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LiveGood Login here to access your members area:

Join our Team FB Group (Run by my sponsors sponsor Edward Keyte):

Team Graphics to Use for Promos (created by Edward Keyte) google drive: Team Graphics

Team Content Sharing Group (To help boost your Social Posts): (Run by my sponsors sponsor Edward Keyte)

ONE PAGE RANK UP TO BRONZE TRAINING: By my sponsors sponsor Edward Keyte:


Option #1 Easy Commissions Funnel (ECF)

Easy Commission Funnel

My sponsor Jeff created a business opportunity funnel with Leads Leap that you can copy and use to create your own funnel for things like Solo ads and other paid traffic.  Remember you can NOT directly send paid traffic like solo ads to your LG tour pages as a lot of it gets spam complaints from fake emails and similar.

Get your Own Funnel here: Copy the Easy Commission Funnel for LiveGood

NOTE: You can use this as a free member of Leads Leap but will need to upgrade if you want to have the ability to use the 30 automated emails that Jeff created.  you are also able to use your own funnel building software to collect leads and then share LiveGood on the back end of your email follow up or similar.

See what the Easy Commissions Funnel "Thank You" or "Bridge" page looks like here

Option #2 Profits Passport (PP)

Profits Passport multiple income stream funnel

My teammate David Dekel has created a multiple income stream funnel/platform with LiveGood as the main product and 4 other options to add based on list building, traffic and lead generation.  Whether you are looking to get all streams or just some of them I would highly recommend this as an additional way to promote LiveGood with alternative opt in/capture pages.

David does all the email follow up to those who create an account but when you grab income stream #2 you can also build your own list at the same time

Check out Profits passport here (and also get on my email list to see examples of email I send out promoting LiveGood to use as a swipe copy for yourself and your own personal follow ups) or use this link instead:

Other Important Links for Social Media and Live Training

Main LiveGood company YouTube channel for product training, live/recordings and much more!

Main LiveGood Company Facebook Page:

Main LiveGood Testimonials Page:

Monday Product Overview Webinar with Dr. Ryan and Lisa Goodkin
12:00 PM EST

Live Zoom Update with Company CEO etc.
Thursday Nights 8PM EST

Friday Rank Up Webinar Zoom:
12:00 EST

Saturday Upline leaders Training:
12:00PM EST


Be sure to see all of the great vacation stay options available when you join us as an active member in LiveGood.  Just download and follow the instructions here and we will get you set up with a vacation stay.  Or instead use this link:

SPECIAL UNANNOUNCED BONUS!  You can also use these Vacation Stay Vouchers as incentives for anyone YOU sponsor into LiveGood as well.  Just share them this team training page (or just the link above for the certificate especially if you are sharing with them your own links for things like the Easy Commission Funnel or Profits Passport


In addition to the Vacation Stay Bonus...I have more bonuses that YOU can use to give away to your pre-enrollees and registered members.

Get the full details and directions on how to get all the bonuses here:

LiveGood Affiliate Links and Tracking Code

Your main referral link for the business opportunity would look like this:


If you wanted to track your leads you could add tracking at the end like this

You would just put your own username where it says "YOURUSERNAME" and any tracking details where it says "CHANGETHISPART" to know whether people were coming from Facebook, or email or similar.

Links to send CUSTOMERS Direct to the products page and NOT the business tour:


Please let me know if you have any questions and again welcome to the LiveGood family!

Recommended Training to Attract Customers and Distributors to LiveGood

Here are some recommended resources and training that will help you magnetically attract the right customers and distributors into your team with LiveGood.
How to Build your LiveGood Team: In this video LiveGood CEO Ben Glinsky shares some key strategies with Marketing Director Nauder Khazan on how to contact people and share the LiveGood products and business opportunity.
Attraction Marketing Formula: Magnetically attract leads and business partners through properly setting yourself up with the strategies shared here on Social media, paid ads and much more.  Formerly known as Elite Marketing Pro which had grown from the Magnetic Sponsoring program.
Advertising Boost: This platform is full of training on team and list building and allows you to give away FREE Vacation vouchers for people opting into your websites, purchasing LiveGood products or being a member of your LiveGood Team.  Try it out free now!
Truth About LiveGood Matrix Spillover: In this video I share the real truth about how LiveGood Matrix spillover works and why you may or may not ever receive spillover.  A lot depends on multiple things, especially how active your upline is as well as how active you are.
Daegan Smith- Grow a Massive Downline Audio recording: Daegan Smith dives into the concepts of immersion when it comes to build any business and work with the goal of the end in mind and what you truly want to achieve in the business.
Jim Rohn: Building Your Network Marketing Business is by far one of the classics of mindset when it comes to recruiting and sponsoring people into your business.  Take some good notes on this one!
Blank Matrix Filling 6 Levels Deep to use for examples when filling a matrix.
Exporting Your LiveGood Leads: Use this video to see how you can use the CSV/Excel file to organize your customers/members and be able to follow up with your Pre-Enrolled leads as well.
LiveGood Compensation Video: See Detail on the team building growth and matching bonuses
Profits Passport by David Dekel: LiveGood is an introductory product to this 5 income stream platform focusing health and list building, traffic and leads!

LiveGood compensation Plan and Rank Advancement Guide

Grab the PDF Guide Here

Grab the Editable doc here (Watch the video above on how to change/edit all links in the guide!)

Recommended Free Traffic Methods to Build Your LiveGood Business

Here are some recommended FREE traffic resources and training that will help you get eyeballs on your LiveGood business.
Free Traffic Methods Report: In this Video (Above but the link here opens up the pdf of the same training) I share common ways to get out into the social world and internet and engage with others which could develop into lead generation.
13 Traffic Strategies: In this video (Above) I actually shared specific to Russell Brunson's Traffic Secrets Book (See below on the page) I shared 13 traffic and engagement strategies that can be applied to get your name out there and showing your LiveGood Products to help build your LiveGood business

With additional SYSTEM TRACKING:

Just change the YOURUSERNAME as well as the ADDTRACKERHERE to be able to track and determine where you are getting the best results.

List Chemistry: The simple ingredients helping you explode your list building

Recommended PAID Traffic Methods to Build Your LiveGood Business

Here are some recommended PAID traffic resources and training that will help you get eyeballs on your LiveGood business.

NOTE: If you do list building and email marketing, I would recommend sending your traffic to a separate page first that is more general business based, that you can then bridge to sharing the LG platform on a thank you page or through follow up messages:

Need an email autoresponder to collect your own business leads?  Try Get Response for FREE here!

NOTE: As per the LiveGood terms and condition you can NOT use paid traffic to get clicks direct to your tour page.  This creates an overflow and could get the site spammed which is not good for company growth.

Traffic Authority: Clicks here are high quality but can be a little more on the expensive end and also include an affiliate program 
Traffic For me: Clicks are less expensive here than Traffic Authority and also have an affiliate program. 
Udimi:Clicks here can be the least expensive of these three but also can be lists that are used over and over
MLM Gateway - Helping network marketers build their business
Profit Leads University: This is a system where you can get telephone interviewed leads (up to 5000/month) delivered to your account and be able to follow up with them in regards to your LiveGood business.
MLM Gateway: If you are involved in any network marketing business, this is a huge place to connect with other like minded individuals where you can make business connections, create ads and write business announcements to help grow your LiveGood team or business.
Click Engine: Let others do the work for you with this awesome traffic rotator that is already bringing me leads!  I got it for $4.90 a month which is dirt cheap and allows you to get clicks from the efforts of the hosts promotions and efforts through their email marketing.
Traffic Zest: Traffic to your website is crucial and this lets you set a bid on your clicks and a group of suppliers will spread the clicks out as fast or slow as you want.  Set up parameters as you see fit to get the best ROI on your clicks.
Send Buyers: Send Buyers is exactly what it sounds like. It is a buyers list of people who are interested in making money from home and you can get clicks for just $5/month.

Recommended Books and Audio to help Build Your LiveGood Business

Here are some recommended books and audio resources and training that will help you get in the right mindset and build your LiveGood business.
Network Marketing Secrets: From one of the best business builders in the industry comes an amazing strategy to build your network marketing team with LiveGood.  This is a free plus shipping book by Russell Brunson (CEO of Click Funnels)
Traffic Secrets: This is another amazing book in a series of Book (recommended to upgrade to the whole box set) where Russell Brunson shares his best traffic generating strategies to build a community of raving fans who want your LiveGood Products
Go Pro 7 Steps To Becoming a Network Marketing Professional: By Eric Worre, who is one of the biggest Network Marketing trainers in the industry who shares strategies to become a leader with your LiveGood Business.  This is a 3 CD disc audio set.
Building Your Network Marketing Business: By Jim Rohn.  Jim is another master of the industry and this is an absolute must when it comes to learning how to sponsor people and sow your seed to build your LiveGood Business.  Listen to this Audio CD over and over!
Thrift Books: I get a ton of book here not only for business but even for personal enjoyment.  Get a free book rewards after your first $30 spend and grab some great books in the MLM and Network marketing niche to help grow your LiveGood Business.
Free Success Box: Grab your FREE Napoleon Hill Success box of Three books including an updated Think and Grow Rich and Two never before published works (Just cover the S/H)!  This is attached to the Secrets of Success Membership which you can test out as well.
The No BS Magnetic Marketing Most Incredible Free Gift Ever: Dan Kennedy and Russell Brunson have teamed up to continue to the monthly print newsletter that is chock full of marketing genius and strategies to help with all facets of your business growth.
The $2 Dollar Secret: This book share the major secret that most gurus and billion dollar industries are following but don't always share with you to help you get continued sales and returning customers to your business.
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