3 Questions to ask when making a capture page

3 Questions to ask when making a capture page

3 Questions to ask when making a capture page

As you are contemplating what to put on your capture page (squeeze page, landing page etc.) so that you can get the best quality leads to give you their information, be sure to consider these top three questions.

Before we get there though you would minimally want to collect the leads email address, keeping in mind the more items and details you ask for from your lead the less likely they will provide them.   For example if you also ask for name you are often in the safe zone but once you start adding in requests for phone number and address you may less likely be getting people to submit things, especially if it's a product that would not be physically shipped to an address.

So without further delay...

What are your target market's problems and struggles?

I recently wrote on how to figure out your target market so be sure to check that post out as well, though once you have yours considered what is it that they are struggling with and want fixed?  This could be something you see as a recurring theme in a group you belong to or even a problem you might have had yourself in the past that you were researching solutions to.

  • In the health/fitness niche it could be something like how to keep the pounds off after weight loss.
  • In the finance niche it could be how to sell your house independently with low agent/lawyer fees.
  • In the education niche it could be how to pass the _________ exam coming up (think of your worst subject!)

The problems are there and most are recurring and will continue to recur.

What is a simple solution to one of their problems?

As the expert you can provide the 'secret' or solution to their problem.  No it does not have to be solving all of their problems, but just one specific one that has been bothering them.  Remember, people are typically wanting instant gratification so be sure to provide something quick and concise when you do solve that one problem.

Easier, faster, quicker is a lot better than in-depth, longer, harder so don't be afraid to keep it simple silly (you remember that whole KISS philosophy, right!?)

What is something you can offer that is extremely irresistible?

What is it that is going to make someone want to give you their contact details?  When they read your capture page it should have one goal of getting the lead to take action and enter their emails to learn more and see what it is you have to share with them.  It has to be that no brainer reaction that they have to learn what is going on.

While the body copy and content of your actual capture page is details for another post as we can go far in depth there with lots of examples, know that curiosity doesn't only kill the cat, it helps invoke an open loop in people who want to know what the answer to their problems are and they are then more willing to take that step so they can get the answer you are promising.

With these three base questions you have the foundation for creating your capture page, your lead magnet and know what also needs to be placed on a thank you page and can also be discussed in follow up email messages, videos and more, which are all future topics and posts we will be getting into here on the blog so be sure you are subscribed and bookmark this blog for easier reference and better yet be sure to get on my mailing list to know when new posts come out as well:

Now these three key questions are just some of the amazing content I have been learning and applying that I have gotten from the amazing training and courses with the Attraction Marketing Formula and the recent live event I attended with them in July 2022.  I would highly recommend you checking them out yourself if you are looking for an easier way to get leads without having to lose friends and family members in the process.

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