Marketing moves to boost your business

5 Marketing Moves to Boost Your Business This Year

5 Marketing Moves to Boost Your Business This Year

Growing or even maintaining a business can be tricky in this current climate, but thanks to developments in the digital world you can make some moves to put yourself ahead. Thanks to the connected digital world in which we live and work, there are so many marketing opportunities 

1) Get to grips with Google Analytics 

To take your businesses from good to great, employ Google Analytics to help your marketing. This completely free software gives you an insight into who is navigating around your website, how they’re moving around. By getting to grips with keywords people are using, the demographics of your website visitors, and their engagements with your site, you’re armed with the knowledge to help you optimize your site. 

2) Embrace social media 

Social media isn’t for everyone - but if you’ve got a business, then it’s got to be for you. This fantastic - predominantly free marketing tool lets you speak to customers and potential customers all over the world. Building your company’s presence on social media and maintaining, but it can have huge benefits. Customers can learn more about your company and what you do, they can make purchases, you can post adverts, raise interest in events your hosting, and generally engage with your customer base. So, this year, get on the social media train, whether that’s Facebook or LinkedIn - just go for it.

3) Manage your social media better

So, you understand the importance of social media. Now you need to learn how to manage your accounts and succeed on social. Tools such as Hootsuite can help you manage all your media accounts on one platform, saving you time and energy. This efficiency will help your socials feel slicker and allow you to schedule posts without having to do it in real-time.

4) Outsourcing to freelance platforms 

Thanks to the development of freelance platforms such as Upwork, you can outsource digital marketing skills to professionals, all without having them on the payroll. This can make your business much more agile and help you get ahead. For example, say you need an SEO specialist to work on a suite of assets over a week. Great, now you can! Just pay for the hours you need, then go on your way.

The core principles of continuous improvement still apply to business growth. You can always look for ways to improve your processes and operations, including marketing. However, marketing is an ever-changing landscape, with new platforms and strategies popping up all the time. This makes it difficult for businesses to keep up without help.

This is where outsourcing to freelance platforms comes in. Several great platforms connect businesses with qualified freelancers who can help with various tasks, including marketing. By outsourcing some or all of your marketing tasks to these freelance professionals, you can stay ahead of the curve while keeping costs low.

Of course, you don't want to outsource everything. It would help if you still had a core team that understands your business and its goals inside out. But by using freelance platforms for specialist tasks, you can boost your marketing efforts. In addition, marketing automation tools like HubSpot make it easy to automate many of your marketing tasks, from email campaigns to social media posts. This means less time spent on admin and more time spent on strategy. It also allows you to target customers with personalized content, increasing their chances of converting into paying customers.

5) Up your email game 

Marketing emails - some people think they’re outdated, other people swear by them. Email marketing has, however, been proven and there’s a reason why businesses still send out weekly or monthly (some even daily) to customers. Whether you’re looking to promote a new product, publicize a sale, raise engagement or announce a new service, email campaigns can help you reach customers, make sales or draw in clicks. Tools such as Mailchimp can help you develop your email marketing strategy - and its basic services are free. So, if you’re offering Hood Cleaning Services or cat scratching posts, there’s no reason to not start your marketing campaign. 

Hopefully, this list has provided you with some bits of inspiration for your marketing plan this year. Good luck!

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