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5 Ways To Free Up More Space In Your Office

5 Ways To Free Up More Space In Your Office

As your business expands, you may start to find that you run out of space in your office. Moving to a larger office may not be an option due to the cost, in which case you need to find a way of reutilising the space you’ve already got. Just how can you free up space in an office? Below are 5 potential ways to make better use of your office space. 

Dedicate time to decluttering

There are likely to be things in your office that you don’t need. This could include paper documents that can be digitized or machines that are broken or you never use. Take the time to get rid of all this clutter so that you can free up space. This could be time-consuming - if you need to quickly free up space, you may find that it’s worth looking into self-storage to temporarily place items, allowing you to sort through them at a later date. You’ll find many storage deals online. Alternatively, there may be companies who can sift through paperwork and digitize it for you. 

Scale down desks

Large executive desks are unnecessary nowadays. Computer monitors are slimmer than ever and there’s no need for all the desktop stationery that used to clutter desks. Smaller desks could take up less room and free up space for more desks or more other equipment. Check out some of these small desk solutions here

Rethink the layout

You may be able to free up extra space simply by rethinking the layout. If desks are currently in the center of the room, pushing them up against walls could add more space. Just make sure that there are large enough aisles between desks for people to get in and out - you don’t want a room to feel too cramped. 

Introduce hot desking

If you need to hire more employees, but don’t have much space in your office left, an easy solution is to hire remote employees. Of course, your in-office employees may want the privilege of also working from home, while some remote employees may still like the option of working from the office. Hot desking could be a way of enabling this hybrid working system - it allows a single desk to be used by different employees at different times. Such a system could allow a team of 20 employees to share 10 desks by scheduling half your team to work from home on certain days while the other half work from the office. 

Get rid of private office rooms

If certain staff members currently have their own room, consider suggesting the idea of turning it into a shared workspace to create more space for additional employees. Some executive employees may not like this idea as they may see their private office as a privilege that comes with their position. However, if there’s no need for them to have their own privacy and there’s room for another employee to work in this room, you should consider whether its a practical privilege. Just make sure to also be willing to share you own private office if you have one to set an example. 

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