My Ecover Maker lets you make digital ecovers quickly and easily

My Ecover Maker lets you make digital ecovers quickly and easily for free to improve the look and feel of the products you are promoting.

So I was up till about 3:00am last night/this morning putting together a new

report for the upcoming holiday season when I found a cool marketing tool

to use which should be checked out.


It is called “MyEcoverMaker” and it allows you to make all sorts of designed

E-covers for your products….Covers, binders, DVD, spiral notebooks and



Keep reading to see how you can promote them too and earn 50% commissions.


It is Free to test out and use as much as you want…They even allow you

to download the 2D version at no cost, though there is a small charge of about

$5 per download of the 3D version.


So in about 10 minutes I put together a quick cover and actuall upgraded myself

to the unlimited yearly subscription…Which I ended up downloading about 3

versions of my cover last night, then I made a totally different one and downloaded

a couple more just about 20 minutes ago, so I definitely think I made the right choice

on plans.


Here is the first one I made for the updated Christmas Marketers Report! example ecoverWhile here is the one I made for the “Lacrosse Book" href="" target="_blank">Commandments of Lacrosse” Book I self published

Lacrosse book" src="" alt=" Ecover design for Lacrosse book" width="226" height="300" srcset=" 226w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 226px) 85vw, 226px" />

They have a monthly one as well if you want to try that out first…

But why pay someone else $5-100 each time you want something created when

you can do it easily for yourself.


Give My Ecover Maker a test run TODAY!


And if you want to just thrown some affiliate banners on your site to earn some

passive income, you can do that as well for a 50% take on any sales you make!


Join the partner program here:


I am excited about this as I like doing things myself and do not have to wait days

for the work to get done…And guess what…now I can be the one making covers

for others and earn some on the side…


…Great for repackaging your PLR products!


This is because you can make a new cover to put on your website to make it fresh!

Let me know if you have questions…it is cool to use and should be checked out for



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Dave Gardner
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Magnetic Sponsoring Part 1 Why Cold Prospecting Methods Are Dead, And What To Do Now

Learn how to magnetically attract new disributors with the mindset and techniques taught by Mike Dillard of Magnetic Sponsoring

Why Cold Prospecting Methods Are Dead, And What To Do Now…

So I decided it was time to go back and revisit what brought me further into the world of Internet Marketing.

None other than Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring

Magnetic Attraction

I am going through the same 7 day bootcamp I watched back in 2009 and wanted to refresh my memory and hit on the big points that Mike shared, which still hold so true to this day and will years from now.

As I had mentioned in an earlier email, I have joined Mike as an Elite affiliate, so you will understand why my picture might be seen in the course.

One of the big take-away’s from Day 1 is the idea of education.  Suggesting that you can always be learning and finding what is working now and providing positive feedback is par for the course for Magnetic Sponsoring.

I find myself buying stuff all the time…I might not read them all right away, but I do get to them and they are mine forever (and can thus read them or go through them at my convenience.

All in all this helps to establish yourself as an expert!

This is what helps to attract others to you, instead of you calling upon them.

That is what Magnetic Sponsoring is all about…Not calling up a cold prospect and wasting your time.

Come on over to see the video for yourself to see what you can act upon…Because that is where the real growth takes place…

…in taking action.

I live by the idea of “Take action, revise later and you should as well!

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Dave Gardner
Skype: barefootpainting

Work With Me – Global Virtual Opportunities, or GVO

PS: If Your Upline Does Not Have a Step-By-Step Blueprint For Success, Check This Out (Unless You Already Have Too Many Leads) – Click Here For Instant Access

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Affiliate Cash Snipers Launch Bonus offer

Michael Rasmussen and Mike Mograbi release Affiliate Cash Snipers January 24, 2012 which revolutionizes affliate sales with 6 easy steps.

Today, January 24, 2012 at 12pm EST, marks the Launch of Michael Rasmussen and Mike Mograbi’s Affiliate Cash Sniper.  See an example of this great web-based software below.  Whether you are a guru marketer or a work at home mom (WAHM) running a blog, this is totally going to explode your affiliate potential

In the above example, I have placed a “sniper” for Tablets, as these are some of the most popular electronic devices out there today.  This is just one of thousands of products I could add to to a website. 

Look at the quick steps below to see how easy it is (sorry for the poor quality of my pics as the screen capture tool I was using needs to be upgraded…focus on the product instead!)

Step One: Choose the site you want to use: Amazon, Target, Overstock, eBay etc.

Step Two: Choose the category you want: Baby, Clothing, Computers, Books etc.

Step Three: Choose a sub-category:

Step Four: Choose your design: Add images, change your heading and more.

Step Five: Copy your Code:

Step Six: Paste into your website: Notice the example in the picture above is the “sniper” you see in the blog post.

Step Seven: Send traffic to your blog or website:  This of course can be done by numerous methods following whatever you are most comfortable with.  Some key generators of traffic are social media sites like Twitter and facebook as well as posting blogs or running solo ads.

In addition to the killer software for Affiliate Cash Snipers, you are also going to get a couple complimentary softwares as this is a 3-in-one package!  You are also getting “Best Seller Sniper” and “Ad Spot Sniper” as well as PDF user guides for all three.  Depending on your choice of upgrades, you will also get advanced training and hot sellers.

The Best Seller Sniper allows you to quickly find out what products are the top sellers in all the marketes so that you can streamline your Affiliate Cash Snipers on your websites.

The AdSpot Sniper is a software that allows you to find what websites are the best places to run your ads.  You will be contacting people to place ads, so why not place one that is interactive to the customers choice and not one specific item.

Let’s look at that fact again.  Snipers let the customers choose what they want to see that fits them best, instead of just looking at one individual item that may not fit their needs. 

This is where the exploding of your affiliate sales comes into play.  In the past you might just put up an ad that links to one product and loses a persons interest.  Now they can pick and choose as they please. 

Once they are on the site, they will also be cookied to your affiliate link, so if they buy anything else on the site (during this visit), this is also giving your commissions a nice boost.  Unlike your typical sale which might never happen or stop at one item, this provides multiple choices to fit the needs of your viewers.

You should be excited to Get Your Affiliate Cash Snipers Now!

I know I am excited to use it on all of my websites.  I have many in multiple niches and now I can add one more great way to monetize my sites.

My Affiliate Cash Snipers Bonus: It would not be a sale without Bonuses right?  You have to use my links and see “baresales” on your clickbank order form in order for you to qualify.

Bonus #1: Text Message and email coaching for life!  I will provide you with my info so you can ask any questions you want from getting your first sniper up on your first blog to helping drive traffic to that website. (Priceless!)

Bonus #2: Silver membership into the Affiliate Profits Club.  This is a mastermind group featuring major internet marketers such as Ewen Chia, Mark Joyner, Micheal Cheney, Robert Puddy, Edmund Loh and the co-Creator of Affiliate Cash Snipers, the honorable Mike Mograbi. ($27 value)

Affiliate Profits Club Bonus

Bonus #3:  I will give you access to some killer MMR and PLR products.  You can even give some away for free when you start to build your own lists with information you learn in the 15 week course as an ethical bribe.  This will come to your door in Physical DVD Format with some unnanounced bonuses, like the two reports I authored on Generating traffic and Using Social Media/Google Pages and Affiliate Sales to boost your business.  Some of the titles include:

  1. 350 Social Media Tactics
  2. One Month-1000 Members
  3. Keyword Domination
  4. Webinar Basics
  5. Facebook Marketing Secrets
  6. Legal Pages Generator
  7. The Article Wizard
  8. Understanding SEO
  9. Your First Sale Online
  10. Online Profit Streams

 Bonus #4: When you take at least one of the Upgrades: Again, you must take at least one upgrade with Affiliate Cash Snipers to qualify for this package:

  • I will send you a physical Copy of Mike Filsaime’s Butterfly Marketing Manuscript v.3.0 ($97 value)
  • I will send you a physical DVD of the Manuscript along with two of Mike Filsaimes best selling products, Viral Friend Generator and Powerlink Generator ($597 value)
    Butterfly Marketing 3.0 by Mike Filsaime physical 155 page book shipped to your home
    Thats me with the Physical Butterfly Marketing 3.0 Book

     I am here to help as well as the big guns like Michael Rasmussen and Mike Mograbi, who have come up with this great software.  Now it is in your hand to to come over and pick you your Affiliate Cash Snipers today!


Marketing with Anik Bonus

Marketint with Anik is a new 15 week online marketing and affiliate training course by Anik Singal, which includes many bonuses

Anik Singal opens his Marketing with Anik course and blasts all the way up to #7 on clickbanks top products in less than 36 hours of live action.

In this newest course offered for online marketers and entrepreneurs online, Anik Singal will be providing you with 15 weeks of life training in all aspects of marketing and selling products online and offline. He is also providing some of his older products as bonuses in the member area.

To find out more and learn about bonuses I am offering as well, come see the latest blog post I put out for the new Marketing with Anik course that will compliment what Anik has to provide.

Affiliate Cash Snipers Bonus by Michael Rasmussen and Michael Mograbi

Affiliate Cash Snipers by Michael Rasmussen and Michael Mograbi cause viewers to see ads they want for products that interest them, not what you think they need.

On Monday November 21, 2011 the affiliate sales world as we know it wil be turned upside down.

Michael Rasmussen and Michael Mograbi are going to be releasing Affiliate Cash Snipers which coordinates major chains like Amazon, eBay, Target and more to turn clicks
into cash.

This new software allows an open format for viewers to choose what they want and be directed to the products they desire, instead of seeing a limited ad that you place, which likely is nothing they are interested in.

In other words, your customers will see what they want and you will get what you want in the end. A simple survey style ad allows a viewer to pick through a question or more that brings them to the model that fits them most. Where before you would be limited in what you could present to someone, now your options are hypothetically endless.

Michael Rasmussen and Michael Mograbi have put together a short report that highlights this software that is live now for your enjoyment. Go read the article now and be first in line when he opens the doors to Affiliate Cash Snipers on Monday, November 21, 2011.

If you have been involved in affiliate marketing in any amount, this is a software and technology you need to capitalize on. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, you could be in on the billions of dollars spent. Why not collect some of this for yourself.

When you take action on Monday, be sure to respond here to me as I have some great bonuses to help get you going. Just for reading the report, I will have some bonuses (once I verify from Michael Rasmussen and Michael Mograbi of course)

Affiliate Cash Snipers Bonus: (for those who use my links and take action!
1) A 30 minute phone consulation with me helping to set up your affiliate efforts
2) The Speedy Profit Creator DVD mailed to your home which has 10 videos up to an hour long getting you started from buying a domain to adding graphics to your site (our talk could even be about this!)
3) 6 Months text message coaching on anything related to marketing online
4) My Top Affiliate programs list and how to easily add html code to your sites to make them work for you. This short report will help you get started in affiliate sales or build upon what you already have going for you.
5) Membership into the Affiliate Club (a real $27 value in itself with info from great marketers like Seth Joyner, Ewen Chia and more) where I’ll give you a backdoor silver membership.

Start reading!