Broken Cars and Marketing with the Elite Marketing Pro by Tim Erway of Magnetic Sponsoring

…my trip being messed up AGAIN!


It is like Deja Vu…all over again this summer.


Last summer, I had won Russell Brunson’s Dot Com Secrets X trip

to Kenya and my first day when I was going to take off, never happened

as my flights were delayed…long story short, I made it there and

had an awesome time.


Tonight, we were supposed to leave for a family vacation to

Charleston, SC and were about 35 minutes from our house

when the temperature guage on our van went all the way to

high and the temp light came on as well.


We pulled over safely and opened the hood and that is when

all the smoke started pouring out.


I could not believe it, but at least it happened close to home

and not somewhere in the middle of nowhere and in the middle

of the night.


So the tow truck came for the van and my brother for us

and back home we went to regroup.


The car is getting looked at right now as you are reading this,

unless you read it much later in the day and hopefully it

is just a torn hose line and not the whole radiator that needs

to be fixed (keep your fingers crossed!) to help get us

back on the road to try the second attempt at leaving.


Whether it is in a car or in yoru business, systems can be

great…if you set them up correctly AND take care of them.


We just put $1200 down the previous week due to our brakes

needing replacement as well as the tie rod and sway bar.


On your capture pages, there sometimes are pieces that do

not work great and need to be fixed in order for your system

to work right.


Lately I have been telling you about a system called the

Elite Marketing Pro that has just launched that covers

all aspects of marketing and can help you get back on the

road to success as well.


This course has a complete package of training inside AND

the ability to resell for 100% commissions (less merchant fees)


We are talking courses that include but are not limited to:

Attraction Marketing




Sales funnel creation

Product creation

…and more


I want to make it even better for you and want to refresh your

mind again about the bonuses I am offering which are just about

gong to break me even here with my commission, as I want to

reinvest it back in to you.


Take a look what you get when you use the following link

to grab the Elite Marketing Pro membership this week:


Elite Marketing Pro BONUSES:

First 5 people: Physical Package $797 Russell Brunson’s Protege Challenge with Binder, Book, 14 DVD’s and mp3 Player

First 8 people: Physical Package $497 Daegan Smith’s Email MLM Formula Book and 8 DVD’s

Bonus #1 for EVERYONE! Marketing Tools OR Products for 1 year: $540 1 Full year of a new Pure Leverage OR Empower Network account and reseller license.

Bonus #2 for EVERYONE! A Solo ad worth $300 sent to YOUR affiliate link with the new Pure Leverage OR Empower account

NOTE: This will Possibly go direct to your site or through the system I am using right now which promotes both at the “20 Minute Payday” course which has additional great training from Russell Brunson and PL CEO Joel Therien. Yes, I do get a commission from this sale and I want to reinvest it back into YOU, not just with 10 clicks to each of hundreds of members, but hundreds of clicks just to you!)

All you need to do is join now:

Make sure the bottom of the sales page says “brought to you by David Gardner” or similar in order to qualify for my bonuses and so I get credited AND can then be able to send you your awesome bonuses and set you up with either Pure Leverage or Empower Network for a full year. *NOTE: The guarantee period must be completed and my commissions must be established before I provide these as I hope you can understand as this carries some extreme cost from my end.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me through reply form below, or through “DaveGardner at MagneticSponsors dot com”.

I look forward to helping you any way I can and watching you become one of the Elite as well!

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