How to find your passion and stick with your marketing

How to find your passion and stick with your marketing. You need to make sure you find something you enjoy and can consistently work on every day if you had the option. Come see why some people quitting have benefited me with some great content that I picked up.

How to find your passion and stick with your marketing

Too often I see people quitting when they start something and blame the system, book, course or trainer and never really take the blame upon themselves.

In this video I share my thoughts on How to find your passion and stick with your marketing in the case of the book I just found at the Salvation army thrift shop that looked as though the original owner made in about 50 pages in and quit.

How to find your passionOne of my previous posts focused on the idea of great places to get marketing books for next to nothing:

The same thing happened a couple years back when I picked up a complete Anthony (Tony) Robbins tape series with only the first of the 12 tapes opened.

I opened every one and listened to the series at least twice (much to the dismay of my children) on the way back and forth to my job.

You owe it to yourself to put in the effort, though you need to be passionate about what you are getting involved with so that you can find yourself spending time on it each day and enjoy doing it.

Taking action is always a crucial part a well in this scenario, so go take some action now and make things happen.

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Author: David Gardner

I am a Science Teacher, Lacrosse Coach, online marketer, business owner and former Peace Corps Volunteer who is working to be able to stay home and raise my 3 daughters.

14 thoughts on “How to find your passion and stick with your marketing”

  1. Thanks Megan and yes the books that people are getting rid of, or are on loan at library, can make for a great education as well as information we can apply and share with others.

  2. Thanks Linda…Glad I could help with the book links and boosting the enthusiasm! Take Action Revise Later (TARL) is a great phrase I picked up from another marketer, Bob “The Teacher” Jenkins a few years ago and live by to this day.

  3. Thanks Kathy and you are right that it is the best advise. Even if they finish something that is not high caliber it sets the tone for their next project or task which keeps getting better with practice and experience.

  4. Thanks Lynn, In the latest book I am reading there is something referred to as your BS…not what you think, but instead your Believe System and yes, we all need to have one in ourselves first and foremost as we are 100% responsible for our outcomes!.

  5. Hey David I find that passion is within us all, it is how we allow ourselves to open up, believe in ourselves and forget about what others say or think. That will allow anyone to shine and live their dreams while helping others. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Passion is something you have to fight for if you do not surround yourself with the right people. Keep preaching passion, there is freedom when you can live your passion

  7. Hey, Dave – that's hilarious! I'm a big used book finder myself, and sometimes, what you find stuck in the book reveals a lot about the former owner. Great video! "Always finish what you start" is the best advice a new home-based business owner can get!

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