Headline templates for capture pages

3 Headline template styles for your capture page

3 Headline template styles for your capture page

When it comes to creating the headline for your capture page (landing page/squeeze page/opt in page etc.) you want to make sure that it:

  1. Is the most important sentence of the site
  2. Appeals to the viewers self interest
  3. Implies proof of promise
  4. Gives hope
  5. Creates curiosity and positive tension
  6. Intrigues and piques interest
  7. Triggers dominant emotions
  8. Is believable yet dramatized
  9. Answer the "What's in it for me" question
  10. Convey a big benefit they will get
  11. Be exciting, compelling and short!

Now you might not exactly hit every single one of those three items on the list above but should shoot for hitting many if not most of them and that is why when you write a headline, do not just write ONE.  Instead write multiple versions of the same style or template of headline and after many iterations you will begin to notice they start to get better.

In this post I want to share three headline template styles for your capture pages and provide a couple samples of each.  These were ideas I learned about and got more in-depth training on recently at the Digital Networker Live conference put on by the leaders of Attraction Marketing Formula and specifically presented by Ferny Ceballos, Tim Erway and Melissa Kibler (between some online training and the live event)

Melissa Kibler at DNL teaching headlines
Tim Erway at DNL teaching headlines

How to, List and Solutions Headline Templates

You can use these templates in any niche and as I mentioned above be sure to write out as many as you can which might help to solve the questions you have when making a capture page

How to Template

  • How to ______________
  • How to ______________ without ______________
  • How to ______________ even if ______________
  • How to ______________ in as little as ______________

List Headline Template

  • ___ Surprising reasons ______
  • The ____ laws of _________
  • ______ Things your ________ didn't tell you about ________________
  • _____ Fool proof tips for __________

Solution Headline Template

  • My proven ______ to _____ without _________
  • Here's an easy way to ___________ in as little as ____________
  • Here's your bulletproof ___________ for _______________
  • A proven __________ for anyone who wants to ______________

Now each one could give very different responses for varying niches that exist on line, so just grab a pen and some paper and start writing them down.  Or if you are all in on using a computer, then copy the templates into your favorite software and star filling in the blanks over and over until you have many versions.

Tim Erway, of Attraction Marketing Formula often does 20 versions of a headline before he gets one he wants to use and is comfortable testing on an ad.  It allow the headline to become more direct and dives deeper into what the potential reader will actually be wanting at that moment in their life.

For example something like "How to make money" is a very week headline, while something like "how to make money in your sleep without spamming your friends and family" has a little more feel to it.  Just think about what you could come up with if you wrote out 5, 10 or even 20 versions of your next headline!

I coached lacrosse for over 15 years and am also involved in the Lacrosse niche where I published a book called "The Commandments of Lacrosse" and also offer other products and have an email list in that field as well.  If I just said "How to shoot faster" versus "How to shoot faster without spending endless hours in the gym" I can almost be certain the latter would pull better results on a split test, so don't be afraid to come up with some really good ones and test them against each other as well in the process.

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