“Damn it”…That’s what I was thinking today as the Lacrosse team I coached lost by

2 goals.


We only let the other team score 8, which is actually pretty good for the

game of Lacrosse (if you are not aware of how it is played and considered

the Fastest Game on Two Feet!)


Putting in 6 was not enough so we need to really need to work on our

finishing offense as we did get many shots off.


In business you need to have both in great defense and offense as well.


Always be driving to do more, but at the same time you need the

tools in place to make sure things run right and you are protected.


Thus a good offense and defense together are what makes things work.


You need to make sure you are set up with the right tools and system

as well when you start building your own websites or upgrade your

current one.


That is where Pure Leverage comes in.


Not only does if have the tools to make you grow and move forward

but also has the ones you need to defend against others passing you

by as they move with the growing technological trends and softwares

out there to develop relationships with their customers that keep them

coming back for more and turn them into raving fans.


Join me in Pure Leverage for just $1 to start and get your way to

earning 100% commissions starting tonignt!


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On another coaching note…If you a basketball fan, I am a big

Syracuse Orangemen fan and excited they are back in the

Final Four of the NCAA College tourney after 10 years ago

winning it all.


They have a great defense with their 2-3 zone and some great

offensive players that can both shoot well from the outside as

well as slam it home from the inside as well…It is all about

being well balanced.


Just like in business.


Get well balanced with Pure Leverage today!


Go Team!

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