Daegan Smith Solo Ad Secrets Live Webinar with Pure Leverage Marketing Platform

Happy Pi Day!


Just wanted to let you know that tonight your traffic generation

is going to change for the better!


Daegan Smith is going to blow you away with his Solo Ad Secrets

in this live webinar starting at 8PM EST tonight, 3/14/13




Daegan is the master of Solo Ads and has built a business that

specializes in this. I currently have one on queue in his system

but one of my last ones I ran with them resulted in a great

conversion rate sent to my opt in page with a few hundred new



Daegan is going to share is top secrets here and how you can use

them to not only explode traffic to your business, but to also get

the right kinds of traffic.




Now, I also want you to pay close attention to the software and

webinar platform that will be used as this is one of the MAJOR

benefits to belonging to the Pure Leverage Marketing Platform

which I have been talking about the last couple days.


In addition to the Webinar platform (which hosts up to 100 attendees)

you will also get an autoresponder that lets you have up to 10,000

subscribers, video email, live training, recruiting tools and much more

all for less than $25 a month.


These are business expenses you need to be incurring each and every

month and this by far is well under many of the major services out there.


Another major perk to Pure Leverage is the fact that there are 100%

commissions paid out on the front end and 50% commissions paid

out on the back end with residual payments down many levels.


Want more details on that, come see this video while you are waiting

for the Solo Ad Secrets webinar tonight:




Major Perk for Joining Pure Leverage with ME!



Yes, I will promote YOUR LINK!


What that means is that I do not get anything on the first month

and you get 100% commissions.


So why does that help me?


I am going to get the commissions of YOUR account and then

starting the 2nd month, I am going to get a 50% commission

on EVERYTHING you make as a bonus from Pure Leverage.


Let say you have $1000 in commissions, I will get a matching

bonus for $500.  This is a win-win situation as we both benefit

in the long run!


I will be giving some other great bonuses as well as long as you stay

a member at the VIP Level…Which you need to do in addition to

grabbing the reseller license in order to get the 100% commissions.


This 20 minute video you can watch now explains it all:



Let me know what questions, thoughts or concerns you have here

and I will be sure to address them.


I want to help you grow and send some traffic your way when you

join me and get some Pure Leverage into your business.


Dave Gardner


PS be sure to be there tonight even if you can not fit PL into your

business yet because it is a killer training from Daegan Smith

on Solo Ads



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