Is MLM the right way to go?

Is MLM the right way to go? Starting an MLM might be a difficult choice for online marketers even when there is an endless support group

Did you ever think about starting an MLM?

Many wonder why an MLM might be the right way to go when starting a new business.  It can be a low investment to start compared to something like establishing a franchise where you could be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Many MLM’s have start up fees of only a few dollars a month to a few hundred.

The education you gain when you are establishing your MLM is very supportive in regards to those around you.  Most all are willing to help you out and stick with you until you succeed.  It is in their own benefit as well to have you be successful, especially if they are part of your upline.  If you were to look forward to this same support when starting your own brick and mortor, mom and pop shop you would be left out in the field by yourself for the most part until you perhaps found a community online that might be able to help.

Joining your first MLM is the easiest way to test out your risk taking strategies.  Testing small and working your way up as you establish your business is a wise practice and again there are many out there who have established themselves to help lead you on the way to what works for them and in the industry.

So the question of “Is MLM the right way to go?” is not always answered with a YES.  If you lack people skills, you might want to develop some before you go blurting your opportunity on some neighbor or relative.  People often do not care what you are working on as much as they care to hear about you.  The whole idea of “KLT” or the infamous “Know, Like and Trust” that everyone is working to achieve is crucial to obtain as you grow your business.

If you lack patience, then MLM is not right for you.  There is no guarantee that you will make even a single dime working in an MLM.  The goal of course is to make a profit, though this may take time as you test out ads and buy marketing materials to help you out.  Riding the roller coaster of people trying it out and outright declining your offer to hear about it also requires a thick skin, so if you lack thick skin, then an MLM might not be the route to go.

MLM’s have made many people successful, especially when given the opportunity to promote something that they like and is useful to a large population.  At the same time, many have given up all hope after attempting to grow an MLM business and decide that all MLM’s are the same, thus giving them a bad name.  They are not all Ponzi Scheme’s but are instead actual ways to earn a living.

If you set up your proper practices, develop appropriate relationships and provide killer content, people will be coming to you for advice and want to know everything it is that you are involved in and how you make it work.

It is up to you to make the most of it as I always tell my students, “You get out of it what you put into it!”  Do your research first and find something that meets your needs and also your interest.  There are plenty to look into and you do not have to jump at the first one you find….however, it might just be the one!

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Why Support Multi Level Marketing?

Multi Level Marketing can be a very rewarding experience to new marketers as it allows for an immense amount of support and training.

With so many business opportunities out there today, you would think you would not want anything to do with ones that have unfortunately often been associated with the word “scam”! Another word that often might come up is a “scheme” (as in Ponzi scheme).

If you are involved in any aspect of marketing or business, you most likely have either belonged to an MLM, or were at least prospected into one, where you might have gone to a hotel meeting or someone’s house to hear all about the great benefits of their matrix/compensation plan and maybe you even learned a little about products now and again.

The MLM industry is the perfect grounds for those who want to teach and those who want to be taught.

If you think about starting a business, you might have had the idea to start a store, or a franchise. This can financially destroy an entrepreneur as there are large start up costs, up to a million dollars and more sometimes, as well as franchise fees that may be due yearly. Compare this to the start up costs associated with MLM which might only run a few hundred or thousand dollars a year.

If someone fails in the franchise, they are deep into debt, while in MLM, it is feasible that they will be able to restore any small debt they incurred rather quickly. This assumes that they do possess another job while they are attempting to start up their MLM.

In regards to education and teachability, with the big companies and regular jobs, if you fail, you get fired, plain and simple. In the MLM world another reason why business men agree you should try this system is because it is the exact opposite where you can continually fail month after month and instead those members in your upline will continually work with you to help you out so that you start having successes. The upline has invested time, energy and possibly even their own money into them and therefore they want them to become successful as well.

The products involved in an MLM are not necessarily the important thing to consider when joining one, though you might want to find one that does hold some interest it you. You want to enjoy the products and have pride in talking to people about them. The community however, is really what entrepreneurs can benefit from when joining an MLM as everyone has the main goal to see all others succeed. Sharing ideas either online, over the phone and especially in person over coffee or at a major conference are all ways to improve yourself and learn how the top people have become successful.

As the saying goes, “You get out of it what you put into it” and when you put the right effort in and listen to those who have been successful, there is a high likelihood that you will become successful as well. Taking action on what they believe to be a good way to becoming financially independent could be one of the smartest choices you ever make today.

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David Gardner has a full time job teaching HS Science and is working extra to help his wife be able to stay home and raise their three kids! He is involved in online marketing, web development, social media profiles and much more as well as some MLM companies. His favorite is his hosting company which offers a complete marketing resource kit with autoresponders, opt in forms, video hosting, conference rooms, unlimited domain hosting and much more. This is a perfect fit for the entrepreneur to build their web presence as well

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