Dave Gardner and Tissa Godavitarne at the Now Lifestyle Leaders retreat

10X Blogger Interview with Tissa Godavitarne about Now Lifestyle Integration

10X Blogger Interview with Tissa Godavitarne about Now Lifestyle Integration

Who Wants To Blog Every Day

I know for sure ( especially after I just typed for about 30 minutes and my post disappeared) that I do not want to have to create content day in and day out...I always go in with the mindset that I will create content on my blog and may post something for a few days in a row and then life takes over again and before I know it a few days, weeks or even a month has gone by without another post.

The 10X Blogger takes care of that with syncing to the content of major marketers and programs to create automated blog posts for team members and users.  Tissa Godavitarne has created a great software that integrates in select programs like the Now Lifestyle and it's SendShark email Autoresponder software to create an endless flow of content for it subscribers.

Who Wants To Email Every Day

Just like blogging I force myself sometimes it seems to write that email to my subscriber base even if I only have a few free minutes that day to squeeze it in due to work as a teacher, coach or single dad of three daughters playing taxi and driving them all around the town.  Having a system or software that would automate it all would allow me and others to truly start living the lifestyle that we all preach.

I always find it funny...actually stupid to see marketers posing with their computers on the beach.  First of all the last thing I would ever want to get in and on my computer was a bunch of sand or sunblock.  Then think about the glare on the screen...ughh!

The 10X Blogger helps to automate this issue by creating an email follow up to subscribers every time a new blog post is created (which as I mentioned above is created automatically as well!)  So literally while you are on the beach, sleeping, out to lunch or enjoying life how you do it, every time Joel Therien, the CEO of Now Lifestyle, creates a blog post, that content is syndicated to your blog and sent as an email update to your subscribers.

That is powerful!

How to Get 10X Blogger for Automated Blog posts and Automated Emails

In order for the 10X Blogger by Tissa Godavitarne to be of any use to you, it is crucial you create and have an active account with the Now Lifestyle

Create Your Now Lifestyle Account here: http://NowLifestyleTeam.com

You can get started for as low as $9.99/month at the VIP level, though I would recommend upgrading to the Platinum level when your budget permits as it will allow for great access to the tools (larger subscriber capacity/webinar conference room seats and more)

Once you have created your NLS account you can then get set up with the 10X Blogger software as you need a Now Lifestyle username to connect and sync your system to!

Create Your 10X Blogger Account here: https://form.jotform.com/82824860904159

Just be sure to follow the steps after that and keep a look out for emails from myself, Joel Therien and the 10X Blogger system with your account details once it has been all integrated and is accessible to start using.

10X Your Success

By using an automated software that is pulling the content of the program you are using do not be afraid to take action and create some of your own email broadcasts to your subscribers.  The more engaged you are with them and the more they can get to know you, the more likely they are to join your team and upgrade in the business with you. 

Remember, you get out of it what you put into it!

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