Get clicks for your websites the right way

Clicks To Grow Your Business

Clicks To Grow Your Business

Clicks To Grow Your Business

The average person clicks approximately 5,000 to 7,000 times in a typical working day. These statistics are for an 8 to 10 hours working day. However, in a world where most professionals have relocated to a home office for safety purposes, you can add a couple of hours to the traditional working day. Home-based professionals can gather up to 10,000 clicks as many tend to be more lenient about the time they leave their desk. 

What does it mean from a business perspective? At a time where online interactions drive companies, you can’t afford to waste clicks. While it would be preposterous to pretend that you can capture and leverage 10,000 clicks per user per day, there is no denying that some clicks count more than others. In a virtual environment, you want to consider the following clicks: 

  • Clicks to share 
  • Clicks to buy
  • Clicks to interact

Clicks to share

Working from home can be tricky. Even though we’ve been using digital technologies in the workplace for years, many companies have been struggling to maintain an effective collaborative environment at home. Effective cloud services, such as Office 365 Cloud Technologies, makes it easier for teams to work together on projects. For many desk jobs, collaborative work routines include asking a co-worker sitting at a close-by desk for a second opinion, planning a spontaneous brainstorming session in the meeting rooms, and picking someone’s brains over a coffee in the kitchen area. When none of these options are available, collaborating can feel clunky and somehow awkward once you remove the face-to-face interactions. But tools that facilitate the flow of ideas and comments contribute to keeping teams together across the distance. 

Clicks to buy

A whopping 70% of Americans own a mobile. As a result, over half of Millennials prefer purchasing via an app. For digital businesses, having a dedicated app that targets leads is a no-brainer. Most apps are used to facilitate online purchases, whether you are an online retailer or you provide services. Buying via an app creates a smooth and rapid conversion path that focuses on the user experience. With many apps available on the market, it’s important to make sure your application meets users’ expectations. Test and improve to avoid freezing up and crashing, as users are likely to quit your app and look for a working alternative (and that could mean going to the competition). 

Clicks to interact

Hey, dear visitor, would you like to buy our product? 

In a shop, your realm can reach out to visitors to help them process through the purchase path. Online, you need to use your website to do all the convincing. That’s precisely where call-to-action buttons become an essential tool for growth. As Neil Patel explains, you have to make call-to-action buttons usable, desirable, and meaningful. Keeping your anchor text quick and simple will attract clicks. A compelling button needs to bring your point across in a swift and rapid manner. It has to be easy to spot, easy to read, and more importantly, easy to understand. Call-to-actions buttons that are confusing tend to be ignored. 

How many clicks are you wasting every day? It’s hard to tell. Clicks you waste are not monitored because they don’t happen. However, implementing these simple hacks will drive new purposeful clicks to your business. And that’ll be the answer to your question: You’ve been missing all the clicks you can now create. 

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