Discover Jeunesse Event Highlights

Discover Jeunesse Event Highlights

Taking action now rather than later will help you immensely, so just click this link to get moving with Jeunesse

You can discover Jeunesse clicking the link above and see how you can become part of a Billion Dollar a year in sales company who is in over 140+ countries around the world.

Then just click on the "Join Our Family" link on the top of the page after using the link above like is shown in this image:

Join the Jeunesse Global Family with Dave Gardner

Jeunesse Global is a health/fitness/skin care network marketing company located outside of Orlando Florida that was established in September 2009, thus they have now been growing for just about 10 years as of this video.

My primary company is creating a partnership with Jeunesse and Team Freedom and bringing in our marketing tools on the email marketing and blogging side of things to help the complete family of Jeunesse reps to grow their business and be able to stay in contact with their customer base.

How to Earn an Expense Paid Trip to Discover Jeunesse

You can earn an expense paid trip to a future Discover Jeunesse event when you become a business builder in Jeunesse and join at the Sapphire Zen level or higher Ambassador packages that carry at least 500 CV (you will see these and other options inside the account you create).  These events take place around the world so we would work with you and the company to find one that best fits your location and time frame.

Note: If you do NOT join at these higher levels, you may still be able to earn a trip later on if you were to upgrade, though that is not a guarantee.  One thing to consider when you join at this level you also get a large quantity of product that you can start to use, give away to help grow your business or sell to create your customer base like this package I received shortly after joining:

Jeunesse Global Zen Fit Protein and weight loss supplements

In addition to trying the Zen products I have also been using the Nevo Energy drinks as well as Naara (skin care you can drink)

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Discover Jeunesse


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