An honest review of Pure Leverage Marketing Platform by Joel Therien of GVO

An honest review of Pure Leverage Marketing Platform by Joel Therien of GVO

When I first heard that Joel Therien, the CEO of GVO was building another marketing platform I was intrigued to find out more.


I had already been a member of GVO for almost four years with their titanium account which included unlimted hosting, video hosting, a small webinar conference platform, subscriber base through autoresponder (up to 20,000 members), live training, templates, opt in forms, competition witness and much more for about $45 USD a month, which I was happy to pay for considering the alternative and having to pay multiple companies instead of just one.


There was also a recruiting platform or partner program where I could earn 50% commission on the first month of anyone who used the services through my link as well as a recurring 5% on all following months, or potentially (50% shared through 10 levels of a downline where each level got 5%).  The 50% on month one was great, but the 5% on the back end was almost nothing and many people felt that there was too much to access and they did not need such a large package.


They next came out with the Host Then Profits Platform which had a micro view of the Titanium account and only cost about $10 a month and included hosting for 4 sites, autoresponder to 500 subscribers, video hosting for a limited amount, small conference room and live trainings, but again the commisisons were the same at 50% of the front end and 5% up ten levels (50% total assuming you had those levels, otherwise GVO would get the lions share, which they also shared with leaders each month as bonuses)


More people came aboard GVO as it was now reachable, but still had a somewhat weak recurring income stream.


That has all changed with the inception of Pure Leverage.  The basic platform is $25 a month and includes Autoresponder for up to 10,000 subscribers, video email (to allow your clients to get to know you on a more personal level even faster), live webinar conference room for up to 100 attendees, live training and an authority blog and more.   This is midline between the original GVO Titanium as well as Host Then Profits, but also includes the meain features of their sister platforms at GVO Conference and Meet Cheap, which are both webinar platforms ranging from $10-$100 a month or more depending no seating capacity.

The upsell to Pure Leverage is a $97/month mastery training course featuring weekly live webinars and trainings, plus access to all the recordings, a mastermind forum and PLR products to use with Royalty free images as well as sound clips to add into your business plans.


The commission structure in the Pure Leverage platform is a million times better and benefits those who take action and upgrade to the top level and also requires that people own the products as well.  In month one, you get a 100% commission, not a 50% like in the original GVO plans.  On the recurring months as long as a downline member stays active, you will gain a 50% commission AND a 50% matching check to anyone in your dowline that has commissions as well.

In order to take action on these, you do need to own the products AND have a monthly reseller license which is about $20 a month or $200 for the year (buy 10 months and get 2 free!) otherwise any commissions you might bring in will automatically pass up to your upline and you will lose that commission FOREVER…even if you upgrade later on, you will not see those commissions from that specific downline member ever.  If you later upgrade, any new members you bring in will qualify you to receive commissions on their monthly fees however.


The incentive is there to become a reseller and Pure Leverage VIP member


Some example of how this commission flow could be like this assuming you have both products ($25 platform and $97 upgraded VIP status with $20 reseller license for a total around $142 a month) is as follows:


Example 1) Let’s say you have 10 downline members who each have the basic membership.  On month one you would earn about $250 in commissions and then $125 each consecutive month (or more if any upgraded)


Example 2) Lets say one of those members above recruited well and also brought in 10 paying members.  You would not earn any of their commissions on month one, but in month two and beyond is where it really become great and your income potential has the ability to grow exponentially.  In month two, not only would you be getting the $125 we mentioned above from your own direct line, you would also be getting an additional 50% of their $125, or about $63 as a matching check bonus…If all 10 members has a similar case, you would end up with $630 dollars in matching check bonuses.


Example 3) Some people will not upgrade to the reseller license, or will not upgrade to the VIP membership and will just use the services, but if they have people brought in under them in their downline, their commissions for these products will pass up to you, or the next person in line who does have the upgraded account.  Lets say that from our downline level one member above who brought in 10 people that one of them became a VIP, the $97 month one commission would pass them and go to you, with a $49 residual coming on the following months as long as they stayed a member.


In my first two weeks I have seen a commissions tally of almost $300, which assuming these members stay in and complete the month and have the payment processed, totally covers my orginal fees of the $25 basic platform, $97 VIP and $20 Reseller license ($142 total) and puts me in the Black or a net positive…This same group in future months would result in about about half of that of course, or around $150 which still covers my original fees and has me breaking even, which really is the main idea in the beginning.  If you can break even in your advertising and marketing, you really have started to win the game.


When you continue to market and bring more people into the platform, this is where the fun begins and the potential income develops, though it is all dependent upon work ethic.  I have built this with a very small subscriber base up to this point as well as solo ad purchases targeted to the home business opportunity marketplace.


Pros and Cons of Pure Leverage:  GVO and Joel Therien have done a wonderful job bringing in both current members into the new platform as well as providing valuable recruiting tools so that in the first 10 days alone, over 20,000 members have registered and almost ¾ of a million dollars in commissions has been logged.  With this comes some pros and cons



1)      The products inside the platform are integral to a marketer and are continually being upgraded based on customer recommendation and suggestions

2)      The price is reachable by all levels or marketers, new or veterans

3)      The compensation package is awesome

4)      The support from Joel and the Pure Leverage community is top notch



1)      Not everything was up and ready to use upon launch.  They are making some upgrades and completing templates as request come in

2)      Currently the sales video focuses only on the opportunity and tools, but not on the idea of passing this platform on to local businesses, stores etc, to use as their own individual lead generation and subscriber base platform.  Most likely they will not want to promote the downline capabilities, but want to be able to use the email services and webinar platforms.

3)      As thousands of members are joining each day, the online and technical support system, including the live chat support has been logged down, though this should be somewhat expected and people need to have some patience on this end.

4)      While many can afford the basic $25 membership each month, the $97 might be out of reach for many which can cause them to lose valuable commissions down the road


Coming Soon:

1)      The authority blog will be launched soon within the platform and will allow you to be able to write a blog post a couple times a week to build your status online and also provide all of the content necessary to promote the Pure Leverage Platform itself.

2)      The email autoresponder  will be modified to add your own personal campaigns as well as having the included Pure Leverage campaigns.  As of March 15, 2013 this is not accessible and/or editable, but will be coming soon with the ability to build your own subscriber base, send broadcasts, video emails and more and will become a major item to share with your clients in the local marketplace (stores, businesses etc., in your community)

3)      More weekly training, tips, strategies and more

4)      Lead generation advertising co-ops, where instead of investing a lot of money to get one ad, you can spend a fraction of that to develop some traffic to your site, which could develop into some leads.  When your business grows, you can scale up from here and start buying the full ads yourself and send the clicks mainly to your affiliate link instead of being shared in a rotator with others who have gone in on the co-op in the first place.

5)      Contest and bonuses for those who continue to grow and bring in new clients.


Overall I hope you feel I have provided you with an honest review of Pure Leverage Marketing Platform by Joel Therien of GVO and it is my highest recommendation that you give Pure Leverage and Joel Therien a try.  I would love to have you on my team and help you grow


FREE Advertising to your Affiliate Link when you join my team:  Yes, I will share the love with you and promote your link…it is a win-win-win situation.

You win because you get some leads and potential direct referral from my traffic and can earn 100% commissions.

I win because after month one I will start to get a 50% residual match and keep you wanting to stay with Pure Leverage

They win: Your customers win because they get some killer products to use in their business and promote to others as well.

Like I said, it is a win-win-win situation.


Just go over and check out the Pure Leverage video here to find out more and see what else is in store.


Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know if you thought this was not  an honest review of Pure Leverage Marketing Platform by Joel Therien of GVO, or if you have questions about Pure Leverage and becoming a team member today!


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