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Isabel Gardner brings joys and laughs from the NICU to the weight bench. Go check it out now!!!

I recently found out about  Animoto while reading through the May 2010 issue ot DotComSecrets, which is Russell Brunsons print newsletter.  This software easily allows you to upload video clips, pictures, sound, text and more to make movies.  The site provides a free version where you can complete videos up to 30 seconds, or there is the $30 per year version which I opted for that allows you to complete full length videos.  The also offer a much higher year long rate, which really has the bells and whistles screaming.  After a few minutes of  searching around for the right clips and pictures I wanted, Animoto does the work of editing the video for you.  As I had to redo one due to a spelling error, I quickly found out that eash time you edit, the video may get remade and be slightly different in its transitions in regards to how the pictures will appear.
No Two Video's Ever The Same With Animoto

I would highly suggest trying out the service for its ease and ability to quickly make a movie from your pictures.  The ability to instantly add to other social networks like FaceBook, Twitter, WordPress and others make this a great tool for those involved in social media.
Animoto - The End of Slideshows

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