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4 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Foreign-Based Franchise

4 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Foreign-Based Franchise

If your business is performing very well, you may be primed to go beyond borders and capture overseas markets. This is a significant step, but there are many aspects to consider. 

Starting a foreign-based franchise may come with many disappointments when it is not well-thought-out. So, if you are pondering about starting a foreign-based franchise, here are the four things you should keep in mind.

Legal issues

All countries have laws and regulations that govern business operations, and the chances are that they are different from what you already know. Before you think of opening a foreign-based business, ensure you understand and comply with the laws in the territory you want to enter. 

It is advisable to take legal advice from a business visa attorney to avoid making mistakes. A few things to expect include intellectual property, disclosure, and competition laws. 

  • Intellectual property

When starting a foreign-based franchise, you should understand whether there is a need to make changes to your brand. It is worth consulting a lawyer to find out how you can protect your brand. 

  • Disclosure

Various countries have disclosure rules you must adhere to. Make sure you are compliant with this. 

  • Competition

Most international business agreements are signed under competition laws that cover a range of issues, such as pricing and exclusivity. 


Starting a foreign-based franchise may mean additional costs, such as customs, travel, and premises. For most businesses, the most significant charges are incurred during shipping. There are also hidden costs and tariffs to consider. Before you think about opening a business abroad, make sure you consider all costs you are likely to incur. This will help you determine whether the decision is financially feasible or not. 

Custom and border operations

Starting a business in foreign soils means traveling or shipping goods and services through international borders. With this in mind, you should understand how custom and border operations work. This aspect will help you know how to package your shipment and pass people (employees) and products easily. 

Beware of the red flags 

There are many things that can go wrong when starting a foreign-based franchise. One of them is transitioning into a different culture. Many companies struggle because of cultural and language barriers. Therefore, ensure you keep this factor in mind before you venture overseas. 

Other red flags may come in the form of business tariffs and taxes. You do not want to venture into a place that does not support trade. If you are not sure whether you can adapt very fast to such changes, use local labor to help you navigate the hardships.


Investing your franchise concept in another country can be a rewarding idea or a train wreck. The only way to build your franchise in a foreign country and succeed is by conducting thorough research. This may include researching the laws and regulations, the capital and market structures, and the people.

If you are in doubt, do not hesitate to ask an expert in such issues. Do not be coy about seeking help from the people who have done it before you. Take your time to do things the right way, and you will succeed.

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