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Now Lifestyle webinar guest Dave Gardner

My Now Lifestyle Live Webinar Guest session

Dave Gardner was a guest on the Now Lifestyle webinar where he shared how he has built his team up to 130 members in his downline while still in pre-launch.
Cardio is bad for fat burning

Why Cardio is not good for fat burning

Cardio is is not good for fat burning. Find out why resistance training trumps cardio in burning fat from your body!
What is the Now Lifestyle about?

What is the Now Lifestyle all about?

The now lifestyle is about improving your health and nutrition and improving your own self image to be able to live, love and laugh to the fullest extent
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A Tornado Can not Stop Joel Therien and the Now Lifestyle

A tornado in Schertz Texas, can not stop Joel Therien and the Now Lifestyle progress. This health and fitness program will help you keep getting back up and enjoying life to its fullest
Join the Now Lifestyle Team

Love Yourself First and then Join the Now Lifestyle

Loving yourself first is important to your success and growth...At the Now lifestyle we focus on a life where you can live, laugh and love everyday to the fullest.