Automated Ads: clickbank banner rotator

If you do anything online today you probably have heard about Clickbank. This is a distributor of thousands of products online from arts and entertainment, to health,  to games, software and much more. You can add your own product to their database for a small fee and then members can promote your product on their own sites and earn a commission. Some people strictly promote these products as their full time income.

Today, I found out about a new Clickbank Banner ad rotator that was released by Jeff Dedrick called “Automated ads”, thanks to Omar Martin and many other marketers promoting this. Look right below this line to see it in action! (If you do not know how a banner rotator works,  whenever you refresh your browser, you will see a different ad appear, try it out to see)


What a great concept. You can either throw up a random search (which I have done above) that will list many different products of numerous genre’s to catch someone’s eyes or you can decide to be a little more specifc and choose a certain product to choose a banner from.

It is suggested you become a member of Clickbank so that you can also benefit from the process of promoting other people products, especially when you do not have one of your own in the beginning.

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