6 Marketing Suggestions For New Small Business Owners

6 Marketing Suggestions For New Small Business Owners

6 Marketing Suggestions For New Small Business Owners

Knowing how to market your business effectively is one of the most valuable things you will learn as a small business owner. If you’re new to the whole prospect of marketing a business, then this can be even scarier for you. However, many people have done this successfully before you, so there’s absolutely no reason you can’t do it. Here, you’ll find 6 marketing suggestions to help you proceed. Take a look and see what you can do: 


1) Build An Instagram Account 

Instagram can be one of the most effective channels for marketing your business. It’s a great place to post pictures and videos of your product in use, and you can even write ‘micro blogs’ to accompany your content. You can use Instagram to build a following even before you have launched your products. Using the right hashtags and making sure you take high quality pictures can help you to build a following. Don’t forget to follow relevant people, comment on other posts, and make an effort to build a community on Instagram. Above all else, aim to show off your product and help people. Helping people rather than going for the hard sell is definitely the way forward in 2020. 


2) Consider Using A Selling Platform Before Building A Website 

Building a website is something all businesses should look at eventually. However, a selling platform could be the most effective way to sell in the short term. Etsy, for example, is great for people who hand-make their own products. Wait until you have enough money in the bank, either from making a profit or following an expert’s advice about investing, like Nadine Terman Solstein Capital, for example, to build your own high quality website. You could start with a free site, but it won’t be nearly as effective. Having a pro build you a site with all of the technical aspects considered is key. 


3) Find A Digital Marketing Company That Specializes In Small Business 

Working with a digital marketing company can help you to ensure you’re not spreading yourself too thin and that you have plenty of time to focus on the core processes of your business. Look at the best digital marketing quotes to get an idea of how important marketing is for your business. Even if you can only afford to allocate a small budget, it’s better than nothing. 


4) Create Content 

Alongside Instagram, aim to create content with the aim of helping people. You could create YouTube videos, for example, or write blog posts. As long as your main goal is to provide value to your audience, your content will be a big factor in growing your business. 


5) Host Giveaways 

Host giveaways to entice people to follow you and share your content. Giveaways can help you to get more shares, likes, comments, and engagement in general, which is so important to build momentum when you’re just starting out.  The giveaways can be small, like a mug or other branded merchandise, or they can be big, like community fitness trail equipment - it will all depend on your budget and how much you can make back on your investment.


6) Flesh Out Your Brand and Personality 

You need more than a great business name to build your business. Take the time to flesh out your brand and personality and people will be able to resonate with your business so much more .


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