Magnetic Sponsoring Part 2 How To Get Your Prospects To Buy Anything You Sell

Magnetic Sponsoring Part 2 How To Get Your Prospects To Buy Anything You Sell is often based on your ability to become a great leader and not so much on the product itself

How To Get Your Prospects To Buy Anything You Sell

Day #2 of the Magnetic Sponsoring Bootcamp is enlightening and gets you into the correct mindset about why anyone would get ANYTHING from you, regardless of the topic.

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It all relates to building that leadership quality and showing that to your viewers to let them get to know you better.

Be A Business Team LeaderIn general…

…People do not care about your MLM, but do care about finding a solution to their problem.

Just like you do not buy a drill just to buy a drill, you buy it because you want to make a hole…

…you also do not join a company just because there is a company to join…It is the people you know, like and trust who are in the company that you want to associate with.

Get your prospects to sell themselves on your op where they see it as the solution to their problem.

As they say, people hate to be sold, but love to buy, you want them to take the lead here and make it seems like it is their own decision to contact you or grab your products due to a need in their business.

Your goal is to Position yourself as a leader willing to give your guidance…

…You are seen as an expert willing to help and not just someone who is greedy and selfishly trying to make a sale!

Again…Position yourself as a leader…this is why your prospects join you!

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To becoming the hunted!

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Ray Higdon’s Pro Blog Academy Bonus and Easter Marketing Gifts

Ray Higdon releases Pro Blog Academy where is walks all levels of bloggers through the right way to generate 20-100 leads a day using a blog

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“What has recently changed in your life
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What a simple question and one that many
of you can swipe and start implementing
into your recruiting online or off.

Many people can not even get up the nerve
to talk with people about their offers, though
this is a nice and easy way to get you foot
in the door.

This is a nice question that basically allows
your lead to TEL YOU how to sell them.

They are going to let you know exactly why
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They are going to let you know exactly what
they know or don’t know at this time of their

The webinar is about an hour long and they have
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MLM in 2012

Should you start working in an MLM? These are businesses that are legitimate with options for growth through extensive training and support groups.

If you ever put some thought into joining an MLM, or multi level marketing business, you are like many others out there today.  As the economy continues to tank you need to find a way to take ownership of your finances.

You might be working full time and not making what you think you are worth and therefore looking for an alternative source of income.  MLM’s provide multiple options to earn more in 2012 and beyond.

You can not find another place where a large group of people will help you succeed.  In most cases if you do poorly, you might lose your job, while in the case of MLM, you will get as many chances as you want and need to become successful.

In MLM, you usually have an upline of supporting marketers (unless you get in right in the beginning) that want you to succeed.  When you do well, they may earn a commission off of your sales, so it does them justice to help you out to be successful.

One of the major complaints about MLM is the idea that they are a pyramid scheme. If you are just putting money into a system and getting more people to pay you money that pays of the upline, then yes, this rings of a scheme.  However, if you are selling physical products and sharing a percent of the sales between yourself, your upline and the company, then this is truly a legitimate business.

Think about buying a car for a minute.  The salesman, financing guy and company will all split commissions on the sale of a car, so you could call them a pyramid scheme as well.  MLM is not a pyramid scheme and you need to do your due diligence in finding an MLM that works correctly to meets your need.

You should find an MLM that you are interested in with products you like.  Why bother wasting your time and energy if you do not even like the products or services being offered with the MLM.  Often financial services, diet supplements, cleaning products, juices and web services are major players in the MLM industry.

As you begin your journey into the MLM world, you will be bringing other distributors into your own pipeline and you need to do your best to leave good friends and family members out of  it, unless they come to you looking for chances to improve their finances.  The less stress you can put on your close friends and family, the better.

Most people who join you are going to join you based on you, not really what you are selling, though it does help if they have an interest or are recruited from a common niche group.  Think forums as a place to find people interested in business ventures.

Unlike starting a franchise, MLM offer you a much lower investment into the business, thus drastically reducing financial risk right out of the gate as you get started.  Unlike hundred of thousands of dollars shelled out for a restaurant chain, you might only need to spend a few hundred dollars to get you started with an MLM.

Your best bet is to try out an MLM.  You will either be really happy that your MLM does what you want it to so, or you will be really happy knowing you tried it out and know that it is not what you want to do with your additoinal career.  Feel free to send me a PM/commnet in regards to gettin going MLM.

To get you started in the mean time in regards to some very cost effective and beneficial MLM’s you can check these out to see how they fit in your business model.

Host Then Profit (Complete Marketers package of tools)

Meet Cheap (webinar conferencing)


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GVO Host Then Profit Completes Your Marketing Needs

I have been working online for over two years now in one way or another and have been using GVO to run just about all my websites.

If you are already involved in online marketing you know that being able to build a list of clients/customers and maintain contstant contact with them is one of the most vital things you need to do. Having an autoresponder and opt-in forms allows you to do this with ease.

Another major thing people searching for in their goal to build a presence online is a blog. Regardless of what your niche is, having one that is totally yours that you could put whatever you wanted on it will be able to stay with you in case you change niches. GVO Host Then Profit has a great Blogger Builder software that gets you up and running in minutes.

As with many marketers, training and support is always needed and the 24 hour live support and weekly training sessions are priceless. You could pay hundreds to get this type of information from some self proclaimed guru, or you can use what is included in a less than $10 a month membership.

Using GVO Host Then Profit is not only smart for the marketer in regards to the programs it offers, but for the fact that it is a business in and of itself. When you are a member, you can promote to other marketers and earn commissions when they use the service as well. Unlike your typical MLM, this does not require you to promote, nor does it require you to have boxes upon boxes stored in your garage or basement with products you try to push on your friends and relatives.

With the economy of the world rather bleak right now, we all are looking to make it and safe money at the same time. GVO Host Then Profit allows you to do this. For less than $10 a month you will hardly even know you are paying for the service…Have some commissions coming in and it will be nothing!

I would be doing the internet world a disservice by not sharing how good this is and thus you need to go try GVO Host Then Profit today. Even if you already are content with your own provider, you will see the many values I have presented here hold true and are worth maximizing.

To provide some value for you here as well once you take action, you will have access to me for anything you can’t find yourself. I will also send you a copy of Omar Martin’s Speedy Profit Creator. Omar gave me rights to resell this and I will send you a physical copy in DVD format when you move forward! This is a killer series of 10 videos that bring through many steps of marketing to get your first product out and is what helped me get going in many areas of online marketing.

As I live by this, Take Action, Revise Later!

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Is MLM the right way to go?

Is MLM the right way to go? Starting an MLM might be a difficult choice for online marketers even when there is an endless support group

Did you ever think about starting an MLM?

Many wonder why an MLM might be the right way to go when starting a new business.  It can be a low investment to start compared to something like establishing a franchise where you could be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Many MLM’s have start up fees of only a few dollars a month to a few hundred.

The education you gain when you are establishing your MLM is very supportive in regards to those around you.  Most all are willing to help you out and stick with you until you succeed.  It is in their own benefit as well to have you be successful, especially if they are part of your upline.  If you were to look forward to this same support when starting your own brick and mortor, mom and pop shop you would be left out in the field by yourself for the most part until you perhaps found a community online that might be able to help.

Joining your first MLM is the easiest way to test out your risk taking strategies.  Testing small and working your way up as you establish your business is a wise practice and again there are many out there who have established themselves to help lead you on the way to what works for them and in the industry.

So the question of “Is MLM the right way to go?” is not always answered with a YES.  If you lack people skills, you might want to develop some before you go blurting your opportunity on some neighbor or relative.  People often do not care what you are working on as much as they care to hear about you.  The whole idea of “KLT” or the infamous “Know, Like and Trust” that everyone is working to achieve is crucial to obtain as you grow your business.

If you lack patience, then MLM is not right for you.  There is no guarantee that you will make even a single dime working in an MLM.  The goal of course is to make a profit, though this may take time as you test out ads and buy marketing materials to help you out.  Riding the roller coaster of people trying it out and outright declining your offer to hear about it also requires a thick skin, so if you lack thick skin, then an MLM might not be the route to go.

MLM’s have made many people successful, especially when given the opportunity to promote something that they like and is useful to a large population.  At the same time, many have given up all hope after attempting to grow an MLM business and decide that all MLM’s are the same, thus giving them a bad name.  They are not all Ponzi Scheme’s but are instead actual ways to earn a living.

If you set up your proper practices, develop appropriate relationships and provide killer content, people will be coming to you for advice and want to know everything it is that you are involved in and how you make it work.

It is up to you to make the most of it as I always tell my students, “You get out of it what you put into it!”  Do your research first and find something that meets your needs and also your interest.  There are plenty to look into and you do not have to jump at the first one you find….however, it might just be the one!

David Gardner is smarter than most marketers because he consolidates all his online needs and saves money in the process.  If you are serious and want to find out what all the smart marketers like David know, come check out the short video he made at

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