When to hire support staff

3 Major Signs Your Business Needs Support Staff

3 Major Signs Your Business Needs Support Staff

From 2020 to date, 53% of employees in the country have admitted to feeling fatigued. Although many businesses have changed their operations and work styles, a majority of employees continue to feel the same. One way to remedy this issue is to hire experienced support staff to help take some pressure off. This proactive step can help you run your business smoothly, but you would have to know the signs.      Below are three major signs that mean your business needs support staff.

Employees complain of being overly busy or overwhelmed with work

A February 2022 survey indicated that 94% of workers in the country spend over 50 hours working. Even among remote workgroups and others engaged in alternative working styles, the usual complaint is the enormity of work needed to be completed in a day. While it is an open secret that most employees will complain about their schedules no matter what, it is still worth paying attention to. Your business depends on the effort of every single member of your team to succeed. And burnout gets in the way of that.

Perhaps, your employees have taken on new work projects in addition to existing ones. Naturally, at some point, they will begin to feel the pressure of having to deliver results in a relatively shorter period. As a leader, it would be advantageous to quickly pick up on these signs and be proactive. One thing you can do is to get support staff to help reduce the increasing pressure on your main team. The immediate steps you take after observing these signs in your team show you are a forward-thinking leader. 

Increase in customers complaints

The more customer complaints you receive, the more likely it is that your team may not be giving them stellar support. The only way to resolve this is to hire support staff and train them to fit their respective roles. Sometimes, the support staff hiring process can be left in the hands of experts. For example, at Wegman Partners, experienced teams offer support staff placement as an add-on service. Depending on your industry, you can also use automation to handle less intensive processes. 

Dwindling productivity and KPIs

You may have to review your work processes when your staff continually gets behind on their key responsibilities. A few cases of low-performance ratings among your team may not be too alarming for the business. However, when it is widespread, there may be an underlying problem. Every employee’s key responsibilities are tied to the company’s goals. For this reason, any indication of reduced productivity could be a sign of trouble. It could mean you have an inadequate staff size to care for the growing business. To resolve dwindling productivity, hiring support staff to complement your activities would be best.

While bringing in support staff is a great convenience, they do not come cheap. For this reason, it pays to assess the overall contribution additional staff bring to the business.

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