Affiliate Cash Snipers Bonus by Michael Rasmussen and Michael Mograbi

Affiliate Cash Snipers by Michael Rasmussen and Michael Mograbi cause viewers to see ads they want for products that interest them, not what you think they need.

On Monday November 21, 2011 the affiliate sales world as we know it wil be turned upside down.

Michael Rasmussen and Michael Mograbi are going to be releasing Affiliate Cash Snipers which coordinates major chains like Amazon, eBay, Target and more to turn clicks
into cash.

This new software allows an open format for viewers to choose what they want and be directed to the products they desire, instead of seeing a limited ad that you place, which likely is nothing they are interested in.

In other words, your customers will see what they want and you will get what you want in the end. A simple survey style ad allows a viewer to pick through a question or more that brings them to the model that fits them most. Where before you would be limited in what you could present to someone, now your options are hypothetically endless.

Michael Rasmussen and Michael Mograbi have put together a short report that highlights this software that is live now for your enjoyment. Go read the article now and be first in line when he opens the doors to Affiliate Cash Snipers on Monday, November 21, 2011.

If you have been involved in affiliate marketing in any amount, this is a software and technology you need to capitalize on. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, you could be in on the billions of dollars spent. Why not collect some of this for yourself.

When you take action on Monday, be sure to respond here to me as I have some great bonuses to help get you going. Just for reading the report, I will have some bonuses (once I verify from Michael Rasmussen and Michael Mograbi of course)

Affiliate Cash Snipers Bonus: (for those who use my links and take action!
1) A 30 minute phone consulation with me helping to set up your affiliate efforts
2) The Speedy Profit Creator DVD mailed to your home which has 10 videos up to an hour long getting you started from buying a domain to adding graphics to your site (our talk could even be about this!)
3) 6 Months text message coaching on anything related to marketing online
4) My Top Affiliate programs list and how to easily add html code to your sites to make them work for you. This short report will help you get started in affiliate sales or build upon what you already have going for you.
5) Membership into the Affiliate Club (a real $27 value in itself with info from great marketers like Seth Joyner, Ewen Chia and more) where I’ll give you a backdoor silver membership.

Start reading!

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Michael Rasmussen brings Wal-mart, Target and eBay to their knees with affiliates

Michael Rasmussen has created a new software to plug into your website making affiliate sales through wal-mart, target and ebay much easier and targeted.

Michael Rasmussen brings Wal-mart, Target and eBay to their knees with affiliates from all over the world. With Black Friday upon us shortly, we will subsequently be followed by the now infamous “Cyber Monday” where the online retailers take on the actual stores to get out of the red financially.

Now if you are reading this you either shop during this time, or you are interested to see what the next big thing in affiliate marketing is. Well you will get a bit of both here. Perhaps you are the kind who likes to line up days in advance for something to go on sale fo the holidays, or you are the type to hide in the comforts of your house and shop from your computer. Either way you most likely are looking for the deal (of the century, of course).

The question is, why not tap into the fact that you can earn commissions on many of the online purchases?

Yes, unlike affiliate sales of old, which are focused primarily on marketing products to other marketers, there is an unending supply of physical products which the rest of the population are looking to purchase. We are talking things like games, tv’s computers, jewelry and much more.

Think about how many times you have bought online and spent your hard earned cash. Others are doing the same, though you will have an advantage this week when you learn how to make the best of these stores online as Michael Rasmussen brings Wal-mart, Target and eBay to their knees with affiliates…being you

Imagine being able to post a short amount of code on your website (don’t worry, I will help if you have problems here) that will allow a survey style menu to appear for your website. It is not limited and therefore will show a result that is more appropriate to each individual visitor, thus bringing them to something they want.

What is left out is a viewer having to view a product that you feel is the right one, when instead the software helps bring them to the product that fits their needs the most. For example, a specific computer model outside the one you think is the greatest, might show up for someone else based on their needs….When they invest, you earn a commission

I will be putting together a demo video soon and in the meantime, you will want to read Michael Rasmussen’s short report that goes more into detail in regards to the changes occurring with affiliate sales these days.

Click this link to read the report now ==>

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