Got Backup? Data Storage size matters

2 Data storage methods

2 Data storage methods

Taking the necessary steps to save your digital documents is crucial as you never know when a device will fail and your content is lost forever.  Whether on your computer or a phone you never know what might happen or when it might crash.
Dropped phone into water?  Then you definitely need these, though they work for general backup and being able to access your files and content anywhere you can access the internet or your external hard drive.

Got Backup?

Got Backup is an unlimited online data storage platform that runs in the cloud, takes only a few minutes to set up and runs behind the scene saving all of your digital files including but not limited to mp3, pdf, jpeg, .doc, .avi and many more.
It works with computers AND Phones (with the app)
A few clicks of the mouse and you will be providing insurance for your precious family photos and videos as well as important documents and reports you may have stored on your computer.
For less than $10/month, you can be saving an unlimited amount of data online for your personal use or for a few dollars more, you can share it with others which is great for businesses and people who may be outsourcing their work and need to be able to provide samples for clients, for example.
Unlike other online data storage companies online, Got Backup provides an option to earn 200% commissions (First Month and then other residuals) on the software fees when you take place in the affiliate reseller program (additional fee required, which covers merchant account fees and credit card processing, system set up, support and training).
To learn how you can save your data AND build a business with Got Backup?, just click this link or the Logo Below!

Portable Hard Drive Storage

Having a portable 500GB -5TB hard drive storage has been great over the years....of course when it worked.
That is the thing about technology, as it is great when it works. I am actually on my 4th one and each of the previous have had their own issues.
The USB cord connection to the device itself is not always sturdy and thus the connection is often weak after using it many times. Thus if it is full of images, videos, files and the like, they are now all unusable and potentially not able to be accessed, unless you bring them to a computer recovery specialist and then you are looking at a big bill.
My students are always curious when I have it out as they wonder if it is an iPod or similar, based on its size.
While easy to transport, I often find myself forgetting it in one bag, while I bring a different one to an event or meeting.
Cost has become more affordable due to changes in technology, though sometimes you get what you pay for and if I have a device that does not last long, sometimes it is not always worth it in the long run.
What have you found to be of benefit to you in preserving your data, music, photos and other files now that most has gone digital?
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