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Memory Place Beta Launch

Memory Place Beta Launch

Memory Place is a picture and video collecting software that also build your email list. It is being released in Beta in August…
Busy work at work

What Not to Do When You’re Busy at Work

Busy work and putting things and customers off can easily be fixed with these strategies.
Grow your list with pictures

Memory Place Review and List Building

Memory Place allows you to build your email and leads list with pictures from events that people share like weddings, graduations…
Build your list with pictures

Memory Place Picture and Video Sharing

Memory Place is a new and easy way to share your pictures and videos for any event through your computer or smartphone and create…
Headline templates for capture pages

3 Headline template styles for your capture page

Capturing someone's attention has to be done quickly in the online world and in marketing or advertising. These three template styles…
Fast Chest and triceps workout

Fast Chest and Triceps workout

You do not need to spend hours at the gym when you can get in a quick workout and have the same or even better results. See how…
This is the way lead magnets

Lead Magnets for your capture page

Getting someone to give you their contact details on your capture page requires something of value in exchange. Here are some strategies…
Organizing your business

How to Create an Optimal Organizational Structure for Your Business

From sales to marketing teams and other key pieces, you can create an optimal organization in your business.
Leave building maintenance to the experts

6 Things To Keep In Mind When Outsourcing Your Building Repair And Maintenance

Running a business is one thing, keeping care of the property is another. Let the experts do the work and keep these things in mind…
The key to running your business smoothly

Effective Ways To Make Your Business Run Smoothly

Through security measures and being on the social networks you can help your business run smoother and grow at the same time.