Warren Buffet Lost His Shirt, are his pants next?

The Elevation Group founder Mike Dillard releases video #2 of his year in review about the financial outlook for 2012 http://yourreviewguru.com/WarrenBuffetGetsBeat

Today, December 8, 2011, marks the release of the second video in the Elevation Groups Year in Review video series.


Elevation Group Year in Review Video 2 released
Elevation Group Year in Review Video 2 released


Mike Dillard, the founder of the Elevation Group brings you inside his recent mastermind group where he has his team being interviewed in front of a group of members down in Austin TX. This video goes into detail on how they have improved their financial status while major players like “Warren Buffet lost his shirt”. The question to ask is are his pants next?

Mike Dillard stresses that while gold, silver, real estate and more are good to invest in, educational knowledge in what has happened in the past through history in cyclical patterns as well as what is occurring now and indicating what will become is the best commodity to have these days. It is the educated who will come out on top when the global collapse of the dollars occurs in many countries.

See what Mike Dillard has to say that might just help you learn as well to be prepared at ==> http://yourreviewguru.com/WarrenBuffetGetsBeat

This is the 2nd of three videos being released with the final portion coming on Monday December 12, 2011. They will also be welcoming new members into the Elevation Group on Monday as well where you can learn more about all aspects of what is to come in the financial and security future with topics ranging from stocks, gold/silver investing, gun safety (to help protect your assets in chaos), life insurance, using your IRA to invest in other properties such as metals and real estate and much more.

Currently there are 16 modules you will be able to access, while on average they have been adding one more each month, with much member participation in the comment/forum areas. I can not stress enough how important it is to be educated.

Now could you search all over and find this online, sure you could, though you will not have the extensive support group involved with the Elevation Group. Currently Mike Dillard has recruited Robert Kiyosaki’s CPA to come over and work with them. Now wouldn’t you trust this CPA? I know I would, but you need to always do your due diligence.

Come see what Mike has to say about all this in the third video now:

Elevation Group
Leave me a comment with the email you used to registed for the video and I will help you out with a complimentary membership to the Wealth Upgrade club. The Elevation group video is free to watch and when you take the next step when video 3 is released, I will have much more bonuses, including sending you your first piece of silver!

So go watch now and educate yourself. Only the educated are going to come out on top, while those who are not educated will falter.


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Internet Safety and Safe Eyes video turns pork into porn

Internet Safey and Safe Eyes keeps your computer and users safe from unexpected inapproproate content.. There new video shows how easy mistakes can be made.

I just watched an amuzing video for Internet Safety that hits close to home now that I have kids in the habit of getting online.

As many searches end up being for something totally inappropriate, having the proper firewalls and blocks set up for your unexpecting youth are a necessity. For example, I was having a conversation with my Dad the other day and he mistakenly (or ignorantly!) called youtube, “itube”!

We all had a laugh at his expense, but when I tried to type this in I found a site that someone had owned but was only in the parked state, meaning there were related google ads filling the page. This was not a big deal or course, so I decided to type in “mytube.com” and got the shocker of a lifetime when a porn site showed up.

So here is your disclaimer: Don’t put that site (mytube.com) into your browser unless you are of age and willing to view objects which some consider to be inappropriate.

As the google search engines seem to speed things up for you and auto fill your searches, this is where the person not paying attention and clicking away at the first thing that pops up might experience the shock of their lifes. It is up to you to make sure they are protected against this by following the appropriate procedures such that Safe Eyes follows.

You can find out more about Internet Safety and Safe Eyes at http://bit.ly/SafeEyes


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Concealed Carry Permits for everyone

I recently have been quized by one of my students about the bill of rights and whether I knew them or not. Being out ot school for a while and a science teacher, I spend more time on the scientific method than the bill of rights so with some hints I was able to recall the general list.

The one that was ironic of course was #2, the right to bear arms. I have recently been promoting a report called the Concealed Carry Report (which you can get free!) which goes into depth about everything you need to know before you leave your house while carrying a gun.

The irony comes of course in that in an article in the September 20, 2011 Syracuse, NY Post Standard, they talk about the changes coming about in the concealed carry laws of all states.  The biggest change being the apparent reciprocity that will be allowed through all the states.

I personally do not own a gun, but do believe that you should be able to house them responsibly.  As they say, Guns don’t kill people, stupid people do!

Having the proper education is important in regards to the proper use and storage of the gun as well.  As the economy is going into shambles and people are worried about what might happen in the event of a financial crash, having a gun, might be a necessity.

If someone thinks they are going to come on my land and do harm to me for their benefit in times of disaster, financial crises etc., they have another thing coming their way.  All you have to do is watch the news and see what happens in communities where these have occurred.  Looting, theft, burrning places down etc.  It is rather rediculous that humans would do this of course, but we all know that human nature can be nasty at times.

What is needed is then to be prepared for these events:

You Are Prepared

This is a new video by You Are Prepared president Greg Schmidt where he goes into some basic ideas and tips that will get you thinking along the preparedness theme to get yourself ready for what may come.

Currently there are four modules ready for community members dealing with financial crisis/investing, gun safety, disaster preparedness and home security.

You Are Prepared

In some of their introductory videos, there were as much as 1000 comments!  It should be common sense to take care of these issues, but more often than not, people assume “it won’t happen to me” until it is too late.  It is time to be proactive instead of the need to be reactive.

In addition to the concealed carry report I mentioned above, I am also helping Greg Schmidt to promote this new community and want to share my bonus for joining:

1) I will send you an ounce of silver to your door!  Silver is expected to continue growth and at $40 an ounce currently this will be a nice little bonus that will grow over time (though I do not guarantee any growth at all, but heck, it will be sent to you at no additional cost to joining the community)

2) I will send you a DVD with some killer reports on internet safety, total safety and self defense.

So the question you have to ask yourself now is whether or not you are willing to learn and prepare, or if you want to deal with reacting when you might only have a few moments to spare?

Are you prepared?

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The Worst Question You Could Ever Ask

I just got this email today from Greg Schmidt of “YouArePrepared” and had to share it with you.  It should make you think and take action in some way today.

There’s one question that
I hope you never have to ask…

At least, not WHEN and HOW most people ask it.

It unfortunately, usually goes something like this:

“[EXPLETIVE], What do I do now?”

Let me be frank: Asking (and answering) this
question NOW, vs. asking and trying to answer it
during the heat of the moment, is the KEY difference
between survival as a self-reliant person – ready to
protect your family…

And being an unprepared sheep… Herded without
control like the rest of the unprepared.

The correct question to ask is:

What do I do now to prepare for what might
come my way?
<— Click here

Well, you’ve already shown me that you want to know
the answer to that question.

And I have answered it for you in one of the most
important presentations I’ve ever recorded.

This presentation is 100% free, and I encourage
you to watch it now, before I take it down on Friday.

All the right questions – and answers <— Click here

See you on the other side…

Greg Schmidt
President | YouArePrepared

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Are you prepared for burglary, disaster or a crashing market

You are prepared, allows you to expect the best and prepare for the worst. Home security and safety, disaster preparedness, financial planning, gun safety and more when you join the community.

I am just curious tonight if you are prepared for burglary, disaster or a crashing market?


I have been listening to brothers Tim and Greg Schmidt for a few years now in regards to preparation and being ready when it is most needed.

Tim Schmidt runs the US Concealed Carry Association http://TheConcealedCarryReport.com

Greg Schmidt runs “You Are Prepared” http://bit.ly/YouArePrepared

Both brothers are sharing their knowledge to help you better prepare for the worst case scenario. I believe in their messages, as do thousands of others who have joined their associations. I will be putting together a little video in the next day or so in regards to the back office to see what you get when you join Greg Schmidt’s You Are Prepared http://bit.ly/YouArePrepared.

The major focus and theme is “Expect the best, Prepare for the worst” where some of the initial videos and modules focus on topics such and home and personal safety, the falling market and investing strategies, disaster preparation and gun safety.

Unless you have been living in a deep hole lately, you know that the market has not performed up to par and that metals are the major trading item lately with gold costing nearly $1800 an ounce and silver being around $40 an ounce, where just a year ago they were under $1000 and under $20, respectively (forgive me for my lack of exact numbers here in this post)

I would like to provide a little incentive for you to join me as a member of http://bit.ly/YouArePrepared:

1) I will buy and send you your first ounce of silver! What a way to start out with something that has the potential for massive growth right from the beginning. SOme forecasters are estimating silver to be worth more than $1000/oz while gold goes as well, so this alone can cover the cost of your membership.

2) I will send you a DVD with 4 great reports including: Total Safety, Self Defense, Shop Safe Online and Child Safety

3) unannounced bonuses to follow!

Now I do not want to get all depressed and morbid with you, but I would not feel right if something happened to you or a loved one that could have been prevented in regards to safety.

On the financial end, risking all your money in the stock market now would not be highly suggested, unless you are very educated. Both the modules and community communication will help you become more informed in regards to appropriate investment strategies.


So go now and watch Greg Schmidt’s quick video on becoming prepared. As you will see there are thousands of comments on some of his videos. This social proof alone should be enough to assure you this is great content. The bonuses I will be giving will be the icing on the cake!

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