Daegan Smith Breakthrough video contest for Maximum Leverage

I wanted to make sure you saw that Daegan Smith was extending his “Breakthrough Video” Contest

where you can submit your biggest breathrough AND sign up for early bird access to share in the

promotions for the final Maximum Leverage sale ever.


You will see that Daegan Smith is also giving you Free access to one of his courses each day during this,

so you can take it for a test run and really see the value he provides so that you know you are truly getting

the best when you go all in with Maximum Leverage Next week.


Do not delay: Go See the videos and put yours up here too!
Daegan has decided to extend his Maximum Leverage “Going Out Of Business” contest submission

window until this coming Friday which HUGE news.  You know I’m all in and already talked about

my video which you can see here along with one from my daughters!



Daegan Smith Comments on David Gardner's Maximum Leverage Breakthough Video

Daegan Smith Comments on David Gardner’s Maximum Leverage Breakthough Video


But here’s deal …

What this extension does for you is 3 things.
1. Gives you to opportunity to submit your own breakthrough and at the very least get a free $20

Amazon gift card for your submission.


2. Daegan’s going to give out one of his best courses per day that people have paid $97 to $297 per

day from Tuesday to Friday to his early bird list subscribers and so you can still get on that list to get

four free courses starting Tuesday:


3. On that early bird list you have the opportunity to become a partner and earn 40% of the $997

“Lifetime Membership” for your direct referrals and 20% on your second level and up to $1600

in total commissions per each customer sale, so just by submitting a contest entry yourself and

sharing with your audience you now have an amazing opportunity to cash in on this close out



You know I’m in like flynn myself, you should be too, and with this deadline extension there’s no excuse:
Daegan Smith’s Breakthrough

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