Cryptomate automated blogging affiliate software

Cryptomate automated blogging affiliate software

Cryptomate automated blogging affiliate software

Cryptomate automated blogging affiliate software

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Cryptomate is an automated blogging and affiliate software for you to earn crypto or cash commissions for sharing crypto blog posts on coins like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, cardana, tron, tether, polkadot, uniswap and more.

With a simple set up and short easy to follow videos you can have your own crypto blog affiliate website and start earning a share of the fees that each person pays when the purchase crypto currency on sites and exchanges like ledger, coinbase, etoro, binance, local bitcoins and more.

Your blog comes with automated content (you do not need to create any yourself, though you can if you want as well as pages).

You also have banners to create your affiliate links with exchanges. For example when someone purchases $100 worth of crypto currency on Coinbase, they really only get $97.01 worth of crypto and the remaining $2.99 is a fee for that transaction.

When you create your affiliate accounts you will be able to earn a share of those fees, in some cases for the life of the member.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for and will be earning a commission if you purchase this offer which may be as low as a one time fee of $14. I make no claims that you will earn any money with this website and you may actually lose money with business and cryptocurrency investments. Please do your own due diligence in your progress.

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