GVO Has Internet Marketing Tools To Help Run Your Business With

GVO Provides hosting, autoresponders, live support, training and much more to help run your business with.

So we are 3/4 through 2012 already…

…Can you believe it? I just checked my Clickbank stats an noticed that I am already 17% higher in my earnings with three months left to earn, compared to what I earned for my whole 2011 effort.

I am excited to see that for sure. You know what that means? I see it as a major proof that the action I have been taken have been paying off.

I did not get there on my own though and followed many great leaders to get me to this point.

You know what! I am STILL going to be listenting to these guys as times goes on as they are the tops in the marketing field.

I know this can be very confusing sometimes as you get bombared by emails telling you to grab this course or that one as they try to keep up to date with the changes in technology and algarithms from the search engines.

Again, as I said before, it is all about taking action.

It does not really matter which you decide to go after, as long as you act on it…

…Which brings me back to my favorite quote which you may have heard me say many times before in that “You get out of it what you put into it!”

One of the main things you need to make sure you focus on is that of building your own list to develop a relationship in your specific niche. I for example, have taken everything I have learned these past couple years and have applied it to the Lacrosse niche.

So just think…You can take information you learn from me and those I suggest to you and apply it to your own specific niche. You could be building a list about plumbing, Real estate, Cooking, Dog Care or just about anything you are interested in.

Again…Taking Action Rules!

When you take action, you want to make sure you have the right tools to keep you moving in the correct direction for both building your list and developing residual benefits.

This is where GVO comes in, which I have talked about before and highly recommend as they have all the tools a starting (or even a veteran) marketer needs.


For less than $10 a month, you get everything you need to build your online empire and get you on that path to seeing improvements like my 17% increase in commissions I mentioned above.

Face it…You need hosting, autoresponders, live support, training, templates and more.

Why not get it from a company who has a track record dating back more than a dozen years.

And to help you out, I am including a PDF that walks you through the set up of GVO so that you cen get right in on the action taking.


Don’t worry, there is no opt in required for this instructional report that will get you going ASAP!

I have been using them since 2009 and know they play an integral role in the imprrovement of my business and know they can help do the same for yours if you take action with them. I am here for you…you just need to send me a message with any questions you might have on GVO!


You can try them out for just a buck for 7 days and then it is less than $10 per month, which you probably have hanging around in your coat pocket.

To taking action and making steady improvements in your business!

With guys like Russell Brunson, Daegan Smith, Mike Filsaime and others using GVO, you know they have to be worth a test run.

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Dave Gardner
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Why you need a coach or mentor in your online business

Why you need a coach or mentor in your online business. Having a mentor or coach can speed up your learning process and help you build your online business the correct way.

When you first learn to do something, there was most likely someone there who showed you how to do it the correct way so that the learning curve was much smaller. If they were not there, this does not mean that you never learned how to do something, or never will learn how to complete a task.

It just means that it might take you a heck of a lot longer.

Now why in the world would you want to delay your progress?

Perhaps you are the type of person who wants to do things your way. I can agree with that. Heck I like doing things my way as well, but I have also listened to others who have been there before me and have made it work.

Picking up a coach or mentor in your online business (or offline business!) is necessary becuase they have spent endless hours doing all the work that you would have to do as well. They also most likely had a coach or mentor that told them what worked and what does not, who also gave them the correct paths to follow.

Now don’t get me wrong. One mentor might lean towards using one software or another, while a second mentor might have a specific technique to use. So to clarify, not all mentors or coaches are the same or are going to give you the complete solution to your problem. In other words, you might have to have more than one mentor or coach.

Whether you work one on one with the person, if they live local or you use online conferencing software, or if you partake in a complete course that they are providing online, being able to have contact with the coach or mentor is the best way you are going to improve. You have a much higher chance of gaining important feedback on the work you have completed when you have a way to get in touch with the coach.

If you just go through and look at the way someone runs a business, or how they phrase their subject lines to emails sent to you (assuming you signed up for their free report or to get on their notification list) you can also learn, though it will not be as intimate becuase chances are they will not respond to your emails if you have a question. It is, however, those marketers who do respond to those emails that make a difference. Those are the ones who put their students first and make sure they succeed.

Often times, it appears that some of the big names you see over and over again online are untouchable when it comes to getting in contact with them. However, this could not be further from the truth. Those marketers who do not let you contact them are fools. They are losing out by not getting in touch with you and this is one thing you want to look for when choosing a coach or mentor in your online business.

Currently, I am in a couple coaching programs, which I endorse and highly recommend you take a few minutes to check them out. These are marketers who have been there and been successful. These are marketers who will get in touch with you when you drop them a message on Facebook or to their email address. These are some of the marketers who understand that if you do not succeed, neither do they.

1) Daegan Smith: Maximum Leverage: He is currently living on Facebook now it seems helping everyone he can.

2) Anik Singal: Marketing with Anik (starts 15 week live training Monday January 16, 2012, which I look forward to learning more from)

3) Joel Therien: GVO Host Then Profit: Has developed a complete marketing software package for new online marketers

I am not trying to do other marketers injustice by leaving them off this short list, but these are the ones I have been spending a majority of my time continuing to learn from recently. These are the ones who keep putting their students first as they know it is the key to their success as well.

Another reason why you need a coach or mentor in your online business is to save you money. Now you might be thinking how, as you often will have to pay money to get the coaching. The reason is because they are going to show you with their specific methods how to best establish your marketing campaigns so that you save money in the long run, whether through a service that combines all your marketing needs or through ways to get free links back to your site.

The hard part comes in choosing which coach or mentor is right for you. If you are starting out this can be a daunting task. Like which pair of jeans do you want to buy. You are not going to buy all the pairs at once, though over the course of a couple years, you may pick up a few dozen or so pairs of jeans, pants and shorts. You might even buy a suit now and again. The same holds true with coaches and mentors. Some might give you the basics and have free or low entry fees into their programs, while others might be higher end with a big ticket price.

The important thing to remember is to make sure you always carry out your due dilligence and research who are are going to join to make sure it fits your business model. If you have vision, you might even pick something up in advance before you know you will use it, because you know you will use it when the time is right. If you can pick it up in their launch days, or sale periods, this helps.

There are many others reasons why you need a coach or mentor in your online business and I have just touched the surface of why they are important. If you haven’t already make sure you sign up over on the right side so I can notify with more great information and let you now about great programs that are coming out that can help you improve your business. I do not profess to be a guru, though I have learned enough online that I could be considered a coach or mentor.

I am actually a full time science teacher at the HS level and also coach bowling as well as lacrosse. So I have experience in that regards!

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Why You Want to Host Your Own Website

Taking control over your online business by using your own web hosting provider and not one associated with the a domain reseller has many benefits and features

In life you often want to have control over how things work out. Sometimes you want others to lead you along the way and tell you how things are going to be and you go with the flow. Being a follower, rather than a leader in the case of online marketing can sometimes work for you, while other times it can destroy your chances of success.

If you are just starting out, listening to a marketing “guru” can help you make some crucial decisions on what steps to take in order to get going. One of the most recurring themes that come out is the basics that you must start with in order to progress. This basic, is in reference to web hosting. The other main component that goes hand in hand with this is having your own domain as well. You can pick these up rather inexpensively from many places on the web.

When you get a domain, you are often offered a small hosting package, though this usually comes with limited capabilities as well. You lose a sense of control here and are not able to take the complete lead over what could possibly be available for your website compared to having your own host where you could incorporate more code (HTML etc.) that would allow you to have a higher functioning site.

The major thing you want to look for is what is known as the cPanel. This is short for control panel and is what allows you to manipulate you site to meet your needs. Adding code, blogs, forums, shopping carts and having access to easily load up files, pictures, audio and more are just some of the key features included in a cPanel that give you a tremendous advantage when designing your layout.

If you want to just go with the blog format, having the fantastico software will make you life easier in quickly being able to install your blog in a matter of minutes. Now, do not get me wrong, the blog itself will take quite a while in making it appear how you like it (which is a story for another article). This includes things like widgets, advertising/AdSense, banners, opt-in forms and much more. As the search engines are more friendly towards blogs as they are updated more, you have a better chance of receiving generic traffic than if you would if you went with a static website that never changed.

With the changes in technology occurring, it is not enough to just have a Facebook page or a Twitter account, having a running website that people can view is important and again, stressing your ability to control it is the most important thing. There is no time like the present to start your own website. Everyone has the capabilities to have a great product in their mind, or even to promote a great product for someone else. The best way to become successful is to solve peoples problems and I am sure you have it in you one way or another to help solve something.

Now you just need to go out and start solving it while controlling it yourself!

David Gardner hosts over 50 websites on his own. He controls them by putting whatever he wants on his sites and mostly with knowledge he picked up by learning it himself. He thinks you can learn it easily as well. If you want to find out more about getting your own hosting so you can control things how you want them to and get some tips from him, go to http://MyGVOTrial.com and take control of your business, or your pleasure.

David M Gardner, EzineArticles.com Basic PLUS Author

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GVO Host then profit webinar replay with Joel Therien and Mark Call

Last nights GVO Host Then Profit webinar with Joel Therien, Mark Call, Brian Bear, Tissa Godavitarne and more was eye opening last night.

You can see the replay right now at
==> Host The Profit Replay

A short warning in that they do go almost 2 hours, but this will be worth your time for sure to smooth away any questions and concern you might have about GVO Host Then Profit.

GVO Offers web hosting and online marketing solutions which include but are not limited to the following:
Web hosting, video production/hosting, autoresonder, opt in forms, page templates, recruiting templates, banners, downtime witness, online conference software and more all with 24 hour live support and a ton of weekly live trainings as well as recorded videos.

The main focus here is the idea that you will be saving money. There is no guarantee you will make money with GVO, but it is highly likely you might! If you were to pay for all the featured software independently of GVO, you would be running a monthly bill of at least $100-500, while GVO Host Then Profit, is a measley $9.97/month.

What you get for this is a limited version of their titanium package with hosting up to 4 domains, a 500 subscriber list (these can be upgraded as your business grows as well) blogger builder, conference room and more.

After watching and listening to how some of the top affiliates were making out, like Brian Bear, coming out of his truck for the most part and pulling over 300 new members was enlightening.

The key idea is sticking with the basics. If you do a video of the basics and get others to know like and trust your message, they are more apt to believe in what you are talking about and willing to see the information you are presenting to them as being beneficial. When we are trying to help you save money in your business, this is the icing on the cake.

See the video replay for yourself at
==> Host Then Profit Replay

I have personally been using GVO for over 2 years and swear by them. Their support and freindliness goes beyond what you would ever expect. When you can communicate with the ones who run the show, you know it is a company you want to work with.

Though you might need to re-arrange your schedule some to watch the video, you will get the idea that this is what you need to do for your business today. Whether you have a developed site and need to cut back somewhere, this will help, or if you are new and starting out as well, this will get you going in a cost effective manner as well.

Find out for yourself at Host Then Profit Replay

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