Video email helps develop relationships for businesses

Imagine for a second your favorite store actually communicates with you….Yes you might have to imagine this as many stores do NOT communicate with their customers in a way that allows them to develop a long lasting relationship with them.

Instead they use billboards, newspaper ads, flyer inserts, door hangers and more, but never really develop a relationship, where you would say hi to them on the street, because you really do not even know what they look like for the most part.

Imagine now again that you open up your email and you see a message from your favorite store owner and inside there is an image and link to a video that opens up and shows an open and welcoming store owner filling you in on the latest and greatest about what is going in with the business.

Perhaps it is a short messahe talking about a new product they just got in and showing a quick demonstration how it works, or it could be them reaching out to let you know what is fresh for lunch that day, where the next 15 people to come in get an upgrade to a free topic or appetizer with their meal.

You gain instant access to what is happening, or soon to come and the owner starts to become more of a familiar face.

Now don’t you think you would be more apt to continue frequenting an establishment when you feel as though you know them more on a personal level.

I know I would!

It is all about building rapport with your client base and this a perfect method of accomplishing this.  You would need to technology to not only stay in touch with your email database, or subscriber list and a way to host and send the videos quickly and easily.

The solution for both is found in the Pure Leverage Marketing Platform suite of tools.

Not only do you get the tools to set up a 10,000 susbcriber campaign, where you can email them each and every day to stay in touch with them, but you also get the ability to send video emails to help you establish a relationship with them.

Also included is another great tool that will allow you to reach out to your customers in live online events where you can have trainings, FAQ sessions, live demo’s and 1 on 1 sessions to share tools and files if required.

On top of this which only costs an industry low of less than $25 a month, you also gain access to weekly marketing training and webinars where you will be able to learn the from the top marketers in the industry and be able to apply it quickly into your own business.

You can try it all right now for just $1 for a 7 day test run to see how powerful the suite of tools Pure Leverage provides as well as how it can be added to your business.

Bonus Perks to Pure Leverage: Let’s say you own a business and those in your network or business circles also could benefit from the services provided by Pure Leverage, you can earn 100% commissions when you become a proft sharing referral partner with the monthly reseller license as well as 50% commissions on the residual monthly fees that are generated as well as mathching bonuses if they referr people as well.

It is a win-win-win software tool suite at Pure Leverage

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Joel Therien and Pure Leverage launch success

I have used GVO for 4 years now and have been satisfied overall with
their services whether hosting or the autoresponder and was pleased
with the offerings for this platform as well as the cost at $24.95/month
I have played around with it a bit and what I am looking forward to using
in the new platform is the video emails, to develop a closer relationship
with my list.
I just tested sending one to myself and it took about a minute to set up
(as I used one of my existing videos that was already hosted with them)
and as you can see in the attached image, the email will show text as well
as an image of the background you choose to play the video on which
is linked to the video.  There is also an auto generated “Play video” text link
in case people do not click the image.
Pure Leverage Video Email
You can send out to your whole list, or type in a random friends email
to send them one as well…Happy Birthday messages perhaps!
*If any of you have used video emails with other services, I would love
to hear your take and perhaps whether you have found a good percentage
of emails with video to straight text, versus sending to blogs with the content
in regards to potential conversions.
A great thing the PL platform added which I think will help and is a great idea
if you have banner ads in your affiliate programs is that they are listing
the “Global stats” in the back office which allows you to see how many
times a specific banner has been viewed AND clicked, therefore making
it all little easier to be able to test, or determine which banner might be
a wise choice to use.
Pure Leverage Banners Global Views
Unfortunately there is no stat for Global conversions at this point, though I see
it as very beneficial for me to save time and see what is working now.
The fully integrated autoresponder series they have inside the lead gen
portion of the platform is great and fully editible for those looking to just
blast ads and have the company do the work for them, though I am going to
go through each email individually to read over and put some personal
experience into each one and see how that works out.
They have also integrated so that if someone comes in as a lead,
and upgrade, they automatically start getting a new set of emails
directed to the next higher level of products, which again is another
time saver in regards to not having to set this up manually if you
do not know the first thing about how to do this.
I have some skills in getting this set up through trial and error, but
for those still currently working full time jobs (like myself) outside
of the IM world, any time saving options are awesome.
They have more things opening within the next days that I will be
testing out like the authority blog features and live trainings but this
provides at least a little background into the suite of tools and how
I have and am going to use it.
As many of you know and helped me get there, my goals are to
be able to build more school rooms and bring more Lacrosse sticks
back to Kenya so I will be adding some of that personal flair into my
messages over the next weeks that I send out to my list.
The more subscribers that come to work with me the more I will
be able to give back to these deserving children!  As they say sometimes,
It is about the money….and more specifically, what you can do with
the money!

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Dave Gardner
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The Oscars and Pure Leverage

Pure Leverage is a new software suite of online business tools that provide 100% commissions, autoresponders, video email and more.

And the winner is……..Each of us!


We are all winning by learning and taking that next step each

day to become better at what we do.


Tonight though there are going to be some winners from your

favorite movies of the year as the Oscars are taking places.


You might not personally win one of those gold little statues, but

you can obtain a minefield of information and tools out there

to make you a star in your own sense.


You might not have the movie star lifestyle, though as you are

reading this, you should understand that you can obtain many

of the joys, trips, materials and more that they have.


Not to say it will come easy at all…you will need to work your

ass off for this, so do not for one second think I am saying it

is just going to be handed to you on a silver platter.


Aligning yourself with the right folks who can guide you in the

right direction is integral, especially if you are just getting

started online.


Even though I have been online a few years now and have

continued to grow, I still look for the guidance of others as

well and know these people have our best interests in

mind as they succeed.


Folks like Joel Therien, Daegan Smith, Mark Call and others

are going to be providing the training that makes up just

ONE PORTION of the new Pure Leverage platform that

is launching in less than 2 weeks, but I have a sneak

peak backdoor entry for you to lock your place in with me.


In addition to the star treatment live trainings, you will

also gain access to the tools you need to build your list

and start providing your followers with the guidance they

are looking for in your niche.


For example, you will be able to build a list of up to 20,000

subscribers using the provided autoresponder services,

which will allow you to re-send to no-opens as well!


The video email software inside of this is a great way to

bring your viewers closer to knowing you faster…and thus

wanting to get more from you and buy more from you as



There is a lot more I can tell you about, but would rather

have you see for yourself.


I have been with the GVO family for almost 4 years, and

can say with 100% conviction that I trust these guys.


This suite of new tools that you can earn 100% commissions

on is like the icing on the cake as they are taking their model

to the next level and providing a chance for you to have

that movie star status with their help.


So make yourself a winner today and gain Pure Leverage!


Dave Gardner


PS I will be helping to provide training as well to anyone

joining with my team separate from and in addition to

what is provided by the Pure Leverage folks.

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