Daegan Smiths Maximum leverage discount and bonus leak

I just watched Daegan Smith’s video for the annual subscription launch and was intrigued by all ths big names who gave testimonials in the video itself. Mike Dillard, Brian Fanale, Nathan Hopkins and Mark Hoverson to name a few give Deagan Smith some crucial social proof.


If these online marketers are giving him props this way, you know his Maximum Leverage must be beneficial. As another year of his course has come full circle, he is opening up his memership to about 180 new students and is providing a massive 79% discount (oops, the cat is out of the bag on this one) where you will get 12 months for basically the cost of three!


$497 will get you in for his full year membership where you will learn the methods he has used to become the “king of never having to call a lead” and develop your business with the likes of those marketers listed above like Dillard, Fanale, Hopkins and Hoverson.

In addition to his complete online audio series, you will also be receiving bonus dvds relating to topics such as lead generation/recruiting, creating front end cash and creating multiple streams of income.

So look for the Guru’s around 5 and a half minutes into the video to see what they have to say. In case you don’t trust me so much, these guys should smooth your concerns.


No as a great marketer, I want to provide you with additional content that will help to supplement your purchase, so I have a few bonuses I am prepare to offer those who take action and are on of the few who get into Daegan Smith’s Maximum Leverage membership in the next couple days.

Bonus #1:
I will send you a physical Copy of Mike Dillards Magnetic Sponsoring book! This way you can’t complain that it is on your computer in a PDF and you won’t get around to it. You can take notes and bring it wherever to compliment your recruiting.

Bonus #2:
I will purchase you a 1 year subscription to GVO Conference where you will be able to have a 50 seat conference room to run as many webinars as you want for a full year!

Bonus #3:
I will send you my cell phone number so that you can contact me with any marketing questions you have.

Now as this is a world where people will try to download Deagan’s product and them ask for a refund, In order for you to get these bonuses, there will be a wait period before some bonuses will be released, especially physical products etc. but will be well worth the wait. If you already have these, you can let me know and I will provide an alternate bonus equivalent to that being changed.

As the online world has been rapidly changing in the past two years, why not follow someone who has tested over and over again and knows what is going on and save yourself a world of pain in regards to time and money wasted trying to go it alone!.

Come check out Deagan Smith’s Maximum Leverage Annual membership here ==>

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