Lacrosse Discount for your holiday needs

My list members saw I was having an 11-11-11 sale where I knocked off $11.11 off the price of my Platinum Package.

It is going to stay open for the next 11 days and includes the following items essential for the Lacrosse player in your family or as a gift for the one down the street.

1) Lacrosse Packguy organizational tool as seen in the photo
2) The Spirit in the stick novel
3) Mothguard
4) Pre-wrap
5) New Lacrosse Ball
6) “Got Lacrosse?” sticker

As Lacrosse is spreading, make sure you get the things that make it easier and enjoyable.

You can pick up a Platinum Packguy Package here and be ready for the holidays as these make great gifts for players of all ages.

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Lacrosse Packguy update

I spent part of my Birthday  last week updating the status of the Lacrosse  Packguy as seen in the video below.

Go Now to to get your own Lacrosse Packguy today! Make sure to see how you can get the Packguy for FREE as well!

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Lacrosse Packguy for free

After getting a great set of materials from Russel Brunson, I was guided to a program called TrialPay. This program allows you to team up with various companies in an effort to be able to give your own products away for free. A customer enrolls in TrialPay and takes part in one offer such  as buying a domain name at GoDaddy or ordering flowers to send to a loved one. Often the person will pay much less than the cost of the product of interest. Once the transaction completes, the customer is then eligible to recieve the product for free. The company will cover the cost involved for the item and pay the original merchant (as they are happy to do when they gain a new customer as well).

The company will then deposit funds into the merchants account and will contact them with information regarding the sale as well as contact information for the customer so that preparation for shipping the product can be completed. After establishing and verifying this information, the merchant will ship the product to the customer. Here they may send additional offers for similar products of interest.

Get your own Trial Pay Account by clicking the banner below
TrialPay Referral Program

For my first attempt at TrialPay I  decided to give away the new Lacrosse Packguy for Free. I had previously written about the Lacrosse Packguy a few weeks ago and have been actively promoting this product to my players, friends and Lacrosse players online through word of mouth, demonstrations, twitter, facebook, eBay, craigslist, safelists and more. The product is selling for $25 plus tax and shipping. Through TrialPay, I can now offer the Lacrosse Packguy for free.

Click the Diagram below to start the process of getting a Lacrosse Packguy for Free

This is a great Lacrosse product to either use yourself of to give as a gift and the offers should all be considered. If you want more than one, supposing you have a few children who play or kids in the neighborhood, you can do the trial pay offer a couple different times as long as you use a different offer from a different company each time, to the best of my knowledge.

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