Are you an Action Taker or do you watch from the sidelines and others succeed?

Empower Network Action Taker

Are you an Action Taker or do you watch from the sidelines and others succeed?

I am curious if you are someone who has gone out and stretched yourself out of your comfort zone to make things happen in your business or if you are someone who has just watched from the sidelines as others have achieved success.  Which category do you fit into?

The Empower Network has opened up their doors with a massive discount to get ALL IN, with their three major training’s which normally retail for $5000.  Instead their massive take action offer that ends on June 6, 2014 allows you to get “All in” for just $2997.  If you miss that deadline, the price is still at a discount for another few days, but at $3997.

Consider the cost of a 4 year college degree, or that of opening up a franchise and spending these amounts appears minuscule.  Take part in the affiliate reseller program and you will be able to earn 100% commissions on the $5000 after this week (less merchant account fees etc. that ends up being closer to $4K+)

Unless you take action, you are never going to see results.  As many people have possibly felt in the past that the Empower Network is only for marketers, it truly can be used to build your brand and increase your customer base with ANY business.

Just last night for example during the members only webinar, one group is using the knowledge that gained in the courses to secure about $150,000 in business for their company.

Think about how you could take this same training and use it for your brand and business as well.  Application of the learned knowledge is one of the most important things to carry out after you purchase ANY training.  You can not just show up and expect things to happen.

You also can not just watch the training and expect it to happen as well.  Instead you need to put it into practice, share it with others and take massive action doing it.

At 2PM EST June 6, 2014, the 40% discount goes away forever.  Are you going to be glad you jumped on the opportunity to run with us this year, or wish you had joined a year from now when we are all enjoying the success and fruits of our labor while you are still on the sidelines?

Make it happen now!

Join me here: 

Once you are in be sure to do the following”

1) Click on the Bundled Package offer to get your Massive Discount

2) Be sure to sign and send back all the appropriate forms making the commitment to stick around

3) Join as an affiliate from inside the member area so I can start sending you some of my traffic and help you get YOUR first member sponsored.

It is that simple.

Just like the ACTION TAKER image I made above, you can be one easily today too.  As a full time science teacher who teaches chemistry and biology, I got a kick out of using the symbols from the Periodic Table to spell out the phrase as it reflects a bit about my background.

The cool thing about Empower Network though is that it really does not matter what your background is…Anyone can be successful if they take action and apply what they learn.  Some will be more successful than others, while some will have no success at all.  Just like in the teaching profession as well as coaching this is almost directly related to effort put forth by the group.

As I always tell my students, players and others who care, “You get out of it what you put into it”

Come with me and make it happen now!

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