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Business At Home: How To Protect Your Working Setup

Business At Home: How To Protect Your Working Setup

When putting a home business together, you should expect to make a few mistakes along the way. You can misread the budget, make bad connections, and fail to set good working hours. However, the security element, and the ability to protect against disaster, shouldn’t be something you compromise on. Because even a home office needs layers of protection, both online and offline! And if you’re new to being a business leader, we’ve got some tips below you can depend on. Know how to handle your premises and they’ll really look after you. 

Know How to Use a VPN

A VPN helps you to keep a connection private. If you’re operating at home, using your own IP address could put your business in danger from time to time. A VPN helps to layer up the protection you’re using, and ensure any messages you send and any websites you visit are put behind another form of encryption. 

Regularly Review Smart Tech

Smart tech is all over the world, and in and out of home businesses up and down the country. But even though it makes life much more convenient at times, it can also be a security risk. This is why you should regularly review the use of smart tech within your home, and by extension, your home business. 

Indeed, anything that’s connected to the IoT could be a security risk. A hacker could get through a fridge to access your wifi router, and that puts your whole home in jeopardy! Similarly, if you’ve got cameras set up, these could be hacked and used to spy on you. So at the very least, be sure you’re changing passwords at least once a month!

Keep Equipment Safe From Liquid Damage

Liquid damage is the most common form of damage in the modern home. From needing to call in Mold removal and remediation experts after the bathroom has started leaking, to knocking a drink over your laptop and being unable to use it for a few days. If there’s a wet substance involved, it’s going to be hard to fix! 

So keep an eye out for signs of dampness on the walls and ceiling, and try to keep lids on cups if you use them at your desk. You’ll thank yourself when you knock it when reaching across without looking! 

Make Liberal Use of Locks

Locking your door behind you when you’re finished for the day ensures you’re the only person in and out of that office. If you can also lock the windows before shutting up shop, you can be sure there’s no easy break in that way either. 

You should also think about locking data filled documents behind physical locks as well, on cabinets and shelves that can be closed. If you need to print something out, file it properly according to a system, and then make sure you’re the only one who is able to access it! 

Working from home? Make sure you’re safe to do so! 

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