Youtube Google Rank with Keywords in your Youtube videos for Google Ranking

Youtube Google Rank with Keywords in your Youtube videos for Google Ranking

Ranking on Google for certain keywords, just might be easier than you think.  You just need a little guidance and we have the solutions you need to help you get started today.

Did you know that you can use Keywords in your Youtube videos for Google Ranking and get some great traffic to your websites with organic search for your keyword.

As Google owns Youtube, it is in their best interest to show content from this channel to those searching online to keep viewers within their system.

While others are paying top dollar to get their ads and websites ranked high on the search engines, having a video that is high quality and contains appropriate descriptions and tags is important.

A combination of the correct keywords in the title, description and tags is crucial to helping out your case in getting a higher ranking. Having a video that is engaging and keeping the followers to the end is also going to help provide a greater rank than other videos that might lose an audience after only a few seconds of viewing.

As a majority of all views on the web are video, it will serve you well to start making videos to post online and share your content for interested parties.

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Using Youtube to climb the Google rankings

Using Youtube to climb the Google rankings

Are you using Youtube to climb the Google rankings?

As Youtube was bought by Google a few years back, they are more inclined to keep you on their property during a search.

If you think about it, why would they want you to leave their site, when they can get you inside of something that they own that is a huge income generator for them (Think advertising on the videos!).

Some searches have very high competition, especially in the home business world and getting your link to show up might cost you an arm and a leg to be near the top, of the paid listings, of course.  We want to be able to do it for free though and this is where Youtube comes in handy.

Youtube Ranking On Google
Youtube Ranking On Google

As you can see in the image above, the search for “lead generation for mlm companies” came up with about 175,000 results and a Youtube video in the 6th one down…though the 3rd organic one AND it sticks out a lot more.

People will often click on a video to be entertained and just listen to what has to be said, instead of having to read and scroll through a longer blog post (Thanks for reading this by the way!)

As long as you put appropriate keywords and tags in the description and appropriate places you can easily start to see your video take on a higher ranking without having to pay for the spots as seen on top and the right site of this image.

So go make a video now and get it ranked today!

Dave Gardner

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