How to add audio mp3 files to your WordPress blog easily

How to add audio mp3 files to your WordPress blog easily. Using Audacity software I show you how easy it is to add an exporter MP3 file to your WordPress blog in only a few steps.

How to add audio mp3 files to your WordPress blog easily

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*If you would rather listen to this post instead of reading it, just click the play button below and enjoy!  The content is just about the same, though presented in a way that makes it now sound awkward.

I was playing around with WordPress today and realized how easy it was to add audio mp3 files to my blog.  In a matter of minutes you can turn one mode of learning (or sharing) into another mode for your viewers to maximize their experience at your website.

As of this blog post, I still have a software that I give away on one of my sites, called Web Audio Plus, which you can get at, though it is geared for adding audio for stagnant websites, not really blogs.  With the upgrades that WordPress continues to release, they have made it much easier for us to get audio onto our sites.

NOTE: The method I am showing you here today in regards to “How to add audio mp3 files to your WordPress blog easily” is based on my blog being one that I host myself and is current with WordPress version 3.9.  I am not sure how well, or even if at all, with the WordPress hosted blogs.  I use the GVO/Pure Leverage family of marketing tools to host my sites and you can find more about them at

So think about taking action where others do not and go above and beyond to make your viewers experience that much better for them and allow them to be reached in multiple learning methods.

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Web Audio Plus is an audio creating software package that lets you add audio to your websites or blogs like I show in my example below. Click the play button to hear a quick 15 second clip.

This software can do amazing things for your business and websites. Whereas someone might not be apt to read a whole page of content, they might easily be able to sit and listen  to audio while they are multi-tasking, which is the way of life in the online marketing business too often. Web Audio Plus allows for easy recording and uploading of your file (Yes, you do need your own website to do this and you can start here at HostGator) into your blog, website or other location where HTML can be pasted.  HTML!  Do not let those 4 letters scare you.  Web Audio Plus does the hard work for you and lets you choose what you want your audio button to look like as you can change the shape color and background and then it creates the HTML for you.   There is a small bit of modifying you need to do as it originally may save it to your desktop, which will not allow others to access it, but instead needs to be uploaded into your cPanel “uploads” folder, or at least this is how I made it work in this WordPress Blog.

Web Audio PlusWeb Audio Plus Wizard

Most Web Audio tools might require you to pay monthly fees to host your Audio, but with Web Audio Plus, you will never pay a monthly fee, after a small initial fee for the software rights.  There are very similar versions out there selling from $27-67 currently on Clickbank.  This is crucial because if you ever wanted to modify your audio, you might need to pay extra fees or if you decided you had an extra site that you wanted to throw some, or even the same, audio into, you might have to pay extra with other audio programs and who really wants to do that, instead of set it and forget it!  There are many hosting packages out there and I suggest those with cPanel capabilities so you can upload your own materials and have complete control over everything.


I have been following Michael Rasmussen for some time and he has given me Master Resale rights to this product and therefore I am going to offer it to you for an even better price on my blog only.   My sales page will be going up soon and will have a similar pricepoint of $37 for this software.  When you buy from this blog post, I am going to give you the phenomenol rate of only $17

You will be glad you started adding audio to your sites and blogs, your customers and fans will be satisfied as well!

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