Being an Attractive Character in your marketing by Russell Brunson at Pure Leverage Live

Being an Attractive Character in your marketing by Russell Brunson at Pure Leverage Live

Are you an attractive character in your business?

I am not talking about being someone who it model worthy to be on the cover of GQ magazine or People’s 50 most beautiful people each year.

Being attractive can present itself in many ways and the quicker you do it the better.  We are talking about letting people know about you right from the get go, especially if they are on your subscriber list and will be getting an instant follow up email series.

It is time to SHARE YOUR STORY!

Chances are when you are more open, you are going to have more people like you as well as buy from you over time, which is the name of the game in online marketing.  Sales!

Russell Brunson shared some of his top attractive character tips and strategies at the Pure Leverage Freedom live event in the fall of 2013 that apply regardless of when you are reading this.

I want to share some of the gems from inside the event and will also let you know how YOU can get the full recordings of not only Russell Brunson’s speech, but also get hot tips from other speakers, which included, but are not limited to Daegan Smith, Mark Call, Joel Peterson, Joel Therien, Michelle Alpha Pescosolido, Jackie Ulmer and others.

When starting out we always want to improve our subscribers knowledge about US.  Yes, this is where you want to tell them a little about yourself to be able to develop a relationship with them.

Whether you have been online for 1 day or 1 decade, share a story that can also relate to a problem you might have experience which could be something they are experiencing as well.

Do not forget that we are not perfect either, so share your warts and all (so to speak) and what you might be totally for or totally against when it comes to your opinions on certain things, or happenings in society.

When communicating with your list of subscribers or your followers you want to be able to keep things interesting on a day to day basis.  This does not mean you need to continue sharing your personal moments in every email as that could get awkward, though sharing now and again will show that you are human and care about basic things in life.

Russell Brunson also shared having a “soap opera” series or sequence of follow up emails with 3 or more to not only develop the know, like and trust factor, but to also keep the readers suspense levels heightened so they are anticipating the next update and read to open your future emails to find out what happens in the conclusion.

He then suggests following these up with a series of emails related to anything, or nothing at all…for example let them know what you were doing or thinking when you went looking for a new pair of sneakers and maybe what it was that got you to make the purchase when all was said and done.

You can always then leave the last portion of your email for a call to action, which might bring the reader to your blog, fanpage, sales page or similar.

The important thing to do is to keep taking action and share your “attractive character” from Day 1!

You can start doing the same thing AND have all the tools you need in the same place with me here at Pure Leverage (you get a blog  to share content and capture leads with and get the autoresponder series to send your story to your subscribers and much more for one low fee!)

Go find out more about Pure Leverage here:

It is time to take action and share yourself!  Be open and people will connect with and want to buy more from you over time!

Dave Gardner

PS If you want to get the whole Pure Leverage Freedom live event recordings, once you get in your Pure Leverage member back office, just look for the tab on the left that says Freedom Live 2013!


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