This is a test of the new FB List Press by my online friend John Leonard


When you decide to like us you will join me in my quest to help you succeed in your online endeavors.

John has built a great product here for marketers to take advantage of the continuous growth of Facebook to grow our subscriber lists.

One of the major benefits is that with many opt in forms, someone can give you a garbage email just in hopes of getting a free product or report, which eventually hurts your bouce rates through your autoresponder.

John Leonard’s FB List Press solves this as it helps to establish your list though confirmed facebook email account addresses.  We all know people spend hours each month on facebook and log in with their CORRECT email address.

What better way to get in touch with someone than through this method.

If you have ever “liked” a fanpage and all of  a sudden were promted to allow FB to access your into, later to receive email updates from the administrator, this was a similar (or potentially same) software responsible.

You can find out more about FB List Press and get a copy for your own blog here >> FB LIST PRESS (Link coming soon)