Affiliate Cash Snipers Preview for Michael Rasmussen

This coming Tuesday, January 24, 2012, Michael Rasmussen releases Affiliate Cash Snipers.

This is Affiliate Marketing 3.0 at it’s finest. I have been in touch with Michael and his partner on this project Mike Mograbi and their programmer quite a bit recently as I have been reviewing the product for them. They have been busting their tails these last couple weeks in preparation for the launch of Affiliate Cash Snipers on 1/24/12.

As I have been playing aroung with their software and making a few comments here and there, they have been making the necessary changes to make this perfect and ready to roll once the launch gets here on Tuesday. As with any other software or system out there, there are always minor fixes and updates that occur and that goes with the territory.

I want to fully endorse the work they are doing and their product, Affiliate Cash Snipers. From my own experiences, I know that they will treat you as well when you make comments and suggestions where you might any issues. They are quick to respond and are appreciative of the suggestions. This is just one of the main reasons why you should grab this software on Tuesday.

To make sure you get first dibs…and possibly even an early bird notice, make sure you read their free report on Affiliate Marketing 3.0 first. Once you sign up for the report, you will learn a bit more about the Snipers as well as get on their mailing list to get first notice once it goes live.

Below you will see an example of a “Sniper” which is just one portion of the software that easily builds a code for you to easily add to any website and start earning commissions from many companies. Give the one below a try and you will see a way that your viewers can customize their preference of a suspense thriller. Why is this better than your typical review…Normally you would have to have a link to a designated item, that many of your viewers might not appreciate.

Not any more!

Now it is up to the viewer to really choose where they want to go with the drop down menus that allow for an easier customized experience.

As you can see, this will bring you to another window (thus they never leave your site!) and you are then cookied to this person and should earn commissions on any of the products that viewer buys in that particular event.

I only show Suspense Books, but this can be used for all categories associated with Amazon and other major companies like Target, JCPenny, Overstock, eBay and more.

Do me a favor and try the “sniper” out above if you haven’t yet and pick yourself up a suspense novel of your choice! When you are done, head on over to read the Affiliate Marketing 3.0: The Revolution report now and get on the list to get notified the instant that Affiliate Cash Snipers goes live.

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