4 step method to easy content sharing

4 step method to easy content sharing. You can easily get your content shared around the internet with a few simple steps that only take a couple minutes (once your blog is complete)

4 step method to easy content sharing

Content Sharing

The past couple days I have written
to you about having some daily
discipline and taking small actions.

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Today I wanted to share 4 simple steps
I take during the week on multiple
occassions to get my content shared.

If you still have not started taking action,
since first receiving my emails you have
lost many oppotrtunities to get your
thoughts and knowledge out there, so
lets have at it already!.

1) Write a blog post (using whatever platform
you are currently using, but get one up
and available for the world to see)

2) Ping your blog post: Head to Pingler to add
your post so that the search engines and bots
can recognize that there is new content.

3) Socially share your blog post on these sites
minimally and others that you might belong to:

-Facebook and Facebook Fanpage (if you have one)
-Pinterest (having an image in your post is needed)
-Google Plus

I use a tool called Pic Redirect to often share my
images and blog posts easily.  If you have certain
sites which might usually get blocked on Facebook,
like Empower Network for example, this gets
past that easily.

4) Send your link post with some clues to your
own email subscriber list so that they can
find out about your new content as well and
engage with you about it as well.  (Google loves

If you are still in the hunt for a blog platform,
email autoresponder and more tools to help you
carry these steps out, I would highly recommend
the Pure Leverage tools suite which you can
see here:


If you do not want all the tools, but just want
the simple blog and email service, I suggest
GVO’s smaller package at just $10/month
which you can get here:


Either way, if you choose one of these or
go with another company, the key is that
you keep taking action!

Nothing will happen if you do not get your
content out there to let others know that
you exist, are knowledgeable and can help
them solve a problem they have.

So go take those 4 steps and implement them
right now.

Then promise to do it again a couple times
a week and turn it into a habit.

How to find the time you might ask?

Give up TV or cut back on it as most of it
has absolutely no benefit to you whatsoever
when it comes to growth in your business.

To making it happen easy and more often!

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The Dark side of DotComSecrets: From TheDotComSecrets.com

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To Find out more how you can get Russell Brunson’s newest Black Hat Tactics with SEO and more head on over to

The Dark side of DotComSecrets

The video I have shown above is just one of the many tricks you will learn on the Dark Side of DotComSecrets.







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Emelia Gardner the 1st 5 years

Emelia Gardner the 1st 5 years.

I have been enjoying Animoto lately after reading about it in a magazine from Russell Brunson called DotComSecrets.  With tonights, addition, I now have videos of all three of my daughters up as well as one of the Solvay Teachers Association Scholarship fundraiser.  The program is very easy to use where you can take pictures or video clips and blend into a movie with music (either provided public domain selections or something you personally own the rights to)

There are a few member levels as well, with the free one only allowing you to make 30 second clips, which works best with a few pictures and text.  If you are looking to have more involved (like my 3 kids vids) then you want to go with the $30/year membership which allows you the option of producing full length movies where you can add pics, text, video and sound to make for a more well rounded product.

Animoto - 100% Kick Ass

So if all you are doing now is uploading still photos into Facebook, Twitter and many other sites…Why not make them stand out more.  The applications for putting this into your business are very appealing as well.  check out Animoto before they start charging more for this software!  I will keep making movies with this software and think you should as well because of its ease of use and ability to spread.  It has built in links for the major networks like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter and can also import your email list (certain servers only like Gmail, MSN, yahoo!)  as well as send to your WordPress blog (which is what I am using right here) as well as other services to come in the near future.

Animoto Video from pictures

Isabel Gardner brings joys and laughs from the NICU to the weight bench. Go check it out now!!!

I recently found out about  Animoto while reading through the May 2010 issue ot DotComSecrets, which is Russell Brunsons print newsletter.  This software easily allows you to upload video clips, pictures, sound, text and more to make movies.  The site provides a free version where you can complete videos up to 30 seconds, or there is the $30 per year version which I opted for that allows you to complete full length videos.  The also offer a much higher year long rate, which really has the bells and whistles screaming.  After a few minutes of  searching around for the right clips and pictures I wanted, Animoto does the work of editing the video for you.  As I had to redo one due to a spelling error, I quickly found out that eash time you edit, the video may get remade and be slightly different in its transitions in regards to how the pictures will appear.
No Two Video's Ever The Same With Animoto

I would highly suggest trying out the service for its ease and ability to quickly make a movie from your pictures.  The ability to instantly add to other social networks like FaceBook, Twitter, WordPress and others make this a great tool for those involved in social media.
Animoto - The End of Slideshows