Partial Now Lifestyle binary matrix for Dave Gardner

A Tornado Can not Stop Joel Therien and the Now Lifestyle

Wow…I just got an email from Joel Therien, the CEO from Now Lifestyle
and he said they just had a tornado right near their offices in Texas!


They are all safe though and possibly only some slight damage to the outside of their building, though he said the winds were crazy.

That is the cool thing about Joel and this company..If something goes wrong or might be an issue, he is extremely transparent and lets us know about it and keeps us in the loop at all times.

We are a family!

When you join us in the family you will be able to see it yourself too in how much he cares and wants us to succeed.

You gotta be in it though and this week marks the end of Phase one of our Prelaunch and leadership building.

While Joel was litteraly in the closet during this blast of mother nature, as always he gets back up and is ready to take on the world!

That is what it is all about…Being able to keep getting back up.

We are here to provide leadership and if you have the desire to keep getting back up, then we want you to work with us with the Now Lifestyle.

Just click here==>

Our team is already growing nicely (see the image below) and I want to be able to provide spillover to you in the binary plan we have running as part of the dual comp system!

Partial Now Lifestyle Downline matrix for Dave Gardner

Those who take action now will get more added to them…just saying!

I’m here to answer any questions so reply to this email or send me
a text message or call at 315-559-2784 (US Number!) and I’ll
be sure to get back to you quickly.

Come do this and Live, Love and Laugh with me and the NLS!

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