click Here For Instant Access

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Meet Cheap Webinar Conference Software Business

Meet Cheap Webinar Conference Software Business solutions public launch January 23, 2012. Webinars for $20 per year for a 20 seat conference room.

Meet Cheap Webinar Conference Software
Meet Cheap Webinar Conference Software LIve Today

THIS JUST IN: Monday January 23, 2012 at 12pm EST brings the long awaited public release of Meet Cheap Webinar Conference Software and Business.

If you are involved in any marketing you have probably been on a webinar in the past year, or even this past week. Webinars have taken over in regards to getting information out to people. Online trainings, sales videos, showing powerpoints, sharing desktops, live support and much more take place on these Webinars.

You can also use them for a online social event to chat with like minded individuals of just to talk with friends and family. With some of the online services out there, you may pay a hefty monthly sum for these services. Meet Cheap solves that problem, so that all levels of marketers, businesses, teachers, coaches and more can benefit from the features provided in the software.

Unlike some of the other webinar platforms available, where you may not be able to promote their services and earn commissions, Meet Cheap also has a business platform where you can share a special affiliate link and earn commissions when you refer new members to the services.

With low monthly costs, this service is easily accessible to everyone. Starting at just $20 a year for a 20 seat conference room, this would be the ideal solution for a small business with limited clients. As they build their business, they can upgrade to the $10/month package that brings them a 100 seat conference room and allows them to become resellers of the service as well and earn commissions. Larger packages of 300 and 500 seat roms etc. are also available at competitive rates.

Meet Cheap is the product of Joel Therien, the CEO of GVO, or Global Virtual Opportunities, whose other products include Kiosk hosting, GVO Hosting, Hot Conference, GVO Conference and Host Then Profits. They focus on businesses working online and have a 12 year track record of succes and are used by and supported from many big name marketers such as Mike Filsaime and Daegan Smith.

Meet Cheap Webinar Conference Software
Meet Cheap Webinar Conference Software

If you are starting out online and want to make a presence, getting your face in front of others with webinars will set you apart from the rest of the marketers following old practices. Make the wise investment, by joining at any level suitable to your business today and you will already be ahead of most others online.

When you Join I will give you as much support as I can, in addition to the support you recieve from the members area. This truly can take your business to the next level. So Click Here to get your room started today==> Meet Cheap

When you join you might also see something for Viral Webcaster. I highly suggest you jump on this as well as this will integrate your webinars into Facebook…Yes, Facebook. Think about that for a moment. When you invite someone to a webinar, it shows up on their FB page and all of their friends see it, hence it starts to spread virally. That alone should get you excited in building your business.

Feel free to leave a comment below with questions or concerns.



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MLM in 2012

Should you start working in an MLM? These are businesses that are legitimate with options for growth through extensive training and support groups.

If you ever put some thought into joining an MLM, or multi level marketing business, you are like many others out there today.  As the economy continues to tank you need to find a way to take ownership of your finances.

You might be working full time and not making what you think you are worth and therefore looking for an alternative source of income.  MLM’s provide multiple options to earn more in 2012 and beyond.

You can not find another place where a large group of people will help you succeed.  In most cases if you do poorly, you might lose your job, while in the case of MLM, you will get as many chances as you want and need to become successful.

In MLM, you usually have an upline of supporting marketers (unless you get in right in the beginning) that want you to succeed.  When you do well, they may earn a commission off of your sales, so it does them justice to help you out to be successful.

One of the major complaints about MLM is the idea that they are a pyramid scheme. If you are just putting money into a system and getting more people to pay you money that pays of the upline, then yes, this rings of a scheme.  However, if you are selling physical products and sharing a percent of the sales between yourself, your upline and the company, then this is truly a legitimate business.

Think about buying a car for a minute.  The salesman, financing guy and company will all split commissions on the sale of a car, so you could call them a pyramid scheme as well.  MLM is not a pyramid scheme and you need to do your due diligence in finding an MLM that works correctly to meets your need.

You should find an MLM that you are interested in with products you like.  Why bother wasting your time and energy if you do not even like the products or services being offered with the MLM.  Often financial services, diet supplements, cleaning products, juices and web services are major players in the MLM industry.

As you begin your journey into the MLM world, you will be bringing other distributors into your own pipeline and you need to do your best to leave good friends and family members out of  it, unless they come to you looking for chances to improve their finances.  The less stress you can put on your close friends and family, the better.

Most people who join you are going to join you based on you, not really what you are selling, though it does help if they have an interest or are recruited from a common niche group.  Think forums as a place to find people interested in business ventures.

Unlike starting a franchise, MLM offer you a much lower investment into the business, thus drastically reducing financial risk right out of the gate as you get started.  Unlike hundred of thousands of dollars shelled out for a restaurant chain, you might only need to spend a few hundred dollars to get you started with an MLM.

Your best bet is to try out an MLM.  You will either be really happy that your MLM does what you want it to so, or you will be really happy knowing you tried it out and know that it is not what you want to do with your additoinal career.  Feel free to send me a PM/commnet in regards to gettin going MLM.

To get you started in the mean time in regards to some very cost effective and beneficial MLM’s you can check these out to see how they fit in your business model.

Host Then Profit (Complete Marketers package of tools)

Meet Cheap (webinar conferencing)


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