Internet Safety and Safe Eyes video turns pork into porn

Internet Safey and Safe Eyes keeps your computer and users safe from unexpected inapproproate content.. There new video shows how easy mistakes can be made.

I just watched an amuzing video for Internet Safety that hits close to home now that I have kids in the habit of getting online.

As many searches end up being for something totally inappropriate, having the proper firewalls and blocks set up for your unexpecting youth are a necessity. For example, I was having a conversation with my Dad the other day and he mistakenly (or ignorantly!) called youtube, “itube”!

We all had a laugh at his expense, but when I tried to type this in I found a site that someone had owned but was only in the parked state, meaning there were related google ads filling the page. This was not a big deal or course, so I decided to type in “” and got the shocker of a lifetime when a porn site showed up.

So here is your disclaimer: Don’t put that site ( into your browser unless you are of age and willing to view objects which some consider to be inappropriate.

As the google search engines seem to speed things up for you and auto fill your searches, this is where the person not paying attention and clicking away at the first thing that pops up might experience the shock of their lifes. It is up to you to make sure they are protected against this by following the appropriate procedures such that Safe Eyes follows.

You can find out more about Internet Safety and Safe Eyes at


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